Alif was astounded and furious.
The injuries on his body weren’t serious since he blocked them in time, but this was the first time someone had hurt him.

As a great sage, he held a high position in the Holy Temple.
He was used to giving orders and having others treat him with respect.
However, Wang Teng refused to give in to him and even refuted him many times.
He felt that his ego was crushed.
Anger boiled in his heart.

“Frose, what are you doing? Move!” Alif’s face turned dark as he glared at Frose, who was still hesitating.

Frose was put in a dilemma.
In regards to this matter, they weren’t in the right.
If he acted, the consequences would be unpredictable.

But… He looked at Alif’s cold gaze and sighed, feeling bitter.

The officer was weaker than the commander.
If he didn’t act, he would offend Alif.
Regardless of what consequences there would be, Alif wouldn’t let him go.

“Sorry about this!” he looked at Wang Teng and said to him using voice transmission.

Wang Teng ignored him.
He scoffed and looked at the two of them fearlessly.

Frose felt his head hurting when he saw his dauntless look.
He blamed the higher authorities of the Holy Temple for sending this idiot to take care of this matter.
Instead of resolving the issue, he made it worse.

But the arrow was already on the bow.

Alif was delighted when he saw Frose joining the battle.
He looked at Wang Teng coldly.
The Force in his body exploded as a dazzling sword glow blossomed from his sword.

Sounds were heard in the air.

If one listened carefully, one could hear the faint sound of the sword vibrating.

This was… sword conscious!

Alif had experienced Wang Teng’s power, so he knew that he couldn’t take him down using normal means.
Even he had to exert all his strength.

On the other side, Frose decided to act too.
A long spear had appeared in his hand.
A sharp golden spear glow shot out from the tip of the spear, with a faint spear conscious intertwining around it.


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The two of them moved and attacked Wang Teng from both sides.

Alif wielded his long sword.
The impact waves grew more violent as he slashed his sword at Wang Teng.

Frose stabbed his long spear out.
A ray of spear glow cut through the air.

Wang Teng held Mo Que in his hand and fought with the two of them.
He wasn’t at any disadvantage.

The three of them were locked in an intense fight!

In the Cancer Palace, the ground was broken, and bumps were seen everywhere.
Many of the pillars were smashed into pieces.
The place was in ruins.

Alif and Frose felt their eyes twitching continuously.
This was an important structure of Mount Saint.
It had existed for many years, but today, it was getting wrecked by Wang Teng.

It would be a mistake to underestimate the aftereffects of a general-stage martial warriors’ fight.
No matter how strong the materials of the zodiac palaces were, they would also break under the force of a general-stage martial warrior’s attack.

Alif and Frose exchanged glances with one another and dashed out of the Cancer Palace.
They wanted to lure Wang Teng into the sky to fight.

However, Wang Teng didn’t take the normal path.
He threw his blade out and smashed a huge hole on the roof of the palace.
Amidst the explosion, he stepped on the air and caught up with the two of them.
They stood opposite one another.

Looking at the conspicuous large hole on the roof, the muscles on Alif’s face twitched uncontrollably.

He must have done it on purpose!

Frose knew how evil Wang Teng was, so he didn’t find it weird.
Nevertheless, the corners of his lips still twitched involuntarily.

Damaging the Cancer Palace because of a fight was reasonable, but creating a hole on purpose was a little outrageous.

“No one can save you after all the crimes you have committed today,” Alif stared intently at Wang Teng and shouted angrily.

“Come and catch me!” Wang Teng remained calm and hooked his fingers at his opponent.

“Don’t hesitate.
Come and catch me!”

Then, his expression changed, and he shouted, “Come!”

“?” Alif was stunned by his shout.
He looked at Wang Teng, puzzled.
He didn’t understand what was happening.

They were the ones supposed to catch Wang Teng.
Why was he acting fiercer than them?

Frose’s expression turned strange.
He felt that his horizons had been expanded.

A person could be timid, but he must still sound fierce!

Look at Wang Teng.
The moment he opened his mouth, Alif got stunned.

Alif regained his senses quickly.
His face turned green as he turned angry from embarrassment.
Gritting his teeth, he said, “You, good!”

“I’m indeed good,” Wang Teng said.

He choked and almost didn’t manage to catch his breath.

This b*tch! Alif took a deep breath.
He felt that he should stop talking to Wang Teng.
If not, he would die from anger.

He suddenly waved his hand.
11 golden rays shot out and flew towards the other 11 zodiac palaces, apart from the Cancer Palace.

“12 holy knights, listen to my order!” a shout came out of Alif’s mouth.

Frose didn’t have any time to react when Alif acted just now.
After hearing his announcement, his expression changed tremendously.
He looked at Alif in disbelief.

He wanted to activate all 12 holy knights!

Ever since the dawn of the martial arts era and the return of Mount Saint on Earth, there had never been a situation where all 12 holy knights were called at once.

Yet, he broke this ancient rule to catch Wang Teng.

The holy knights’ responsibility was to guard the zodiac palaces.
They couldn’t be activated easily.
Wasn’t Alif afraid of getting punished by the higher-ups for creating this huge scene?

At this moment, a token appeared in front of the remaining 11 holy knights in their zodiac palaces.

They looked at the token and heard Alif’s voice.

Some of them frowned, some were hesitant, some felt helpless, some were in deep thought, and some were speechless…

Their expressions varied a lot.

Very soon, some holy knights accepted the token and disappeared from their palace.
Others chose to ignore it and receded into the darkness of their palaces.

Many figures appeared above the Cancer Palace.
There were seven in total!

These people all exuded an extraordinary aura.
They weren’t old, all around 30, and they were wearing their divine constellation armors.
They landed beside Alif.

Karl from the Gemini Palace was among them.
The rest were all unfamiliar faces.

Alif frowned when he saw only seven people here.
A sinister look appeared in his eyes, but he didn’t say anything.

Seven people were enough.

He didn’t expect all the holy knights to come.
After all, some of them were outrageously powerful and held special status in the Holy Temple.

Also, they only listened to the Goddess..
Other people couldn’t activate them.

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