Chapter 666: Go On, Shout Louder.
No One Can Hear You

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“What?” Zhu Yushao and the others looked at Wang Teng.

“You know how to do it?” Dan Taixuan asked in disbelief.

Is that strange?” Wang Teng asked in frustration as he glanced at her.

Didn’t she know that he was a genius? Why couldn’t she believe him?

“Why would you know?” Dan Taixuan felt that Wang Teng was lying to her.
The healing skills the Goddess executed were a secret of the Holy Temple.
How could Wang Teng learn it?

“L invented it,” Wang Teng replied.

Dan Taixuan gave him a ‘are you kidding me’ look.

Since she didn’t believe him, Wang Teng waved his hand and did something different with his light Force.
He scattered light droplets on everyone.

While executing the Bestowment Of The Goddess, he increased the dosage.



Indescribable moans escaped everyone’s throat.
The next instant, all the people present, whether it was the ladies or the rough young men, felt awkward.

This was embarrassing!

How could they moan so loudly?

Damn it!

It was all Wang Teng’s fault.
He did it!

They glared at Wang Teng furiously.

Dan Taixuan forcefully controlled her urge to moan and snorted.
She questioned him angrily, “What did you do?”

“Didn’t you want me to prove it to you?” Wang Teng replied innocently.

Everyone choked.

Why are you looking at us innocently?!

Are you acting as the victim?

They were so frustrated that they wanted to vomit blood.
They had nowhere to vent their anger, though.

However, they immediately regained their composure and realized that their injuries had gotten better in the light rain.

They were dumbstruck.

“It’s true!” There was a sharp glint in Dan Taixuan’s eyes.
Then, she frowned and continued, “But it’s a little different from the skill of the Goddess.
This is the advanced version!”

“L said that I invented it, so it’s definitely different.” Wang Teng remained calm on the surface, but he was laughing crazily in his heart.

Of course, it was different.

He had increased the dosage, so the effects were increased by at least ten times.
How could they be the same?

Dan Taixuan didn’t know what to say.
She felt that Wang Teng was lying, but she couldn’t find anything suspicious with his words.
She stared at him curiously and asked, “Since you know it, why didn’t you use it earlier?”

“Lonly invented it after watching the Goddess execute it.”


Damn it, this fellow was definitely boasting!

They wanted to beat him up badly when they saw his self-satisfied face.

At this moment, Great Sage Fara walked over from afar.
He had also seen this scene and was looking at Wang Teng in astonishment.
“Mister Wang Teng is indeed an incredible genius.
You managed to create this rare healing battle technique all on your own!”

Wang Teng felt that there was a hidden meaning behind his words, but he wasn’t afraid of getting exposed.
He said modestly, “I’m just an ordinary guy who’s more hardworking than others.
I accumulate knowledge in my daily life so that at the crucial moment, I can be enlightened easily.”

Great Sage Fara widened his eyes in shock and stared at Wang Teng in incredulity.
He had never seen such a shameless guy!

He wasn’t complimenting him at all.

Create this skill? He felt that this was bullshit.
This was the unique skill of Mount Saint, the Bestowment Of The Goddess.

‘Wang Teng just had the pirated version.
So shameless!

However, the infuriating thing was, he didn’t have evidence to prove it.
Hence, he couldn’t do anything to Wang Teng.

Great Sage Fara almost pulled his beard out in anger.

The comers of his lips twitched uncontrollably.
He changed the topic and said, “Mount Saint owes you a great favor.
Please follow me to the Holy Temple.
Her Highness wants to thank all of you personally.”

He lifted his hand in an inviting gesture.

“Inviting us to the Holy Temple?” Dan Taixuan and the others were shocked.

“Yes.” Great Sage Fara nodded.

“Let’s go.
Since they have invited us, let’s go and take a look,” Wang Teng said.

He wanted to visit the Holy Temple to collect more light Force.
That was a good farming ground.
He hoped that the hall could be filled with attribute bubbles again.

‘Wang Teng took the lead and walked in the direction of the Holy Temple as he thought about his coming gains happily.

Great Sage Fara was filled with complicated emotions upon seeing how familiar Wang Teng acted with the Holy Temple.

Dan Taixuan and the others had no choice but to follow after him.
Actually, they were curious about the Holy Temple too.
They wanted to go and take a look.

On the peak of Mount Saint, in the Holy Temple.

‘Wang Teng walked in as if this was his own house.
Great Sage Fara followed one step behind.
He was in a bad mood.

But Wang Teng stopped after taking two steps.

He… didn’t recognize the way!

Great Sage Fara finally found some confidence.
He straightened his neck and walked in front.

After some time, he led everyone to some rooms and said, “Please have some rest.
I’ll ask the servants to prepare the food.
Please enjoy it.”

Most of the martial warriors were injured during the battle, so they needed some time to rest.
Hence, they didn’t reject the offer.

The food was served soon.
They had their fill and chose their rooms.

After closing the door, Wang Teng sized up the furniture and accessories.
He was amazed.




He didn’t know how to describe the decor here.
The lodging in the Holy Temple was extremely luxurious.

These saints sure know how to enjoy themselves.
Wang Teng thought to himself.
He sneered in contempt as he judged these saints.
At the same time, he lay on the bed and rolled around.
Then, he stretched his back… this was so comfortable!

He stared at the ceiling and became dazed for some time before sitting up.
He stretched out his palm, and a ball of green and white flames appeared in his hand.

The green and white flames formed a round shield enveloping a ball of black flame in the center.

There were three kinds of flame!

The green flame was the Emerald Glazed Flame and the white flame was the holy flame.
As for the black flame, it was the dark flame.

‘Wang Teng possessed three divine fires!

He already had the green flame, and he just received the light flame.

How did he get it? When he was controlling the array of the Holy Temple, he did some small actions and kept a portion of the origin of the holy flame spirit.

Even if the holy flame spirit knew, it couldn’t do anything.
After all, it was necessary to make some sacrifices to destroy the Devil Lord Chi Yan.

As for the dark flame.

“Roar!” A faint howl was heard within the shield.
It was blocked by the flames, so only Wang Teng could hear it.

The black flame changed its form and turned into Devil Lord Chi Yan.

However, this was only a little black beast the size of a ping pong ball.
It bared its fangs and brandished its claws as it crashed into the flame shield.
It looked cute and fierce.

“Let me out, let me out.
You bastard, how dare you lock me up.
Damn it, you deserve to die.
Let me out…”

“Go on, shout louder.
No one can hear you.” Wang Teng smiled and looked at Devil Lord Chi Yan struggle frantically.
He felt extremely satisfied..

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