Chapter 633: If I Say I’ll Slash You, I Will.
It Doesn’t Matter Who Comes!

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Wang Teng felt the lingering fear.
He got hit just now.

If the mysterious power hadn’t appeared at the end and pressed his soul down… He didn’t dare to think about the consequences.

He was vigilant, but he didn’t expect Margus to have such skills.
He could push one’s soul out directly.
There were no solutions for this skill!

He could only disregard this attack if his ability was much higher than Margus’s.
However, Margus had the help of the star power, so in terms of realms, he was above Wang Teng.

Wang Teng could hold his own because he had multiple skills, and his battle ability was indomitable.

This was the reason why Margus was in disbelief.
As the secret scripture of the Cancer Palace, the Abyss Burial had never failed him.
But it had no effects on Wang Teng.

His face was filled with confusion.
He took a few steps back, unable to believe what had happened.

Wang Teng’s face turned grim.
He stared coldly at Margus and made a move abruptly.
Mo Que appeared in his hand with green flames burning around it.

Their weapons collided.
A ringing sound echoed in the air.

Wang Teng compressed the Emerald Glazed Flame and turned it into a flaming blade glow more than ten meters long.
It slashed through the air, accompanied by an overwhelming blade aura.

Margus’s face turned pale.
The Abyss Burial had used up most of his strength.
He was running on fumes now.
Hence, in front of the frightening blade glow, he retreated without any hesitation.

He did seem fearless of death a moment ago.
But when it stared at him in the eye, not many people could maintain their cool.
If they didn’t have to die, who would want to die?

He would rather receive the punishment from the Holy Temple than die in Wang Teng’s hands.

“Thinking of running away?”

A mocking smile appeared on Wang Teng’s face.
His gaze was extremely cold.
“Do you think you can leave?”

Killing intent was raging all around him!

The blade glow on Mo Que had reached the limit.
He was about to slash it down.

At this moment, a shout was heard from the other side of the passageway in the Cancer Palace.

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“Hmph!” Wang Teng frowned, his movements not pausing for a bit.

The person who rushed over yelled when he saw this scene.
He was holding a battle sword in one hand and could only slash out a sword glow in haste.
It headed straight for Wang Teng’s flaming blade glow.

Wang Teng’s gaze turned sharp.
The flaming green blade glow slashed through the air and disappeared on the spot.
It traveled through space and landed above Margus’s head, chopping it off.

Margus looked up.
The reflection of the flaming blade glow grew bigger in his pupils.
Every single inch of his skin felt the scorching heat from the green flame.

How does he have the guts to do this? The thought appeared in his mind.

“What a joke.
If I say I’ll slash you, I will.
It doesn’t matter who comes!” Wang Teng snorted as if he could read his mind.

Margus was in despair and regret.
He only had the time to scream in agony before he got submerged by the flaming blade glow.

In the last second of his life, his pupils were filled with green flames.
There was nothing else.

The green flames spread out and swept through the ground.
The person behind couldn’t get any closer.

On the other side, the sword glow aimed at Wang Teng’s flaming blade glow lost its target and went toward him instead.

Wang Teng squinted.
His fist was covered in light, and the five-element conscious exploded.
He met the sword glow head-on.

Under his powerful fist aura, the sword glow that was released in a haste cracked and shattered.
It couldn’t hurt him at all.
At the same time, the green flames that were submerging Margus danced wildly in the air before dissipating.

The entire ground was burnt.
Margus’s figure was no longer in sight.
Only pieces of broken golden divine constellation armor were seen scattered on the ground.

As well as the attribute bubbles floating three inches above the ground.

The person at the other end of the passageway finally got here.
His expression was extremely ugly when he saw this scene.
He stared at Wang Teng coldly.

The person was around 30 and had golden hair.
He was very handsome, and he gave off a fierce and powerful aura.

Frose was behind him.
He instantly sensed the tense atmosphere between the two people.
When he saw the entire process of Margus’s death, he knew that he couldn’t mitigate this conflict anymore.
He felt helpless.

He was still a step too late.

He looked at Wang Teng in astonishment.
This fellow was indeed decisive.
He dared to kill a holy knight on Mount Saint.

Which martial warrior dared to do this?

Wang Teng wasn’t worried, though.
He ignored the person’s deathly glare and swept the attribute bubbles over with his spiritual power.

Emperor Realm Enlightenment*268

Ultimate Stage Wood Talent*130

Wang Teng’s eyes glimmered after he picked up the attribute bubbles.

The gains he received from killing this Cancer Palace holy knight were not bad.
He got 380 points of space attributes, allowing his space attribute to reach 7632 points in total.

He also received 255 points of Emperor Realm Spirit and 268 points of Emperor Realm Enlightenment.

Unexpectedly, Margus’s spirit and enlightenment had reached the Emperor Realm.
This was uncommon among general-stage martial warriors.

Then there were 2610 wood Force attributes!

Although Margus was a space-talent martial warrior, he also possessed extremely high wood Force talent.

Wang Teng’s wood Force was already at the 11-star low-tier general stage.
With the additional 2610 attribute points, his wood Force increased again.

Wood Force: 2960/20000 (11-star)

He even dropped 130 points of Ultimate Stage Wood Talent.

Without a doubt, as a martial warrior who could become a holy knight, his talent wouldn’t be weak.

But Wang Teng didn’t care about this.
His attention was on the Abyss Burial!

Margus almost forced his soul out of his body using this skill.
This was enough to prove how extraordinary it was.
Also, this was the first time he saw a skill that could attack the soul.

At first, he was still wondering how Margus obtained all the souls to put in his space fragment to create the death space.

As the Abyss Burial attribute merged into his body, the relevant information appeared in Wang Teng’s mind.

The Abyss Burial was an ancient secret scripture of the Cancer Palace.
It was solely passed down to the holy knight of the Cancer Palace.

This battle technique was linked to the death space of the Cancer Palace, and only its holy knight could receive this legacy.
Outsiders had no chance to get it.
If the martial warriors of Mount Saint obtained this skill, they would be invincible.

Yet, Wang Teng still got the skill!

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