Chapter 663: Devil Transformation Of Devil Lord Chi Yan

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“Damn it, you woke that thing up!” There was fear in Devil Lord Chi Yan’s eyes.
He stared intently at the hall.

He knew he was right.
That creature had brought him much suffering in the past.

Even Alais was dumbstruck.

‘Wang Teng had managed to awaken the holy flame spirit that had been hibernating for many years.
He did it!

This was unbelievable!

She stared at Wang Teng absentmindedly with her bright eyes.
She was at a loss.


At this moment, the little beast in the holy flame woke up and roared in anger.
Its voice echoed in the sky.
Along with its awakening, the ball of holy flame grew in size and tuned into an enormous white flame.
It merged into the array.


‘The entire array was enveloped by white flames.
It burned furiously and gave off a scorching heat.

‘Wang Teng sat cross-legged in the array, unaffected by the heat.

Tap, tap, tap

At this moment, a slender and divine figure walked out of the flame and appeared in front of Wang Teng.

It was covered with a white scale armor and had one horn on its head.
It looked like a combination of a deer, a tiger, and a lion.
Wang Teng had never seen any star beast like it.
It looked similar to a mythical creature called Qirin.

However, it was a little different from the legend.
It looked similar but not the same.

‘The creature had grown many times bigger.
It stepped on the white flames and appeared divine and holy.

The holy flame spirit!

It was the holy flame spirit!

‘Wang Teng sized up the holy flame spirit curiously, feeling astounded in his heart.
Once a flame started to possess intelligence, it would give birth toa spirit.

It was a part of the flame, yet it wasn’t the flame.
It was a higher presence.

Of course, the chances of birthing a flame spirit were as low as the formation of divine fire.
It was an extremely rare occurrence.

It was astonishing that the holy flame of Mount Saint possessed intellect!

“Holy spirit!” Alais was elated.
She called it softly.

‘The holy flame spirit turned and nodded at her.

It had been hibernating for many years, but it could faintly sense what was happening outside.
Alais was the current Goddess, so it was familiar with her.

‘Wang Teng was even more shocked when he saw this.

This holy flame spirit had high intelligence!

Suddenly, the holy flame spirit’s gaze landed on Wang Teng.

“Brother, this isn’t a good time to look at me lovingly.
Let’s take care of this fellow first, shall we?” Wang Teng smiled and said.


‘The holy flame spirit was puzzled and stunned.

Was this human talking to it?

Look at him lovingly?

‘Was there something wrong with this person’s mind?

Alais was stunned too.
She stared at Wang Teng weirdly.

She knew that Wang Teng had a few screws loose, but she still felt a little helpless when she saw him teasing the holy spirit.

Devil Lord Chi Yan stared at them maliciously.
He decided to attack first.
Morphing the dark flame in his hand into a hideous long spear, he threw it out.


‘The black spear disappeared from his hand.
It traveled through space and generated a shrill sonic boom.

He wanted to stab the holy flame spirit and destroy its intelligence!

“Be careful!” Alais shouted.

By then, the long spear had appeared three meters away from the holy flame spirit.
The holy flame spirit suddenly turned its head and roared at the spear.

Awhite fire pillar spurted out of its mouth, colliding with the long spear.


‘The black spear cracked, inch by inch.
It was engulfed by the white flame.

‘The holy flame spirit raised its head up high.
There was contempt in its eyes.

Devil Lord Chi Yan’s expression turned ugly.
A cold glint flashed in his eyes, and he said angrily, “Those fellows controlled you and used you to injure me in the past, destroying my body and hurting me badly.
Unfortunately, they have been dead for many years.
You won’t be able to fight with me without

anyone controlling you!”


Devil Lord Chi Yan’s words angered the holy flame spirit.
It gave an earth-shaking roar.


White flames flowed out of its body, turning into waves of flames and sweeping towards Devil Lord Chi Yan.

“Hmph!” Devil Lord Chi Yan snorted and released his dark flame.

The two flames collided in the air, letting out hisses as they eroded each other.

“Go back!” Devil Lord Chi Yan scoffed.
Dark flame erupted and forced the white flame a few meters back.

The holy flame spirit roared in anger as it retreated.

Alais’s expression changed.
Even the holy flame spirit couldn’t resist the dark flame?

“Back in position!” Wang Teng shouted sternly.

‘Wang Teng knew that the holy flame spirit wasn’t easy to control when he was summoning it.
That was why he allowed it to attack on its own.
Since it couldn’t resist the devil lord, it had to accept his commands.

The holy flame spirit hesitated for a split second and turned back to look at Wang Teng.
Then, it howled into the sky and transformed into a roaring flame as it entered the array.

‘Wang Teng’s eyes shimmered.
Spiritual power flowed out from his forehead, and he started operating the large array seriously.


‘The rune array was fully activated.
Multiple runes lit up, and roaring white flames burned around Wang Teng.

Devil Lord Chi Yan also turned serious.
He could feel that the array was a huge threat.
This was the same feeling he had when his body was destroyed.

“You want to kill me?

“Since I’ve escaped, no one can kill me again!”

‘There was madness in Devil Lord Chi Yan’s eyes.
Black flames engulfed him.
Kipling’s body couldn’t endure the burning of the dark flame, so numerous bloody wounds started to appear.

“ah!” A cry of agony came from the body.

It was Kipling’s voice!

“Useless person, you’re worthless.” The voice changed to Devil Lord Chi Yan’s again.


The body exploded, and irresistible black flames surged out.
They formed a terrifying giant beast in the sky.

Its eyes were crimson, and there were two sharp horns on its head with flames burning around it.
It was the same beast as the one released from Mo Bing.

However, it was much larger in size.
Its entire body was bathed in dark flames.
It burned without stopping.

Furthermore, the beast was expanding.
It cast a huge shadow on the ground as it covered the sun and the clouds.
Everyone was under its shadow.

The martial warriors raised their heads in astonishment.
Their faces turned pale.

“This is scary.
What is it?”

“We’re dead!”

“How can we defeat this presence!”

‘The hope that came with the holy flame spirit was doused once again.
Anguish and pain swept through everyone’s heart.

“Devil transformation!”

Wang Teng remembered the transformation of the Black Incubus Devil Lord when he saw this familiar scene.
Their transformation was different, but it was strangely similar too.
Hence, these two words popped into his mind instantly.

Wang Teng stared at Devil Lord Chi Yan in the sky..

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