Chapter 622: An All-Rounded Harvest

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Wang Teng looked at Marsha as she swayed away.
A sentence popped up in his mind: Never underestimate the skills of a woman!

He mustn’t offend her.
He couldn’t afford to offend her…

“Come back, she’s gone!” Dan Taixuan glanced at him and said coldly.

“Cough, I’m just thinking what tricks she had up her sleeve.
Please don’t misunderstand me,” Wang Teng said.

“Do you think I’ll believe you?” Dan Taixuan said furiously.

“Is that lady prettier than me?” Valeria stared at Wang Teng unhappily with a sad face.

Wang Teng took a sharp breath in fear.

Although Qu Fei and the others were a little envious of him at first, when they saw Wang Teng in this desperate situation, they were elated.

You deserve it.
This is the consequence of flirting around!

Wang Teng sized up Valeria seriously and contemplated for some time.
Then, he said, “You look better than her.”

How could there be someone so shameless!

Wang Teng spent much effort before he managed to comfort Valeria.
However, after she left, the pretty female martial warriors from other nations came over and congratulate him as if they were inspired by Marsha.

Within a few minutes, Wang Teng was surrounded by L.
Bow Cenvious!

All the men at the scene were green with envy.

“He’s popular with ladies!” Gerald chuckled.

“It’s normal.
Outstanding males have the right to mate first,” Arnold said.

“Pfft!” Gerald’s expression turned strange.
He didn’t expect Arnold to say such a line.
Wine spurted out of his mouth.

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“Did I say something wrong?” Arnold asked.

“No, it makes sense.” Gerald’s lips trembled.

On the other side, Fortes’s face was red with anger.
He looked at Marsha and questioned her, “Why did you congratulate him?”

Marsha wasn’t an easy person to bully.
When she heard Fortes’s questioning tone, her face turned cold, and she replied.
“Take note of your status.
You don’t have the right to interfere in my business.”

“You!” Fortes couldn’t refute.

“Alright, Fortes, keep it down.” Yoke felt helpless.
These talents had strong personalities.
He couldn’t handle them all at the same time.
But he still reminded Marsha, “Marsha, our relationship with Country Xia isn’t good.
You better take care of yourself.”

“I know.” Marsha nodded and kept quiet.

Fortes snorted and looked at Wang Teng.
Jealousy flashed past his eyes.

Shuen watched him silently from the side.
Nothing in the world seemed to be able to affect him.

Agliro placed his palms together when he saw this scene.
A smart glint was shimmering in his eyes as he recalled what had happened during the competition.
He was in deep thought.

Should he enter the world and cultivate like Wang Teng?

Walk through a field of flowers with no leaves on your body.

He had read this sentence online after the competition.
It made much sense to him.
You wouldn’t be fooled after many experiences.

Wang Teng didn’t know that his unintentional act had caused a monk to go astray…

Close to 10 pm, the banquet finally came to an end.
The crowd dispersed.

Wang Teng let out a sigh of relief.
He never knew that ladies could be so scary.
When he was surrounded by them, he was happy and in pain.

Everyone was speechless when they saw his expression.

“Why do you look so unwilling when there’s something good in front of you?” Qu Fei asked enviously.

“That’s right.
This is too much.
If you’re so unwilling, you can give the chance to us,” Yan Bo agreed.

“You don’t understand.
Ladies are scary creatures, especially when there’s a horde of them.
They’re worse in numbers,” Wang Teng shook his head and sighed.

“F**k, you’re acting!” Qu Fei and the others wanted to hit him.

Right then, the atmosphere died down.

“Repeat what you’ve said!” A cold voice filled with killing intent echoed in the air.

Wang Teng’s head turned numb.
He turned his neck stiffly and saw Dan Taixuan and Zhu Yushao’s black faces.
He laughed awkwardly.
“My stomach is hurting.
I’ll take my leave first.”

At night, Wang Teng stayed in his hotel room.
He sat cross-legged on the sofa and counted his gains.

He pulled out the attributes panel.

The first thing that appeared in his vision was…

The Origin Of Life had a significant increase.
Wang Teng could almost feel his lifespan increasing.

No one would say no to a longer life, right?

Without a doubt, the Origin Of Life was his greatest gain.

Enlightenment: 230/3000 (Imperial Realm)

Spirit: 256/3000 (Imperial Realm)

Wang Teng’s spirit and enlightenment were both in the Imperial Realm.
Hence, their growth was a little slow.
They were still crawling at the 200 range.

However, he was already more powerful than the majority of the people on Earth.
Even though the increase was slow, he wasn’t worried.
His spiritual power was still his trump card.

Actually, he was progressing very fast.
Other people had to spend much more time if they wanted to raise their spiritual power.

Metal Force: 7500/10000 (10-star)

Wood Force: 6780/10000 (10-star)

Water Force: 9230/10000 (10-star)

Fire Force: 6350/10000 (10-star)

Earth Force: 7420/10000 (10-star)

Wang Teng looked at his five Forces.
All of them had a huge leap.
He was instantly satisfied.

The exchange event was a gathering of talents.
Everyone was at the brigadier general stage and above, so the attribute bubbles everyone dropped were sizable.
This was why his Forces rose significantly.

All these Forces were at the later stage of the brigadier general stage.
They were close to achieving a breakthrough.

Ice Force: 5320/9000 (9-star)

Poison Force: 4570/5000 (7-star)

Wind Force: 650/7000 (8-star)

Lightning Force: 820/10000 (10-star)

His four mutated elements grew too, especially his lightning Force.
It shot straight to the 10-star brigadier general stage.

He had to thank Shuen for this.
What a good man he was.

Then, there was the constellation Force.

Constellation Force (Fire): 353

The display of the system was a little strange.
It only showed the value and not the realm.

The realm might not be available because his constellation Force was too little or he hadn’t converted all his Forces into the constellation Force.

But, his constellation Force did increase after this exchange.

The only Force that didn’t grow was his dark Force.
Thinking about it, it made sense.
Why would there be dark apparitions at a place where the top talents of all nations were?

In terms of consciouses, Wang Teng’s spoils were quite notable.
All his conscious attributes saw improvements.

Leiting Battle Conscious: 285/10000 (1st level)

Wind Soul Conscious: 312/1000 (1st level)

Snake Coil Conscious: 150/1000 (1st level)

These three traits were new attributes.
Everyone had their pros and were extremely useful conscious attributes.

Among them, the Leiting Battle Conscious was able to increase his battle ability, the Wind Soul Conscious could increase his speed, and the Snake Coil Conscious was a battle technique.

His other consciouses was as follows:

Ice Spear Conscious: 365/1000 (1st level)

Five-element Fist Conscious: 6850/8000 (8th level)

Metal Blade Conscious: 6770/7000 (7th level)

Fire Blade Conscious: 7520/8000 (8th level)

Water Blade Conscious: 5110/7000 (7th level)

Wood Blade Conscious: 890/3000 (3rd level)

Earth Blade Conscious: 3280/5000 (5th level)

Metal Sword Conscious: 1460/8000 (8th level)

Water Sword Conscious: 3480/6000 (6th level)

Fire Sword Conscious: 2880/9000 (9th level)

Earth Sword Conscious: 3960/6000 (6th level)

Wood Sword Conscious: 2980/4000 (4th level)

These were attributes that Wang Teng found useful.
He had picked up many conscious attributes for unpopular weapons, but he ignored them.

These conscious attributes weren’t useful to him even if he picked them up.

Fist conscious, blade conscious, and sword conscious were the three most commonly used conscious attributes.
He wouldn’t give them up.

He had merged his fist conscious into his Five-element Fist Conscious.
In the future, he would do the same for his blade and sword conscious to create a unique battle skill solely for him.

When he fought with Agliro, he had used the Five-element Fist and made him suffer.

He had just created his Five-element Fist, so when he perfected it in the future, it would become stronger.

He felt that he could achieve a great feat.

This was a path solely for him.

Wang Teng decided that once he went back, he would find some time to study this properly.

He also received some battle techniques and scriptures but most of them weren’t at the sky rank.
Hence, he skipped through all of them.

He wasn’t getting arrogant, but non-sky-rank scriptures weren’t useful to him anymore.

The greatest gain was undoubtedly the Fire Essence Scripture he received from Agliro.

This was an ancient scripture from Country Inka, and a rough method to convert ordinary Force into the constellation Force was written inside.
It would be a great help when Wang Teng was creating a Force conversion scripture.

As for battle techniques, the only one that could make his eyes lit up was the Spiritual Illusion.
While fighting with Agliro, he had tried the power of Spiritual Illusion and found it quite useful.
If he was creative enough, he could use Spiritual Illusion however he wanted.

In terms of talent, his greatest gain was the ultimate stage lightning talent and the Ice Cocoon Physique.

These were mutated elements and were extremely rare.
Especially the Ice Cocoon Physique.
Normal people wouldn’t possess it.

The birth of a physique talent was rare.
Country Snow must have used up their luck for many generations to have one in a small country like theirs.

But no matter how rare it was, Wang Teng still got it.
As a bug, he could be unreasonable.

After counting his gains, he let out a long sigh.
When he opened his eyes slowly, two sharp glints shot out of them.

He stood up and walked to the window.
As he stared at the quiet and dark night sky, he gradually calmed down.

He was worried that he would commit the same mistake and live an unaccomplished life as he did in his previous one.
He was worried that his family would disappear and that his life would end silently.
As a result, he had been working hard to raise his ability all this while without resting.

With his continuous progress, he was finally able to stand at the top of the pyramid for martial warriors on Earth.
He had some ability to protect himself and his family benefited from it.

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