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The holy knight of the Cancer Palace was indeed powerful.
After all, he could create this darkness.

“Is there anyone here?” Wang Teng opened his mouth and shouted.

No one would reply to him.

“Is there anyone here?” Wang Teng asked again.
“If there’s no one, I’ll ask again three minutes later.”

The atmosphere in this dark place seemed frozen.

Wang Teng continued walking forward.
After some time, he shouted, “Is there anyone here?”

The time was just right, exactly three minutes!

The atmosphere was eerily silent.

“If there’s no one, I’ll ask again three minutes later,” Wang Teng repeated.

Another three minutes passed.
Wang Teng shouted as promised, “Is there anyone here?”

“If there’s no one, I’ll ask again three minutes later.”

“If there’s no one, I’ll ask again three minutes later.”

Wang Teng was extremely patient.
He kept moving forward and shouting every three minutes relentlessly.
It was touching and… exasperating.

He walked for a long time.
He didn’t even know how many times he had shouted.

“Is there anyone here? Is there anyone here…” His voice echoed in the darkness.

Wang Teng seemed to have gotten addicted to this game.
He planned to continue shouting regardless of the other party’s reply.

Another three minutes passed.
He opened his mouth again.

Suddenly, green dots of light lit up in his surroundings.
At the start, they were the size of peas.
Gradually, they grew bigger…

In the end, they turned into balls of green light and floated around Wang Teng.

The sudden appearance of the green balls of light made the area even scarier.
The temperature seemed to have dropped a few degrees.

A soft groan sounded in the darkness, creating a sense of despair in the heart of whoever heard it.

However, Wang Teng remained expressionless.
He muttered to himself as if he didn’t see the green balls of light around him, “Indeed, there’s someone here.
Did he use the lights because he’s afraid that I can’t find my way? Why didn’t he give more lights?”

The balls of green flame became a little unstable.
They shook violently as if they were angered.

What do you mean by you can’t find your way?

Are these green lights here to light up the place for you?

Could you be a little more narcissistic?

The person behind the scene couldn’t take Wang Teng’s chatter anymore and finally decided to act.
The green balls of flames lit up the entire area in spooky light.

Wang Teng finally saw his surroundings clearly.

This wasn’t the Cancer Palace.
It was an eerie graveyard.
It was desolate, dilapidated, and frightening.

Suddenly, bloodstained hands broke through the ground and grabbed Wang Teng’s legs.
Corpses started to crawl out toward him too.

Their faces were distorted and horrendous.
They seemed to be filled with pain and sorrow but there was a sinister smile on their faces… It looked terrifying.

An ordinary person, even if he was a martial warrior, might not be able to face this scene calmly.

However, Wang Teng remained indifferent.
He didn’t move and allowed the scary corpses to climb towards him.
It was as if they didn’t exist.

“Is this an illusion?” Wang Teng muttered to himself.
He released his spiritual power and spread it out, wanting to disperse the illusion.

But to his surprise, as his spiritual power spread out, the corpses remained..
They didn’t disappear.

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