Chapter 614: The Battle Between The Kings!

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After Marsha vanished without a trace, the next instant, she appeared at the female martial warrior’s blindspot and clawed at her.

The female martial warrior from North Country Star shrieked in agony.
Anyone who heard her screams would tear up for her!

“Marsha is so vicious.
The young lady is quite pretty.
Why does she have to leave so many wounds on her body? It will be ugly if they turn into scars!” Wang Teng shook his head.
He found it a little unbearable.

The expression on his teammates’ faces collapsed when they heard Wang Teng’s comment.
Come on, they were watching the match seriously!

How was Wang Teng able to make everything sound strange? This fellow must be doing it on purpose!

Everyone was exasperated.
They stared at Wang Teng until he felt goosebumps all over.
He decided to keep quiet.

In the arena, the fight had reached its climax.

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To others, Marsha had turned into lines of dark shadows.
She flashed around her opponent at high speed, clawing the female martial warrior until she had no chance of resisting.

Marsha’s speed increased exponentially after her mutation.
Her body was extremely agile.
The female martial warrior from North Country Star couldn’t keep up with her.

In the end, the female martial warrior from North Country Star couldn’t withstand the onslaught and flew out from one of Marsha’s claws.
She slammed onto the ground heavily.

“White Eagle Nation wins!” The high priest announced the result.

What a poor little thing!

The female martial warrior was covered with wounds.
Fresh blood stained her clothes.
It was a terrible sight.

Her battle uniform hung on her like rags, revealing some parts of her body.
Fortunately, the blood covered her up, so nothing could be seen.

“What a vicious lady.” Wang Teng clicked his tongue as the match came to an end.
He looked at Marsha with a hint of fear in his eyes.

A bad woman wasn’t scary.
A ruthless woman was!

Yes, this was a lady he mustn’t provoke.

Come on, imagine sharp claws growing out from her hands when you were having an intimate time with her.
What if she clawed his…

That cold touch, that bloody scene…

Wang Teng shivered.
He didn’t dare to think further.

He looked at the arena and wanted to pick up the attribute bubbles.

Coincidently, Marsha was looking in his direction.
She seemed to notice his gaze and instantly licked her lips.
Her gaze turned seductive.

Demon, don’t you dare to tempt me!

Wang Teng was bellowing in his heart, but he remained calm on the surface and silently picked up the attribute bubbles.
Then, he shifted his gaze away nonchalantly.

Spiritual Realm Spirit*45

Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*60

Advanced Stage Fire Talent*36

Spiritual Realm Spirit*38

Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*54

Wang Teng shuddered.
This felt so… invigorating!

A comfortable moment for every 1 point of Origin Of Life.
How good could it get? The only hard part was suppressing himself.

At this moment, his expression was indescribable!

After this one, there were another two matches.
Wang Teng noticed that no more outstanding martial warriors came out.
The top-tier martial warriors from every country had already made their appearance.

This was the last stage of the competition, so no countries would hold back.

If they didn’t send their talented martial warriors out now, there would be no more chances.
They would be returning home soon.

“The competition is ending.
Aren’t you going to take the initiative to challenge someone?” Dan Taixuan asked when she saw his silence.

Wang Teng hesitated.
Then, he nodded and said, “Since I’m here, I should go down and have some fun.
I should finish what the three old men asked me to do.”

He stood up and stretched his back.
Then, he walked into the arena.

“Don’t lose.
You won’t get your Queen Phoenix Battlecraft if you do,” Dan Taixuan said.

Wang Teng waved his hand without turning back.
He stepped on the arena.

The expressions of the martial warriors from the other countries became stern.

He had just defeated Shuen from White Eagle Nation, and he was coming down again?

The battle between the top-class talents would exhaust considerable Force.
Some might even use up all their Force, so they would need to get ample rest before starting their next match.
Normally, no one would start a new match in haste.

However, Wang Teng was looking for another fight after a short moment of rest.

Had he already recovered?

Many people were puzzled.
At the same time, they found it unbelievable.

Wang Teng arrived at the center of the coliseum and scanned the crowd.

Many people evaded his gaze.
They didn’t dare to look straight at him, afraid that he would notice them.

Wang Teng smiled.
His gaze paused in Country Inka’s direction.

“Wang Teng from Country Xia, I would like to challenge Country Inka!” His voice spread out slowly.
Although not loud, it was resolute.

Agliro was a martial warrior that had caught Wang Teng’s interest.

Agliro had constellation Force.
If he didn’t get attribute bubbles from him, who else could he choose?

There was nothing wrong with this thinking.

The martial warriors from Country Inka were stunned.
Only Agliro remained calm.
He glanced at Wang Teng indifferently before walking into the arena.

“Please!” Agliro placed his palms together.
When he put them down, he was already holding an iron rod.

Wang Teng took out his Mo Que.

This giant weapon had grabbed many people’s attention.
It was rare to see a weapon that looked like a sword and a blade.
What a flashy piece of equipment.

“Who do you think will win this match?” Arnold asked Gerald.

“Agliro,” Gerald pondered for a moment before replying.

“Huh?” Arnold was surprised.
“I thought you would say Wang Teng.”

“Agliro gives me a different feeling.
He’s very mysterious,” Gerald said.

“You’re right.
However, Wang Teng gives me a different feeling too.
The battle between these two will be very interesting.” Arnold smiled.

The same conversation was happening between all the martial warriors from different countries.

Wang Teng and Agliro.
This was a match between the kings!

It was hard to predict who would emerge victorious!

The two martial warriors stared straight at each other.
The atmosphere turned tense.

The second the high priest finished speaking, the two of them disappeared.
They were charging towards each other at the speed of lightning.

Wang Teng held Mo Que and chopped it down like a huge ax.
Terrifying energy erupted.

Agliro raised the iron rod in his hand and blocked the attack.
However, the next moment, his expression changed slightly.
He felt a daunting force pressing down on him.
His body went a little lower uncontrollably.

The force of this attack was appalling!

He felt that he had underestimated his opponent.
The guy was stronger than his initial estimates.

Wang Teng smiled at him.
He twisted his body at a weird angle and swept his leg over, aiming directly at his opponent’s temple.

His attacks were simple, direct, and ruthless…

Wang Teng didn’t hold back, using the most brutal attack at once.
Each of his moves was fatal, and he refused to show any mercy.

Agliro raised his arm in a hurry and blocked Wang Teng’s kick with his elbow.

But he was still forced to retreat more than ten meters.
His feet rubbed against the ground and formed a long black abrasion mark.

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