Chapter 632: Abyss Burial!

The master of the world!

Just thinking about it was exhilarating.

But Wang Teng knew that if he wanted to raise the space fragment attribute to that level, he would need an enormous number of attribute bubbles.

Space attribute bubbles weren’t common.
Thus, this path wouldn’t be as simple as he thought.
For a long time, he would be only sitting in the reserve seat.
In fact, he might always be a reserve.

However, this couldn’t dispel Wang Teng’s excitement and restlessness.
He took a few deep breaths to calm down.
He must stop thinking about it.
If he continued, he would start daydreaming.

Many thoughts flashed through his mind.
He glanced at Margus who was standing opposite him.

All of this had happened within a few breaths.

Margus was breathing in heavily too, forcing himself to calm down.
He glared at Wang Teng and said, “You destroyed my death space.
You must die!”

Wang Teng’s face turned cold.
He looked at his opponent indifferently as killing intent surged into his heart.
He wouldn’t show mercy to anyone who was after his life.

Arudis from the Taurus Palace and Karl from the Gemini Palace just stopped him.
They didn’t want to kill him, so he didn’t employ his lethal skills.

However, Margus…

Frose’s expression changed when he heard Margus’s threat.
He shouted, “Margus, Wang Teng is the Goddess’s guest.
Don’t be disrespectful.”

“Frose, you’re too late.” Margus stared straight at Wang Teng and continued angrily, “The death space is the legacy of the Cancer Palace.
Nothing must happen to it.
Since this fellow destroyed it, I must kill him.
I have no face to meet my predecessors.
Afterward, I will take my life to atone for my crime!”

Frose was speechless.
He had underestimated Margus’s determination.
What reason did he have to stop someone who wasn’t afraid of death?

He felt that things were getting more and more out of hand.
What should he do?

At this stage, only the Goddess could solve this situation.

Frose gritted his teeth and left Wang Teng and Margus alone.
He rushed out of the Cancer Palace and dashed toward the Holy Temple.

Wang Teng and Margus didn’t stop him.

“The person in the way is gone.
Come, let’s have a real fight,” Margus said.

He knew that Wang Teng was a space talent martial warrior and possessed powerful skills.
The violent force he used to destroy the death space was the perfect example.
But as someone who wasn’t afraid of dying, Margus wasn’t deterred.


His aura climbing, the Force in his body surged out and shot right through the roof of the Cancer Palace.
Even his hair was standing erect!

His pupils turned extremely deep and profound, seemingly losing their emotions.
They were indifferent and holy.

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The entire Cancer Palace seemed to have sensed his anger.
It erupted, and an ancient and powerful aura soared into the clouds.
At the same time, in the sky, the Cancer star, which was 520 light years away from Earth, suddenly lit up.

A profound and divine strength passed through the long distance using some special means and dawned on Earth.

The formidable warriors in every corner of Earth felt the dawning of this power.
They looked up at the sky with a hint of confusion and astonishment.

In an instant, the warriors in every country looked in the direction of North Country Star.
They sensed the power landing in that direction.

At the same time, the other holy knights in the zodiac palaces sprung up in bewilderment.
Rushing out of their abodes, they glanced in the direction of the Cancer Palace in unplanned unison.

“What did that fellow do? How did he force Margus to this stage?” Arudis muttered to himself in astonishment.

Karl from the Gemini Palace was dumbstruck too.
He couldn’t remain calm.

“Who’s challenging the palaces?”

“If it was just an ordinary challenger, would Margus need to go so far?”

Multiple questions appeared in the minds of the holy knights.
They were puzzled.

Many higher authorities of the Holy Temple at the top of the mountain were alerted.

In one of the small halls in the Holy Temple, the Great Sage ordered, “Go and find out what happened.”

“Yes!” Someone received the order and went out.

The old Great Sage seemed worried.
He muttered to himself, “Times are changing.
Is Mount Saint unable to stay out of this? No, I must see the Goddess.”

He left hurriedly and walked deep into the Holy Temple.

At this moment, in the sky above the Cancer Palace, Wang Teng was in front of Margus, so he felt it the most.

Margus had turned extremely scary.
That power was so terrifying that even he felt had to be vigilant.

He raised his head and looked at the sky.
There was confusion in his eyes.


Margus moved.
He turned into lingering shadows as he shuttled through space and appeared in front of Wang Teng like a ghost.
His slender palm chopped down on Wang Teng’s head.


“Die your head!” Wang Teng snorted.
He wasn’t afraid and returned his attack with a punch.


The fist and palm glows collided.
Both parties took a few steps back from the impact.
The next second, they left behind afterimages and charged towards each other again.

Boom, boom, boom!

Explosions rang continuously.
Both of them crashed into each other, using their space power to its maximum.

After receiving the strength of the star, Margus’s space power rose tremendously.
It was as if he had received an adrenaline shot.
All his attacks were filled with strong power.

One punch was enough to cut through space and shatter the air…

Ordinary martial warriors wouldn’t be able to handle such attacks.

However, Wang Teng’s space talent had reached an extremely high level.
He wasn’t afraid of the other party.
His attacks were filled with spatial power too.
They were formidable and neutralized the space damage of his opponent’s attacks.

The longer Margus fought, the more serious he became.
He was able to execute his space power to this level because of the help of the star, yet Wang Teng was still equal in strength.

How monstrous was this youngster?!



The two of them separated.
As Margus panted, his gaze turned crazy.

Suddenly, black light blossomed around his body and spread out.
Very soon, it swallowed all the lights around him, and the entire Cancer Palace was plunged into darkness again.

“What’s he planning to do?” Wang Teng frowned.

Margus disappeared into the darkness.
The entire place went silent.

Wang Teng sensed something amiss.
He glanced around him but didn’t notice anything.

At this moment, Margus’ voice resounded abruptly.


His voice echoed as if they were in a valley.
Circles of soundwaves rebounded continuously.

The darkness around them shrunk furiously towards Wang Teng.

Darkness was enveloping him.

Wang Teng released his Force, covering his entire body with Emerald Glazed Flame to resist the encroaching darkness.

However, the darkness shrunk into a black dot and passed through the green flame.
It sunk into Wang Teng’s forehead.


His mind shook, his body trembled, and even his soul seemed to have shaken out of his body.
Nonetheless, a strange force tied around his spirit like a huge mountain suppressing it.
His soul refused to budge.

“Impossible!” Margus exclaimed in disbelief..

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