Chapter 644: Goddess!

The martial warriors that arrived with the white-haired elder got moving.
They scattered and surrounded Wang Teng in the center.

Edward and the others looked at the sky.
They were curious.
After all the fights in the past, how much energy did Wang Teng have remaining?

Could he stop these people?

Wang Teng glanced around him, his gaze chilly and icy.
His patience was gone.
Since these people were being unreasonable, he didn’t mind creating a bigger scene.
He would let them know what regret tasted like.

If he didn’t reply, they might think that he was easy to bully.

The atmosphere was tense.
The daggers were drawn and a huge battle was imminent.


Right then, a shout came from afar.
It was accompanied by a sonic boom, and multiple figures flew over from the peak at a frightening speed.
They landed in front of everyone.

“Great Sage Fara!”

“Your highness!”

Alif, Edward, and the other holy knights were surprised when they saw the people who came.

One of the newcomers was dressed like the white-haired elder.
He also had white hair, and his face was covered with wrinkles.
He gave off a domineering vibe that could only appear on someone who had been in a high position for a long time.

There were multiple martial warriors beside him too.
These people were dressed like Alif.
They were all sages.

However, what was different was, they were surrounding a young lady who was wearing a light black shawl over her face.

This young lady’s aura was exceptional.
It was holy and majestic.
With her eyes as deep as the universe, she looked at everyone.

The martial warriors from the Holy Temple bent their backs to show their respect.

It’s her! Wang Teng was surprised when he saw the young lady.

This was the young lady he met in the museum that night.
Wang Teng guessed that her identity wasn’t simple, but he didn’t expect her to be the goddess of Mount Saint.

This change of identity was quite big!

The holy knights half-kneeled on the ground and bowed respectfully, “Your Highness.”

“Edward, how did you end up like this?” Great Sage Fara asked with a strange gaze.

“Erm…” The holy knights felt frustrated.
It was like sprinkling salt on their wounds.

Why did everyone have to ask the same question when they saw them!

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What a stab in his heart.

Great Sage Fara glanced at Wang Teng involuntarily.
He could guess what had happened.
He shook his head and stopped probing.

What’s with that look? Wang Teng felt speechless.

They had brought trouble to themselves.
They deserved it.
He wasn’t to be blamed.

“Get up,” Alais, who was wearing a black shawl, said gently.
Her lovely voice resounded in the mountain.
At the same time, she waved her hand.
Droplets of light rained down.

When these droplets of light landed on the holy knights, the bruises on their faces started recovering at an astonishing speed.
Even the lighter wounds were healing.

Edward and the others touched their faces and noticed that they had recovered from the bruises.
They were grateful.
They bowed toward Alais again and said, “Thank you, Your Highness.”

What is this? Wang Teng was shocked.

They recovered!

The wounds on the holy knights had healed!

Even high-quality spiritual dan wouldn’t have such a fast recovery effect.
Although the more serious injuries on their bodies didn’t heal completely, this ability was already amazing.

What were those droplets of light?

Wang Teng could feel a different aura from those droplets.
They were warm, bright, and profound…

At this moment, he saw two attribute bubbles dropping from Alais.

Get it!

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He hurriedly picked the bubbles up.

Light Force*15

Light Force*10

As the two attribute bubbles merged into his body, Wang Teng felt the addition of an extremely small Force in his body.

The feeling this Force gave him was the same as the one he felt on Alais.

Light Force!

Wang Teng was stunned.
Then, happiness kicked in.

This was a brand new Force attribute!

This Force had never appeared before.
Yet, it appeared on the Goddess of Mount Saint, Alais.

Was this what made her different?!

While Wang Teng was immersed in joy and contemplation, Great Sage Fara suddenly spoke to the white-haired elder, “Great Sage Kipling, why aren’t you bowing in the presence of Her Highness?”

The white-hair elder’s gaze flickered.
He didn’t refute and bowed instantly.
“Your Highness.”

“Please rise, Great Sage Kipling.” Alais’s voice remained emotionless.

“Thank you, Your Highness,” Great Sage Kipling said.

“Great Sage Kipling, why did y’all create such a huge scene?” Great Sage Fara questioned.

Great Sage Kipling looked at him but spoke to Alais, “Your Highness, this impudent martial warrior from Country Xia wreaked havoc in our Mount Saint and has tainted our reputation.
I wanted to catch him first before bringing him to you.”

“He’s my guest,” Alais said.

“What? He’s your guest?” Kipling looked as if he had just learned of this information.
He pretended to be shocked and said, “But he killed Margus and Karl.
How can someone as evil as him be your guest?”

Wang Teng turned and glanced at him.
What a wicked old man.
He was speaking ill of him right in front of his eyes!

What did he mean he was the evil one!

The previous person who said this, Yafel, had already turned into a pig’s head.
Did this old fellow want to experience a similar thing?

“I’ve already said that he’s my guest,” Alais emphasized her words.

“Your Highness, as the Goddess of Mount Saint, you represent Mount Saint’s glory and reputation.
Are you going to pardon this criminal?” Kipling showed no signs of backing down.
He opposed Alais directly in a calm tone.

With such a huge claim on her, Alais frowned.

“Great Sage Kipling, from what I know, this young man from Country Xia didn’t initiate the fight,” Great Sage Fara said.

“But he killed two holy knights.
This is an undeniable truth.” Kipling kept a straight face and remained focused on this issue.

Wang Teng is the Goddess’s friend.
The holy knights below should not have fought with him, whether it was their own intention or under someone’s direction.
If we lock him up, the reputation of Mount Saint will be destroyed.
At that time, you will be the sinner,” Great Sage Fara said indifferently.

“Sinner? If I allow him to leave and disregard the humiliation we have received, I will be the true sinner,” Great Sage Kipling replied.

“Bring Arudis over.
We need to know who is right and who is wrong.
If someone created this mess because of his selfish desire, the Holy Temple will not show mercy.” Great Sage Fara had noticed that the other party didn’t want to let things go easily, so he changed his strategy..

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