Chapter 626: I Don’t Feel Like Leaving Suddenly!

Five-element Fist!

His Five-element Fist Conscious covered his hands, twirling around them furiously.
At this moment, the aura around Wang Teng was climbing.
Within a split second, it had shot through the roof.

A tornado seemed to be stirring up around him.
The clouds in the sky tossed and turned, forming a whirlpool.

Wang Teng stood erected in the middle of the whirlpool.
This was the true power of his Five-element Fist Conscious.
He had finally executed it.
His opponent, Arudis, in the divine constellation armor was worth this attack.

The Forces of the five elements around him were drawn over and merged into the windstorm.
It was a majestic and grand scene…

Frose trembled.
He raised his head and looked up in astonishment before staring at Wang Teng as if he had seen a ghost.

Was this his true ability?

He didn’t reveal his true power during the exchange!

At this moment, the other 11 holy knights raised their heads too and looked up at the sky.
They felt the sudden appearance of a formidable aura and were flabbergasted.

Who was it?

Not only did he force Arudis to use the divine constellation armor, but he also possessed such powerful ability!

In front of the Taurus Palace.

Wang Teng’s black hair danced wildly in the wind.
He stood in the center of the tornado with his arms raised in front of him.

He released his fist.


The earth shook and the clouds rumbled.
The entire power of heaven and earth seemed to have gathered into this single punch.
It overpowered everything.

The entire place was silent!

The entire universe was silent.
It was as if the world was inhabited by boundless and majestic power.
All the beings within a few hundred meters in radius seemed to have run away.

Arudis squinted.
He was thunderstruck.
However, the arrow was already loose.
He couldn’t take it back.


The outline of the raging bull looked up at the sky and bellowed.
Then, it crashed into Wang Teng’s immense fist glow.

Boom, boom, boom!

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The two fists created earth-shattering explosions when they collided.
The ground vibrated, including the Taurus Palace behind them.

A frightening gale swept through the air.

Frose, who was closer to them, suffered the brunt of the aftermath.
He took three steps back uncontrollably and squinted his eyes as he faced the residual force of the collision.


A figure suddenly flew out from the center.


He slammed violently in the wall of the Taurus Palace, breaking multiple pillars, reducing them to broken stones.

The victor was decided with a single punch!


The battle armor on Arudis’s body seemed to be groaning in protest.
Cracks had appeared on the surface and were spreading out like spiderwebs.

This punch was so frightening!

Arudis raised his head with difficulty, his face filled with disbelief.

He lost!

He lost completely.
No luck was involved.

He could say that he was careless before, but he couldn’t find any excuses now.

He lost.
Despite wearing the divine constellation armor, he couldn’t change this fact.
Moreover, the divine constellation armor was damaged!

This was the divine constellation armor!

It was made by legendary ancient blacksmiths using star bones and a variety of precious and rare materials.
It was the divine constellation armor that bore the entire power of the Taurus Palace runes.
Yet, it cracked after Wang Teng’s punch.

And that was not all; the divine constellation armor of the Taurus Palace was known for its formidable strength.
Its ultimate power was its strength!

Yet, it lost in a head-on strength battle.

How powerful was Wang Teng’s physique?

Arudis was in a daze.
Getting defeated in his specialization was a huge blow for him.

Frose was at a loss for words too.
He looked at Wang Teng in bewilderment.

Was this fellow a human?

He knew how powerful the divine constellation armors were.
After the holy knights wore them, their abilities would increase by many times.
Yet, Arudis still lost!

At this moment, the clouds in the sky dispersed and calmness resumed.
It was as if nothing had happened.

Wang Teng’s black hair floated down.
They weren’t dancing wildly in the air anymore.
His expression was calm as he looked at the Holy Temple above him.
Suddenly, he raised his leg and stepped forward.

He walked past Arudis without looking at him, just like what he did some time ago.

“You!” Arudis’s face was pale.
He felt extremely humiliated.

Wang Teng didn’t stop, though.
He crossed this holy knight and went straight through the Taurus Palace, continuing his journey up the mountain.

Frose was stunned.

Didn’t he say that he was leaving? Why was he going up again?

The next instant, his expression changed.
He understood what Wang Teng was thinking and caught up with him hurriedly.
He asked agitatedly, “What are you planning to do?”

“I don’t feel like leaving suddenly.
You want to fight, right? Alright, I’ll fight my way up then.” There was no expression on his face, and his voice was unruly and cold.
He climbed up the stairs one step at a time.

Frose’s expression changed.

This was a huge matter!

This fellow looked so harmless a moment ago, but now, he had turned into a devil—arrogant, unruly, and supercilious.

He wanted to fight all the 12 zodiac palaces!

In the past, if he had heard someone wanting to barge through the 12 zodiac palaces, he would scoff at them.
To an ordinary martial warrior, beating one zodiac palace was difficult enough.

But now, Frose had a bad premonition.

Wang Teng could defeat Arudis with one punch.
What about the other holy knights?

Who could stop him?

Frose didn’t dare to think further.
He chased after Wang Teng and said anxiously, “We can sit down and have a proper chat.
This was an accident.
Arudis just wanted to have a duel with you.
He had no evil intention and has received his punishment already.
Please don’t take it to heart.
No one will stop you anymore.”

“That’s what you said at the start but look at what happened?” Wang Teng snorted.
He wasn’t convinced.
“I will fight the 12 zodiac palaces.

“I’ve already passed the first palace and he didn’t stop me.
I don’t want to go back and look for trouble, but I will fight the rest of the 10 palaces.”

Frose felt bitter and cursed Arudis a thousand times in his heart.
All these troubles were started by him.
He had caused them great harm.

However, he couldn’t stop Wang Teng.

He could only hope that the other holy knights could defeat him!

There were a few who were many times more powerful than Arudis.
Their battle abilities were within the top ten of Mount Saint and were the strongest guardians of the palaces.

Wang Teng counted his gains as he walked up the mountain.

Metal Force*56

Metal Force*45

Metal Force*90

Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*76

Spiritual Realm Spirit*80

Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*50

Spiritual Realm Spirit*62

Ultimate Stage Metal Talent*12

Raging Bull Fist Conscious*360

Just like the Aries Palace, there were numerous attribute bubbles scattered in the Taurus Palace.
Wang Teng picked up all of them.

His metal Force rose tremendously.
He was right at the doorstep of the 11-star low-tier general stage.

As the remaining attribute bubbles merged into his body, Wang Teng shuddered and entered the 11-star low-tier general stage silently.

Metal Force: 120/20000 (11-star)

Frose knew nothing.

One single match was enough to cause a huge change in Wang Teng.
Who would believe such an unbelievable thing?

He didn’t even know what Wang Teng was making a fuss out of nothing.
His real aim was to collect more attributes from all the holy knights of the zodiac palaces..

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