Chapter 619: No Matter How Many Attacks You Have, I Will Destroy Them With My Brick!

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This martial warrior from Country Raf was a muscular hunk.
When his cheek was smacked with the brick, his meat started rippling.

His mouth and nose went askew from the hit.
Immediately, he let out an agonizing scream.

The martial warriors around him shivered when they heard his shrill scream.

Wang Teng ignored the other people and only focused on this one martial warrior for the time being.
Taking care of one person meant one less opponent to deal with.

He smashed his brick down continuously.

Just listening to the sound alone was enough to make one’s head hurt.

The muscular hunk had an iron head, though.
He didn’t faint immediately, but he couldn’t bear with the pain either.

He wielded his battleaxes and blocked Wang Teng’s attacks.
At the same time, he shouted, “Why are y’all standing there? Are you waiting for him to tackle us one by one?”

The other martial warriors regained their senses and charged towards Wang Teng once again.

A martial warrior attacked him with his claw.
He slashed a few sharp golden claw glows in the air, all aimed at Wang Teng’s head.

Some martial warriors swung their blades while others held their short swords and targeted his legs…

“Hmph!” Wang Teng snorted.
He reacted at the speed of lightning and blocked the attacks with his brick.

His other hand remained busy too.
He punched his fists out and shattered the blade glow.
The residual force threw the martial warrior back more than ten meters.

At the same time, a sharp glint appeared on his body.

The sharp glint of light split into multiple rays and shot towards the martial warriors around him.

The weapons separated from the Shooting Star Spiral collided with the weapons of the martial warriors around him, giving rise to metallic clangs all around.
Sparks flew everywhere.

This still wasn’t enough.
Wang Teng activated his spiritual power again, and the flying daggers hidden in his boots sprung out.
They turned into lingering shadows in the air and started attacking the martial warriors behind him.

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Everyone was flabbergasted.

Was this the real skill of a divine spirit master? He could fight more than 20 people at once without being at a disadvantage.
He was like a bug!

Shennai Tongji’s expression changed slightly.
When she saw Wang Teng executing his flying daggers, she knew that he was holding back when he fought with her.

Had he used the flying daggers on her, she wouldn’t be able to block them.

At this moment, only the martial warrior from Country Raf was facing Wang Teng.
Cold sweat dripped down his forehead.

He took a step back in the air.

Wang Teng smiled, revealing his eerily white teeth.
Then, he disappeared.

The martial warrior from Country Raf squinted and decided to retreat.

Suddenly, he felt a pain at the back of his head.
His thoughts slowed down.

A few more violent smashes on his head and the martial warrior from Country Raf finally couldn’t take it.
His eyes rolled back, and he fainted.

Bang! He fell straight to the ground.
After twitching a few times, his body stopped moving.

Wang Teng was too lazy to notice him again, but the high priest couldn’t help but glance at this martial warrior.

There were many large bumps on his head.
They were extremely eye-catching and unsightly.

The high priest shook his head.
He looked up at the sky and raised his eyebrows.
He saw another figure falling down.

Boom! This person’s head was also covered with bumps, and he was unconscious.

“The second one,” the high priest muttered softly.

It looked like losing in numbers wasn’t a problem for Wang Teng.
Suddenly, he wanted to know how long Wang Teng would take to take care of all these martial warriors.

In the sky, Wang Teng shuttled back and forth between his opponents, throwing his brick out occasionally.
He never missed.
Every attack landed on an opponent.

Wang Teng’s main aim was to get more attributes.
Hence, he kept a good gauge of his strength and didn’t knock his opponents unconscious with the first attack.

How did he know how hard to hit? Well, practice!

There was no technique here.
The more he hit, the more skilled he got.

“Third one!” The high priest counted.

As time passed, more and more figures started falling from the sky.
The martial warriors in the spectators’ stand were stunned.

Was this a match or a game of Whac-A-Mole?

Were these martial warriors fooling around?

Some people were gloating in their misfortune.
These martial warriors had wanted to trample on Country Xia.
They thought that they could win by numbers, but instead, Wang Teng was the one walking over them.

In the sky, there were still around nine martial warriors resisting stubbornly.
They knew that if they didn’t give it their all, they would lose.
Hence, they released their ultimate moves at Wang Teng.

A blade glow more than ten meters long chopped through the sky and slashed towards Wang Teng.

The sword glows intertwined in the air and shot towards Wang Teng.
Multiple spear glows blocked his paths of retreat…

Violent explosions occurred all over the sky.

Wang Teng remained calm.
He exerted Force into the brick and smashed it out.

This brick was forged using a rare material.
Hence, it was able to withstand any element of Force.

Moreover, the more Force he instilled in it, the heavier it would get.

Wang Teng infused considerable Force into it, and it reached an unbelievable weight.
Fortunately, his strength was amazing too.
Normal martial warriors wouldn’t be able to release the full potential of the brick.

The instant the brick collided with the Forces around it, Force waves spread out.

Blade glow, sword glow… all the attacks were destroyed!

Destroyed with a single strike!

No matter how many attacks you have, I will destroy them with my brick!

The martial warriors flew backward from the impact of the Force waves.

They were thunderstruck and filled with disbelief.

Wang Teng followed up his success and flew closer toward them.

All the martial warriors started plummeting to the ground.

The high priest’s expression was weird.
He paid a silent tribute to these martial warriors.

Wang Teng left the martial warrior from Country Spade for the last.
He stared at his opponent and walked forward, step by step.

The martial warrior from Country Spade swallowed his saliva.
He glanced at the brick in Wang Teng’s hand and felt his head turning numb.
His leg went weak too.

“I, I…” He wanted to admit defeat but started stuttering uncontrollably.

Wang Teng stopped in front of him and slammed the brick on his face.

The martial warrior turned pale.
Then, his vision went black, and he felt excruciating pain on his face.

Only someone who got hit in the face would understand this pain.
The martial warrior teared up, and mucus flowed down his nose.
There was blood mixed with it.

Wang Teng didn’t show any mercy.
He hammered his brick a few more times until the martial warrior’s face was bruised and swollen.
He had fainted.

The high priest remained silent.
When the last martial warrior fell down, he let out a huge sigh.

There were no fancy techniques used in this match.
Brute force was the way to go from the start to the end.
These martial warriors could only get tortured by Wang Teng.
Their plight was tragic.

The audience around him was amazed and lost their words for some time…

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