Chapter 631: The Master Of The World… Reserve!

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The darkness shattered and the space collapsed.
Everything returned to normal.

Sunlight from outside shone in, illuminating the two figures standing in front.
One was straight and tall while the other was stumbling.

Frose’s eyes became wide as saucers in surprise.
He released a helpless sigh in his heart.

The result was obvious.
Margus had lost.

As the high priest, he had some understanding of Margus’s skills.
Currently, it seemed as if his methods had been entirely destroyed.

Frose held his breath uncontrollably.

Margus stabilized himself.
He seemed to be in a miserable state as blood dripped down the edge of his lips.
He had suffered a heavy injury.

“You destroyed my death space!” he said in a serious and astounded tone.

Frose was flabbergasted.
Wang Teng destroyed the legacy of the Cancer Palace, the death space?

“Death space?” Wang Teng scoffed.
“You call that small space fragment death space?”

This death space was nothing compared to the dimensional rifts he saw in the past.

“You…” Margus’s face turned ugly.
He could clearly discern the contempt in Wang Teng’s voice.

This emotion was real.
He didn’t do it on purpose.
To him, his death space wasn’t worth mentioning.

If other people gave him this attitude, he would take it as a joke.
However, this young man had destroyed his death space a moment ago.
He used his ability to show that he wasn’t boasting.
He was stating the truth.

Wang Teng didn’t care about his thoughts.
He scanned the surroundings and swept the attribute bubbles scattered everywhere.

Space Fragment*210

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With the attribute bubbles merging into his body, Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
There was happiness and surprise in his gaze.

This was similar to the Origin of Life, but it was used on his soul.

Instantly, Wang Teng felt a shiver coming from the depths of his soul.

It wasn’t because he saw something scary.
It was the result of an uncontrollable comfortable feeling deep inside his soul.

He felt that his spirit was about to make some indescribable sound.
As if… his soul was rising up to heaven!

At the same time, a new row appeared on his attributes panel.

Wang Teng had 1000 points of Origin of Soul at the start.
He had added another 256 points to the total, which was slightly more than a quarter.

This quarter was nothing to scoff at.
Wang Teng knew how tough it was to increase the Origin of Soul.

The Origin of Soul was as rare as the Origin of Life.
Ordinary martial warriors wouldn’t drop it unless there were special circumstances.

This time, the increase in his Origin of Soul was 25% his original value.
This gain was unexpectedly huge.

Wang Teng didn’t know if he would ever have this chance again.

Anyway, why did Margus drop the Origin of Soul attributes?

No, this wasn’t right.
He didn’t drop the Origin of Soul.
These attribute bubbles were dropped by the corpses in the death space.

Those corpses were souls!

An idea flashed in Wang Teng’s mind.
He finally understood the nature of the corpses.

At this moment, an indescribable feeling erupted from his body.
As his Origin of Soul increased, gentle and warm energy appeared in Wang Teng’s consciousness.

His spiritual power, including his entire mind, was nourished.
It seemed to have risen to a higher level…

Wang Teng was surprised and elated.
His eyes were filled with disbelief.

He looked at his attributes panel involuntarily.

Spirit: 1543/3000 (Imperial Realm)

Enlightenment: 1522/3000 (Imperial Realm)

“What is this?” Wang Teng was astounded.

His spirit and enlightenment rose by more than a thousand points.
This was unbelievable!

Mind you, he had picked up countless attribute bubbles before his Imperial Realm Spirit and Enlightenment increased by 500 points.
Yet in that short instant, both attributes rose exponentially.

Wang Teng might be used to his attributes skyrocketing, but even he felt a little dreamy now.

The soul affects spiritual power and talent? His eyes flickered as he pondered.

Besides the Origin of Soul, which was a pleasant surprise, he received another present: Space Fragment!

When he destroyed Margus’s death space, space fragment attributes were dropped.
This holy knight from the Cancer Palace didn’t disappoint him!

He was a martial warrior who possessed space talent.
Such martial warriors were extremely rare.vHe was the only one Wang Teng had met so far.

However, meeting one was good enough.
He praised the resources of Mount Saint.
Without them, he wouldn’t be able to get hold of this rare space fragment.

After absorbing all the attribute bubbles, he received 132 points of space attributes and 1250 points of space fragments.

Space Fragment: 1250/100000 (??)

Wang Teng was shocked as he looked at the space fragment row on his attributes panel, especially when he saw the question marks at the back.
His mind was full of question marks too.

The upper limit of the space fragment attribute was so high.
Could it be that there was no limit?

Wang Teng thought for a moment and understood the reason.

Space could be infinitely big!

At this moment, his consciousness sunk into a certain area in his mind.
A special alternate world had appeared there.

This was… space fragment!

This was a small and new space.

Small was relative, but it wasn’t big.
It was around the size of a stadium, about the same size as Margus’s death space.
However, it was still bigger than his space ring.

This was a good place to store his items.

That wasn’t its only use either.
He would be wasting this gift if he used it to store items.

When Wang Teng’s consciousness entered the area, he felt like he was the god of this place.
He was in control of everything here.

He also sensed that this space was different from the other storage spaces.
There was life in it.

No wonder there were so many bodies of souls in Margus’s death space!

Bodies of souls were undoubtedly a form of life.

Suddenly, Wang Teng shuddered.
Since he possessed a space with life, would he be able to create a new world if he expanded this space infinitely?

Wang Teng frightened himself with this thought.

A new world? To think he dared to think about it.

A vast space with life inside.
Any living creature could survive inside.
Wasn’t this a world?

Wang Teng would be the only god of this world.
He would be the master of everyone…

Wouldn’t he be the master of the world?

This state was extremely far away, but he could call himself the master of the world now… or a reserve.

Wang Teng started panting a little..
He couldn’t help but get excited after seeing a path with endless possibilities.

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