Chapter 625: Divine Constellation Armor


Arudis was slammed out of the Taurus Palace, the impact shattering the stone stairs in front of the entrance.

The first palace, the Aries Palace, looked a little old and dilapidated too.
It appeared ancient and time-beaten.
However, the material of these sculptures was strong and sturdy.
There might be cracks, but they wouldn’t shatter easily.

However, after Arudis landed on the stairs, a large crack had appeared on the stone stairs.

There was silence.

Arudis raised his head in shock, staring at the entrance of the Taurus Palace.
His expression changed continuously.

As the holy knight guarding the Taurus Palace, he was thrown out of his own palace.
How humiliating and sarcastic it was!

The palace and its guardians existed together.
If one was gone, so would the other.
No holy knight had ever been kicked out of their own palace.

If this piece of news was leaked out, he would be the disgrace of all previous 12 holy knights guarding the zodiac palaces.


Thinking about this, Arudis’s face turned black.
Then, it turned red and green, and he vomited a mouthful of blood.

Frose sighed helplessly.
He wanted to step out to help Arudis, but he stopped.

Everything happened too quickly.
He didn’t think that Wang Teng would attack so decisively and ruthlessly because of this argument.

He didn’t expect him to be this powerful either.
As a holy knight.
Arudis couldn’t even handle one punch from Wang Teng and was thrown out of the palace.

He didn’t have the time to stop either of them.
He could only watch things unfold in front of him.

It was too late to say anything now.

He couldn’t blame Wang Teng.
He didn’t instigate the fight after all.
He could only blame Arudis for being too reckless and arrogant.

Did he think that he could look down on all the other martial warriors in the world just because he was a holy knight?

This talent from Country Xia had beaten all his opponents in the exchange.
Even if Arudis didn’t see it personally, he must have heard of it.
As a talent himself, it was normal for him to be unconvinced.
That was why he provoked Wang Teng today.

Frose cursed Arudis many times in his heart.

Brainless fellow!

The top talents of the various nations were truly formidable martial warriors.
They had earned their reputation with their sweat, blood, and hard work.
If anyone thought that they were too weak because they lost to Wang Teng, they would be stupid.

Arudis had this thought.
That was why he underestimated Wang Teng.

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Wang Teng didn’t even look at him.
He walked out of the palace calmly as if he had just flicked an ant blocking his way.

He wasn’t worried that Mount Saint would be unhappy with his actions.
They were the ones who invited him.
He didn’t want to come in the first place.

If this was how they treated their guest, he had nothing to say.

He would fight his way out if he had to.
When was he afraid of anyone?

Arudis half-kneeled on the ground with his head lowered.
Fresh blood dripped down the edge of his lips, but he remained silent.

Wang Teng walked past Arudis without stopping.


Suddenly, an indomitable aura exploded behind him.
It was like the rise of an ancient divine beast.

“Stop right there!” A hoarse and low voice sounded in his ears.

Wang Teng stopped in his tracks.
He turned his head and looked at the other party expressionlessly.

Arudis was submerged in a golden light as if a golden flame was burning him from within.
Wisps of powerful aura gathered behind him.
Right then, the palace behind him was activated, spreading out an ancient and immense force of presence.
It slowly merged with Arudis’s aura.

“Arudis, you’re crazy!” Frose’s expression changed as he shouted.
He seemed to know what was going on.

“Frose, this is my fault.
I will seek my punishment later at the Holy Temple.
However, the reputation of the holy knights mustn’t be tainted,” Arudis said sternly without turning his head.

“You!” Frose wanted to say something, but he just sighed in the end.

Wang Teng looked at them and knew that words were useless in this situation.
There was no point emphasizing that he was a guest anymore.

Suddenly, a sonic boom rang through the palace.

Wang Teng raised his head and looked inside.
A golden light was rising quickly in the darkness behind the pillar.

He saw a golden raging bull charging towards them.

The golden light traveled at the speed of lightning, arriving in front of him in the blink of an eye.
It slammed into Arudis’s body and merged with the golden Force glow around him.

In an instant, golden light lit up the entire palace.

The light gradually resided after some time, revealing Arudis’s appearance.

A golden armor had appeared on his body!

From head to toe, battle boots, kneelet, cuirass, bracers, shoulder pads, helmet… This golden armor covered Arudis entirely.

His aura shot up as he merged with the palace behind him.
It soared right into the air.
An outline of a raging bull seemed to have appeared behind Arudis.

The change here naturally caught the attention of the other holy knights.
The majestic figures sitting inside the remaining 11 palaces opened their eyes.
Their gazes passed through the obstacles in front of them as they stared in the direction of the Taurus Palace.

At the same time, deep inside the Holy Temple at the peak of Mount Saint, there was a tall and enormous sculpture erected inside a large hall.

Below this sculpture, a young lady was praying with closed eyes.
There was a holy aura on her face.

But at this moment, her eyebrows trembled slightly, and she opened her eyes slowly.
There seemed to be a universe contained in her pitch-black eyes.
They were deep and endless…

Taurus Palace.

Sensing a majestic aura coming from Arudis’ body, Wang Teng was astounded.
This armor must be extraordinary!

“This is the divine constellation armor worn by all the holy knights!” Arudis’s voice resounded in the area.

“Divine constellation armor!” Wang Teng’s eyes shimmered.

“Normally, a holy knight will only wear it when the Holy Temple is in danger.
However, this affects the honor of the holy knights, so I have to wear it today.

“You’re very strong.
I can only fight with you if I wear this armor.

“Today, you will have to fight, whether you like it or not!”

As he spoke, his voice increased in volume.
At the end, it was as loud as thunder, shaking the air around them and shattering their eardrums.

“Fight!” A sharp gaze shot out of his eyes.
He roared in anger and took a step forward.


The next instant, the ground vibrated as if a gigantic raging bull had stomped its feet.
The entire mountain was shaking.

Golden Force erupted from Arudis’s body as glaring light gathered on his fist.

HIs fist shone brightly!

A large amount of Force was compressed into this punch.
The golden raging bull illusion also appeared and charged forward with the punch.


The scene was astonishing!

Yet, Wang Teng wasn’t affected.
He raised his head and stared emotionlessly at Arudis who was a head taller than him.

The Forces of the five basic elements started flowing through his body before ending on his fists.

Fist conscious surged out..
The five elements reinforced and restrained one another, forming a close circuit…

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