Chapter 656: Blade-Sword Tornado!

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Kipling was certain about his victory and thought that killing Wang Teng would be an easy feat.
However, Wang Teng’s ability had exceeded his expectations.

After exchanging blows, he finally understood how powerful Wang Teng was.
He wasn’t at the 11-star low-tier general stage.
No, he was neck to neck with him.

This was unbelievable!

Kipling was dumbstruck.
He clutched Mo Bing and slashed rays of black sword glow as he fought with Wang Teng again.

Wang Teng released his fist and used his physical body and brute force to fight with Mo Bing.

Bang, bang, bang!

The sword and the fist welcomed each other, creating thundering metallic clangs.

Wang Teng smashed his fists out continuously, forcing Kipling to retreat.

Some distance away, the remaining holy knights saw this scene and were staggered.
Waves of astonishment crashed into their hearts.

‘Wang Teng could suppress Kipling.
He was so powerful!

Alais’s eyes sparkled.
She was amazed as well.
She had fought with Kipling before, so she knew how powerful he was.
She wasn’t his match.
Yet, Wang Teng could easily keep up with him.
He didn’t show any signs of disadvantage.

She was shocked and pleasantly surprised.

She was shocked because Wang Teng’s ability exceeded her expectations.
The joy was because with Wang Teng’s current ability, Mount Saint might be saved.
It wouldn’t have to land in the hands of Kipling.

However, the result was still uncertain.
It was too early to make any judgments.

She hoped that Wang Teng could survive until the end and defeat Kipling.

“Your Highness, Mister Wang Teng is indeed powerful.
We might have a chance of winning,” Great Sage Fara whispered to Alais.
He was surprised too.

He resumed addressing Wang Teng as ‘mister.

“Yes.” Alais nodded.
She didn’t say much.

Great Sage Fara kept quict too.
He stared at the battle in front intently and hopefully.

On the other side, Dan Taixuan and the others were dumbstruck.
They didn’t know that Wang Teng’s ability had reached this stage.

During the sea beasts’ riot at Donghai, Wang Teng had relied on powerful techniques to defeat the Windstorm Giant Ape.
But now, he could fight with a top-tier general-stage martial warrior without showing any signs of weakness.

Not much time had passed since that battle.
Yet, Wang Teng had improved tremendously.
How did he do it?

“Miss Dan Taixuan, he…” Darwan was tongue-tied.
His words got stuck in his throat.

“Don’t ask me.
I don’t know,” Dan Taixuan replied with a bitter smile.

Valeria was a happy-go-lucky girl, so she didn’t care about the reason or any secrets involved in it.
She chuckled and said, “As expected of the man I like.”

Everyone was speechless.

Dumb girl, you might not be able to make him your man!

Discussions erupted everywhere.
Everyone’s attention was on Wang Teng and Kipling.

At this moment, the two of them turned into a green and black ray of light and dashed into the sky.
Powerful Forces collided continuously and formed violent explosions.

Wang Teng flew horizontally across the sky.
He activated his Ancient God’s Body and punched out the Five-element Fist Conscious.
He also released his Strength of Ultima.
At the moment, his punches were like bullets from a machine gun.

Kipling’s face turned green as he kept retreating.
He felt exasperated.

He was stronger than Wang Teng, but why was he the one getting beaten up so badly? He didn’t even have a chance of retaliating.

What kind of monster was he!

“You wanted to kill me, right? Why are you retreating now?” Wang Teng yelled in anger.
While green flames swirled around him, the Forces in his body were surging out violently like there was no end.
They then turned into powerful attacks.

Right now, he was indomitable! He was the god of the world!

“Impudent!” Kipling shouted in anger.
Dark Force swarmed out of his body, turned into a dazzling black glow, and exploded.

Mo Bing clanged loudly.
The cries and wails resounded in the sky, wreaking havoc in people’s minds.
Everything seemed sinister.


A blinding black sword glow soared into the sky like a dragon.
A terrifying sword conscious was mixed in the sword glow.
There seemed to be an abyss inside, swallowing all the light around it.

Kipling flew back and slashed his sword out.
The black sword glow split the sky into two as it came for Wang Teng.

“Receive my sword attack too!” Wang Teng turned serious.
He took out Mo Que and released the green flames.
Instantly, flames lit up the entire sky.

Big Dipper Flaming Blade!

Ninth-level flaming blade conscious!


The green flames burning everywhere gathered together into an unparalleled giant blade.
It cut through the sky, even splitting the clouds into two.

Amidst the explosion, the flaming blade glow and black sword glow smashed into each other.

Boom, boom, boom!

Countless explosions deafened the onlookers.
A frightening impact wave crashed into the mountain, shaking the earth.
It was if an earthquake was striking Mount Saint.
Everyone was scared out of their pants.

The people who were standing nearer to them started bleeding from their ears because of the impact.
They were shocked and quickly retreated a few hundred meters back.

“So scary!” Some people shivered in fear.

“Wang Teng is as powerful as Great Sage Kipling.
Does that mean he’s stronger than Her Highness?” Someone exclaimed in disbelief.

The situation turned messy.
There was an uproar.

Gradually, the impact of the attacks died down.
Kipling’s face turned ugly.
A sense of helplessness drifted into his heart when he saw Wang Teng standing opposite him, unscathed.

‘Wang Teng stood in mid-air and stepped forward.
He pointed his Mo Que at Kipling.

Kipling looked at the strange weapon and raised his eyebrow.
He glanced at his Mo Bing secretly.

Mo Bing was trembling slightly, a result of the impact of their earlier exchange.
It couldn’t stop.

“This weapon…”

“Don’t just stand there.
Come again, you old fellow!” Wang Teng’s tone was indifferent.
He darted out like an arrow, chopping his weapon down.


Kipling raised his sword hurriedly to block the attack.
The two of them got into another round of exchanging blows.

Boom, boom, boom!

‘Wang Teng continued attacking, releasing frightening blade glows without stopping.
Five-element sword conscious and five-element blade conscious took turns to show their might.

Inan instant, colorful blade and sword glows cut through the sky.
It was a dazzling sight.

‘The crowd was shocked by the proceedings today.

“This is… is he a human?” Zhu Yushao muttered to herself.
She was stunned.

Qu Fei, Mu Zhiguo, and the others were speechless too.
Their gazes kept flickering.

He’s crazy! Kipling almost broke his teeth from all the grinding.
He kept retreating and the hand that was clutching the sword was shaking.

He might be powerful, but in front of this bug of the system, who had an impenetrable body and terrifying strength, he couldn’t handle the onslaught of attacks.

At this moment, he felt regret.
Damn it, if I knew this would happen, I won’t have offended this fellow.

He’s a monster!

No, if this continues, I’ll lose any chance of winning.
Kipling gritted his teeth.
His gaze turned crazy.

Suddenly, he grabbed the blade of Mo Bing and cut his palm.


A large amount of blood spurted out of his palm and landed on Mo Bing.

The fresh red blood poured over Mo Bing like scorching hot molten iron.
It slid past the complicated runes and seeped into the sword body.

“No!” Alais’s expression changed slightly.
She shouted, “Stop him! He wants to break the seal on Mo Bing and release the dark Force inside!”

‘Wang Teng’s expression turned grave.

“It’s too late!” Kipling laughed hideously.
The evilness on his face grew thicker, and a crimson glow appeared in the depth of his eyes, flickering in contempt.
Honestly, he might not have noticed anything amiss with himself.

“You’re impressive.
You forced me to this step!” He looked at Wang Teng.
The killing intent in his eyes was at an all-time high.

“L didn’t force you; you forced yourself.
Idiot!” Wang Teng scoffed.


A vein popped out of Kipling’s forehead uncontrollably.

“Young brat, don’t be arrogant.
Don’t think that I can’t kill you just because you pushed me into a tight corner.” Kipling sneered.

‘Mo Bing shone brightly and gave off a loud ringing noise.

Ring… clang

Metallic sounds were heard too.

The black light around Mo Bing squirmed like mist.
It seeped into Kipling’s body, making the black patterns on his skin even more complicated and deep.
They looked eerie.

“Ah!” Kipling raised his head and roared into the sky.
Sound waves spread out visibly, and his hair danced crazily in the wind.
He looked like a human who had transformed into a devil.

“Die!” Screaming, he pushed all his dark Force out, gathering it into a sword of darkness.

At the same time, the outline of a terrifying giant beast appeared in the sky.
It looked down at Wang Teng with its crimson evil eyes.

‘Wang Teng remained composed despite all the changes taking place.
His gaze turned sharp, and he suddenly raised his Mo Que.
His Force and aura were at their peak.
They started to congregate furiously.


Numerous strands of sword and blade consciouses raged around him.
Metal, wood, water, fire, earth… he gathered all the consciouses he had in one spot and circled them around him.
Soon, a ferocious tornado was formed.

Clang, clang, clang

The tornado spun at high speed.
As more and more blade and sword consciouses merged into it, it kept expanding.

After some time, a large-sized tornado formed from blade and sword consciouses was created.
It howled in the sky, linking the earth and the heaven.
It looked magnificent.

‘Wang Teng had disappeared into the tornado

The martial warriors were amazed at this scene.
They felt a sense of fear rising from the depths of their souls.

Was this something a human could do?

They felt like they were in a dream.
Suddenly, the weapons in their hands started trembling violently and gave off a ringing sound.
It was as if they wanted to escape from their hands and become part of the tornado.

“What is this?” Alais and Great Sage Fara were astounded.

Kipling felt his eyebrows jumping.
He sensed a great threat from Wang Teng, but at this stage, he had no paths of retreat anymore.

“Trying to be mysterious?” He snorted.
The black light blossomed around him, and the sword glow reached its limit.
This would be his most powerful attack after merging with Mo Bing.


A black sword glow cut the sky in half.


Ashout came from the center of the blade-sword tornado.

The blade-sword tornado twirled forward and crashed into the astonishing black sword glow.

Boom, boom, boom!

Violent explosions rocked the surroundings.
The ground shook because of the impact.

The black sword glow slammed into the blade-sword tornado.
Numerous blade and sword consciouses raged inside, chopping the black sword glow and leaving marks on it.

The standstill lasted for a few seconds.


Suddenly, amidst a loud explosion, the blade-sword tornado blew up.
The black sword glow exploded too.
They merged and repelled each other, giving birth to a terrifying Force impact.

Kipling received the brunt of the impact.
He flew out like a sandbag and vomited a mouth of blood.
He was in disbelief…

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