ce the dark Force in Alais’s body was removed, she regained much of her strength.
She took a deep breath and activated the light Force in her body, pushing it into the ground below.


Wang Teng felt the ground shaking as he stood at the side.
He glanced at the floor.
Lines of light lit up and covered the entire hall.

Alarge rune array had appeared!


Aloud explosion occurred, and the roof of the hall opened gradually, revealing the sky above.

Boom, boom, boom!

Explosions were heard in the distance along with faint cries of pain.
They could imagine the tragic situation below.

Alais frowned.
The light Force in her body surged out furiously.

‘The rune array became brighter.
At a certain moment, a ray of light shot into the sky.

Alais sat in the light pillar and rose into the air slowly.

From afar, one would notice a huge light array enveloping the sky above the Holy Temple.
It gave off thick light energy.

Complicated runes shone brightly in the array.
They linked with one another and seemed divine.

Devil Lord Chi Yan felt a strange sensation coming from the mountain.
His expression tured distorted.
“Damn it, it’s that irritating energy again!”

Everyone was invigorated when they saw this scene.

Great Sage Fara shouted, “Her Highness has activated the array.
Everyone, don’t give up.
Let’s hold on for a while longer!”

The humans received an adrenaline shot and started resisting Devil Lord Chi Yan even more violently.

Devil Lord Chi Yan gave a hideous smile.
“No one can save you.
Everyone must die!”

The black flame around him enlarged and started crashing on the ground like waves in the sea.


Cries of pain were heard everywhere.

A large number of martial warriors got burned into ashes.
They couldn’t withstand the black flame at all.

The scene was devastating!

Great Sage Fara’s expression turned ugly.
“Stop him!”

‘The martial warriors from the Holy Temple disregarded the injuries on their bodies and hurled attacks at Devil Lord Chi Yan without stopping.

“Useless!” Devil Lord Chi Yan looked at them in disdain.
He waved his hand, and the black flames turned into flaming large pythons.
They slid towards the martial warriors around them.

A12-star general-stage martial warrior clutched his battle sword and chopped the flaming giant python.
Just when he was about to catch his breath, a black figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

He squinted and raised his head.
Devil Lord Chi Yan had arrived silently in front of him.

He clawed his huge hand at the martial warrior.

‘The general-stage martial warrior was flabbergasted.
He tured serious and released all his Force, gathering it into a dazzling blade glow and swiping it down.

He didn’t dare to underestimate Devil Lord Chi Yan, so he released his most powerful attack at once.

‘The might of the attack was formidable.
The enormous blade glow landed directly on Devil Lord Chi Yan’s head.
At the same time, he retreated quickly, not wasting any time.


The frightening blade slammed down.

Devil Lord Chi Yan didn’t evade the attack.
He changed the direction of his claw and met the blade glow instead.


The frightening blade glow was clawed into pieces and shattered.

Devil Lord Chi Yan’s figure flashed, and he appeared in front of the martial warrior again.
As the martial warrior looked at him in despair, he grabbed his head and twisted it softly.


The martial warrior’s head tilted at a strange angle.

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