Chapter 669: Let’s Be A God For Fun

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“Crystal skull!” Wang Teng was stunned upon seeing the crystal object in her hand.
“Why is it here?”

This crystal skull should be lying in the museum.
Why was it here?

“L personally went to get it.” Alais looked at Wang Teng and gave him a meaningful smile.
“You should be very interested in it.”

Wang Teng’s heart pounded.
Did she discover something?

That was impossible.
He was confident in his concealing skills.
He wouldn’t be discovered.

“What are you saying? I don’t understand.” Wang Teng laughed awkwardly.

“Really? I wanted to give it to you, but since you’re not interested, forget it.” Alais gestured to keep the crystal skull.

‘Wang Teng was stunned, the corners of his lips twitching a little.
She had brought the crystal skull over to give it to him!


Although doubtful, he still stopped her.
He chuckled and said, “It doesn’t matter if I was interested in it in the past.
I can have an interest in it now.

“| feel an affinity with this crystal skull…”

Alais looked at him with a strange gaze.
She was wondering how thick his skin was.

“Tm serious.
Ever since I saw this crystal skull, I felt a connection with it.
You have to believe me.
I’m an honest guy.
I’d never lie, especially to beautiful ladies,” Wang Teng said sincerely without any change in his expression.

“You’re… a special guy!” Alais expressed her contempt towards Wang Teng tactfully.

Then, she passed the crystal skull to him.

‘Wang Teng wanted to continue his speech, but Alais just passed him the crystal skull without much ado.
Stunned, he took it over absentmindedly.

He found it a little unbelievable when he felt it on his palm.

Did she just give it to him so easily?

“Law a scene in Mount Saint’s prophecy.
This crystal skull might be useful to you,” Alais said.

“Prophecy?” Wang Teng was surprised.

Alais glanced at him silently.

‘Wang Teng understood her meaning.

Don’t ask.
Even if you do, I won’t say anything.

He felt frustrated and speechless.
Couldn’t these saints finish their sentence? Did they think that this was a riddle game?

But since she had given him the crystal skull, he would take it.

Honestly, it was quite useful to Wang Teng.
Even without the star chart, the ability to nourish his spirit was enough to attract him.

He was thinking of a method to steal it, but now, he didn’t have to waste his brain cells.
He could take it away openly.
No one wanted to be a thief.
After all, it would be awkward if he was found out.

“Tm leaving if you have nothing else for me.
We need to return to our country.” Wang Teng kept the crystal skull quickly.
He was afraid she would regret it and ask him to return the skull.

“Wait, there’s still one thing left,” Alais said.

“What is it?” Wang Teng was surprised.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Alais gave her reply, and the door of the hall was opened.
Great Sage Fara, Suang, Sharjah, and many others walked in one after another.

Two familiar people stood in front of them.



‘Wang Teng squinted.

They were still alive!

They must be quite lucky to have survived the tragic battle.
But no matter how fortunate they were, they had used up all their luck.

The two of them looked dejected and miserable, their bodies riddled with injuries.
They were pushed over by Suang and Sharjah.

“Kneel!” Suang ordered coldly and kicked them to the ground.

Then, he bowed to Alais and said, “Your Highness, they are here.”

“Yes.” Alais nodded.
She looked at Alif and Frose calmly without any emotions in her eyes.
Her expression sent a chill down their hearts.

“Tl leave these two in your hands,” Alais said to Wang Teng.

“Why?” Wang Teng asked indifferently.
He wondered why Alais was sending these two to him.

Their position in the Holy Temple was quite high.
Allowing other people to sentence them was a humiliation for the Holy Temple.
No one would do something to trample their own reputation and dignity.

“This is our answer to you,” Alais replied.

‘Wang Teng was shocked.
Just an answer?

“We hope that you can become the God of the Holy Temple,” Great Sage Fara opened his mouth and said.

“God!” Wang Teng was startled.
Then, he understood.

They were handing these two guys to pacify him so that they could bring up this matter.

However, he was puzzled.
Why did these people want him to become the God of the Holy Temple?

Even Alif, Suang, and the other martial warriors were dumbfounded when they heard this piece of news.


Holy Temple never had a God.
They only had a Goddess.

Yet, the Goddess and Great Sage Fara wanted to make history and let this martial warrior from Country Xia be their God.

They were disregarding Mount Saint’s condemnation!

“Are you sure?” Wang Teng asked doubtfully.

“You possess light Force and can control the holy flame.
To us, you’re the best candidate for the God position,” Alais said.

“Tm from Country Xia!” Wang Teng replied.

“I know.” Alais nodded.
Then, she looked at him seriously and said, “But you’re the only one who possesses light Force other than me.

“I think that this is the decree of the Goddess!”

‘Wang Teng was staggered.

To hell with the Goddess’s decree.
It would be more appropriate to call it the system’s decree.

Other people might not know how he got his light Force, but he did.

Should he agree to her proposal?

“What responsibility do I have to bear if I agree? What benefits will I get?” Wang Teng asked calmly as many thoughts flashed through his mind.

“If Mount Saint is in danger, I hope that you can help.” Alais said, “Of course, we won’t force you.
You can make your own decision.

“As for what you can get… the God has the same status as me.
What do you think you can get?”

“This sounds too good to be true,” Wang Teng replied suspiciously.

“You don’t have to make any guarantee.
It’s only a verbal agreement.
There’s nothing to worry about,” Alais replied.

Wang Teng thought for a moment and realized she was right.

He held the initiative in this deal.
They couldn’t do anything to him.

“Since you’re so sincere, I won’t reject the offer.
Let’s be a God for fun.
I can boast about it when I go back.” Wang Teng sniggered.


Everyone was speechless.

What was this fellow thinking? How could he treat this holy matter as something to boast about?

The muscles on their faces trembled as they looked at Wang Teng with a complicated gaze.

Hello? This is a God!

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