Chapter 665: Amazing Milk!

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Mount Saint was in ruins after this battle.
The majority of the zodiac palaces were damaged.
There were burnt marks, traces of Force explosions, cuts from weapons, and blood scattered everywhere.

The dark flame was still burning in some areas.
It couldn’t be extinguished easily.

The martial warriors from Mount Saint were clearing up the mess.
They appeared grim and sorrowful.

Mount Saint had always been in seclusion and respected by the world.
All the countries held them in high regard.
To the world, Mount Saint was outstanding and extraordinary.

But today, it had suffered a huge blow.
All they could see were ruins.
This was heartbreaking.

As for the holy knights, the icons of Mount Saint, only three were left.
They were Suang from the Aries Palace, Sharjah from the Virgo Palace, and Mu Long from the Libra Palace.

Despite suffering grievous injuries, they didn’t leave to recuperate.
They stayed back and comforted everyone.

‘They were well-respected by the other martial warriors of Mount Saint, so they had the ability to convince the public.
Many worried martial warriors started to calm down.

At this moment, Alais appeared in mid-air.
She held the Goddess Scepter and released a holy white glow.
The light turned into white droplets, raining on the people below.

‘When the light rain landed on the people, an incredible scene happened.

The injuries on their bodies started recovering at a visible speed.
Some smaller wounds were fully healed, and the heavier injuries were alleviated.

The people who got burned by the dark flame were in extreme pain, but with the help of the light rain, their frowns disappeared.
They seemed to feel much better.

“Your Highness!” The martial warriors from Mount Saint cheered.
They kneeled on one knee with gratitude in their eyes.

‘The martial warriors that chose to follow Kipling felt both guilty and thankful.
They lowered their heads in shame.

Alais scanned the people below silently.
She released the light rain until the light Force around her disappeared completely.

Afterward, she flew away, pale in the face.

Great Sage Fara felt emotional and worried as they looked at her back view.
In the end, all emotions turned into relief.

“Your Highness!”

The martial warriors called in unplanned unison as she left.
Their shouts resounded on Mount Saint.
Compared to before, their morale was much higher.
They weren’t as dejected as before.

She knows her way around.

‘Wang Teng complimented as he looked at Alais.
He felt that he had gained some new insights.

Look at how silent and smooth her method was.

She managed to win over their hearts without saying a single word.
She even invigorated the martial warriors along the way.

Now, those who had betrayed her would feel extremely guilty.
They would feel remorse towards their Goddess.

‘As expected of the spokesman of the Holy Temple.
Repaying evil with kindness.
So noble!

They were sinners!

No one sympathized with Kipling anymore.
As the culprit who had released Devil Lord Chi Yan and created this tragedy, he was pinned on the pillar of shame.
They hoped that they could drag his body out from the soil and vent their hatred on it.

However, Kipling’s body had exploded.
There was nothing left.
They couldn’t whip the corpse even if they wanted to.

‘Wang Teng touched his chin and nodded.
He should learn from her modestly.

“This healing skill is impressive.
It would be great if we could use this amazing milk on the battlefield!” Dan Taixuan’s focus was different from Wang Teng’s.
She was amazed as she sized up everyone’s recovery speed.

“Amazing milk?” Wang Teng looked at her strangely, especially when he glanced at her chest.

He didn’t expect her to say this word.

But, her ‘milk’ was honestly quite amazing too.”

‘Well… not only Dan Taixuan’s, but Alais’s were also big.
The support was amazing!

‘Wang Teng’s thoughts started running wild.
No one could pull him back.

Dan Taixuan felt uncomfortable because of his gaze.
At first, she didn’t know what he was looking at.
She was puzzled.

But very soon, she noticed that Wang Teng was staring intently at that spot.


Dan Taixuan raged.
Flames of anger spurted out of her eyes, and she knocked Wang Teng’s head forcefully.


Asingle headshot!

The male protagonist had died.
The story ended… of course not!

“ah!” Wang Teng clutched his head.
He felt that his head was about to crack.

How ruthless!

Zhu Yushao, Mu Zhiguo, and the others were stunned.
They didn’t know what had happened, so they glanced back and forth between the two of them curiously.

“What are you doing?” Valeria asked.

I saw a mosquito on Wang Teng’s head and helped him kill it,” Dan Taixuan said expressionlessly.

A mosquito?

Do you need to hit so hard if it was just a mosquito?

Everyone stared at her speechlessly.
Did she think they were easy to fool?

“Wang Teng, was there a mosquito on your head?” Dan Taixuan squinted with a dangerous glint in her eyes.

Wang Teng looked at her with resentment.
His heart told him he mustn’t bow down to her, but his mouth had a mind of its own.
“Erm… of course.
It was so huge.
It almost sucked half of my blood.”


Do you think I’ll believe you!

What kind of mosquito can suck so much blood from a general-stage martial warrior? It would be incredible if the mosquito could even pierce your skin.

They didn’t know what to say, so they decided to ignore them.

Dan Taixuan heaved a sigh of relief.
This matter had ended.

What else could she say? Was she supposed to tell them that Wang Teng was staring at her.


It was all Wang Teng’s fault!

This brat was getting bolder.
He dared to look at her with that kind of gaze.
Was he asking for a beating?

Wang Teng felt a bone-piercing chill.
His head turned, numb and he hurriedly moved aside.

Offending villains was better than offending women!

The old saying was right

“Wang Teng, you have light Force too, right? Do you know this healing method?” Zhu Yushao nudged Wang Teng and asked.

“Erm…” Wang Teng was stunned for a moment.
Then, he realized that Alais’s light rain was a good help for him.

With this thought in mind, he scanned the surroundings and saw a few attribute bubbles floating in the area where Alais was standing earlier.

Get it!

Bestowment Of The Goddess*5

Bestowment Of The Goddess*10

Light Force*150

Light Force*130

Bestowment Of The Goddess*8

The attribute bubbles merged into his body.
The light Force turned into a small stream and flowed into his Force nucleus, strengthening the light Force in his body.
At the same time, a memory appeared in his mind.

It was the cultivation method of the Bestowment Of The Goddess.

Within a few breaths, Wang Teng learned this special healing technique.
He smiled and replied, “I do!”

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