“Karl’s… dead!” Demia widened his eyes in shock when he saw this scene.
He felt lost.

Karl, who was arguing with him a moment ago, was dead!

He thought that with six other holy knights here, Wang Teng would hesitate before taking any action and wouldn’t dare to kill Karl.

But the martial warrior from Country Xia wasn’t afraid.
He killed without any worry and didn’t take his threat to heart.

Demia felt a burning sensation on his face!

The other holy knights were dead silent too.
Karl was a holy knight, but he got killed right in front of their eyes.

His neck was broken like a duck getting killed!

This humiliating death was the greatest provocation to the holy knights.

Edward and the others looked extremely ugly as they glared at Wang Teng.
Arrogance was no longer on their faces.

Wang Teng smiled gently as he looked at everyone.
He found their sudden change quite interesting.

Indeed, they would be angry!

He had successfully ignited their fury.
They looked more humane now.
They were no longer high and mighty holy knights.
These people just lacked a beating!

Looking at Wang Teng’s smile and his calm expression, a bad feeling shot right into Alif’s head.
The second one!

The higher authorities had asked him to solve the conflict and end the matter.
But because of his actions, another holy knight had lost his life.

Only ten holy knights were left!

Suddenly, he regretted using a hard stance to solve this issue.
But it was too late.

Wang Teng released his grip around Karl’s neck and swung his hands, throwing his corpse to the side.

Edward and the others were infuriated.
They shouted in anger.

Someone released his Force and sent Karl’s corpse into the Cancer Palace below so that he wouldn’t slam on the ground directly.

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“Holy knights mustn’t be humiliated.
We will apprehend you and let you experience the cruelest punishment of the Holy Temple!” Edward’s voice was filled with extreme anger.

“That’s right.
We mustn’t let him escape today!” Yafel from the Aquarius Temple was a beautiful lady with long blue hair.
She had kept quiet all this while, but when she saw Karl getting killed, she finally stepped out.
After all, she was a part of the holy knights.
“So young yet so ruthless.
Your killing intent is too strong.
If we allow you to leave, you might kill more people in the future.”

This statement was directed at Wang Teng.
A hint of disdain could be heard in her voice as if Wang Teng was the most heinous of criminals.

Wang Teng’s expression turned weird.
Ever since he stepped on the martial arts path, he had seen many evil people who killed others without thinking.
However, this was his first time meeting a righteous martial warrior like this lady.

Also, her values were a little strange.
These holy knights came to catch him and even wanted to kill him.
Couldn’t he resist?

Wang Teng knew that he wasn’t a good person, but he wouldn’t kill the innocent.
All the people he killed courted their own deaths.

Yet, in this lady’s eyes, he was labeled a serial killer?

Wang Teng was so angry that he started laughing.
What kind of people were they? Didn’t the Holy Temple give these holy knights some moral education?

“Why are you laughing?” Yafel scoffed.

“Laughing at your immaturity, little kid!” Wang Teng didn’t hide the smile on his face.
He even emphasized the last two words.

“You!” Yafel was furious.
She wanted to beat him up.

“Yafel, don’t fall into his trap.
This fellow has a sharp tongue.
He wants to rile you up so that he can pick us apart one by one.” A man suddenly stopped Yafel.
He shook his head slowly.

This man… was extremely handsome!

His beauty wasn’t limited to that of a man or a woman.
It was a beauty that combined all the greatness of the world.

His vibe was refined, and his posture was elegant.
He looked like a deity who walked out from the legends.

He didn’t seem like a human!

Wang Teng glanced at his face emotionlessly.
He felt no jealousy.
Instead, he was just a little worried about him.

Why do you have to be so beautiful? Aren’t you worried that heaven will be jealous and strike you with lightning?

“Who are you?” Wang Teng asked curiously.

“Pisces Palace, Blofled,” the pretty man opened his mouth and said.

“You must have had a tragic childhood, right?” Wang Teng asked.

“What do you mean?” Blofled felt that Wang Teng’s tone was a little strange but failed to catch his meaning.
He frowned.

“Your looks are outstanding.” Wang Teng pointed at his face.
“Did any strange uncle lure you to look at goldfish when you were young?”

Veins popped out on Blofled’s forehead, yet even his angry face was better looking than others.
However, this wasn’t important.
The main thing was, he was about to explode.

He glared at Wang Teng with his beautiful eyes.

To hell with looking at goldfish!

He was a man! A man! He didn’t want to look at any goldfish!

Wait, it didn’t matter if he wanted to see it or not.
This had never happened!

At the same time, Edward and the other holy knights looked at Blofled strangely as they thought of something indecent.

Damn it, it was all that fellow’s fault!

Wang Teng’s words were too powerful.
Even in this tense atmosphere, he managed to lead them astray.

“Really?” Wang Teng asked again.
He touched his chin and pondered.
“In that case, did he trick you by offering to buy lollipops or ice popsicles?”

“Ah!” Blofled was burning with anger.
He screamed into the sky.

He was still persuading Yafel not to act rashly a moment ago, but he couldn’t control his own emotions and charged forward.

Edward and the others grabbed Blofled’s shoulders tightly.
“Don’t be impulsive.”

“Let me go! I want to kill him! I want to kill him!” Blofled shouted while struggling.

Edward had a headache.
He couldn’t stop Blofled.
Hence, he said, “Everyone, let’s do it together.”

“Yes!” The others nodded and acted simultaneously.

Six Forces soared into the sky.
They merged together and formed a frightening Force torrent.
It shot towards Wang Teng.

Wang Teng’s gaze turned sharp, the Force in his body gushing out like a torrent.
The Forces of the five elements were released in their entirety.

Earlier, while completing the merger of the Five-element Fist conscious, he had gained some valuable insights.

The five element Forces were similar!

An idea flashed into his mind.
The five element Forces twirled in circles, reinforcing and restraining with one another.
They collided with the Force torrent formed by the six Forces of the holy knights.

The two Force torrents crashed into each other and created an earth-shattering explosion..
The loud rumble spread far and wide.

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