Chapter 613: You Can Only Be More Despicable!

Queen Phoenix Battlecraft!

As a soldier, Mu Zhiguo and the other military soldiers yearned deeply for these large-sized ‘toys.’ Unfortunately, they knew that it was close to impossible to get the most advanced aircraft for their own personal usage.

They didn’t expect Wang Teng to have this right.
How much hope did they have in him?

Zhu Yushao, Qu Fei, and the others were green with envy.
You could imagine how jealous they were.

But they knew that if they were given the chance, they might not be able to grasp it.

Ji Xiuming, Luo Cheng, and the other students were also envious.
They couldn’t resist the temptation of a Queen Phoenix Battlecraft either!

After all, as young people, all of them had the thought of being in the limelight and having the chance to boast in front of everyone.

In an instant, they felt the distance between Wang Teng and them.
It seemed as large as the universe.

He was preparing to fly, but they were still playing house on the ground.

Why couldn’t humans be equal? Why was there a difference? Why was reality so cruel…

At this moment, these talents felt the same helplessness and dejectedness normal people felt when facing them.

Dan Taixuan looked at their expressions and felt guilty for some reason.
Although she had mentioned it casually, it gave everyone a huge blow.

It was all Wang Teng’s fault.
Why did he mention the words reward? It was his fault!

Dan Taixuan glared at him.

“?” Wang Teng was speechless.
He knew what Dan Taixuan was thinking.

The competition continued.
A martial warrior from North Country Star came out and wanted to challenge Marsha from the White Eagle Nation.

Yoke turned grim.
He said to Marsha, “You mustn’t lose this match!”

It was almost an order!

The White Eagle Nation was in a tragic situation.
Shuen, who was their trump card, was badly beaten.
They had no other paths of retreat.

Even if Marsha won this match, nothing would change.

But she couldn’t lose.
Her defeat would only put the White Eagle Nation in an even worse situation.
Yoke wanted to protect what was left of the White Eagle Nation’s reputation.

Marsha understood this point.
Her expression serious, she nodded and stepped into the arena.

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Wang Teng’s gaze was instantly attracted to the match.

Two beautiful ladies!

He had seen Marsha before.
Her figure was amazing, and her curly hair made her even more attractive.

He had to admit that these foreign beauties had wonderful figures.
An average man wouldn’t be able to handle them.
Only someone with a powerful body like him could withstand the pressure.

The martial warrior from North Country Star was not bad either.
She had golden hair and green eyes.
Her skin was fair, and her legs were long, straight, and plump.
She was curvy, tight, and filled with elasticity…

Dan Taixuan saw his shining gaze and rolled her eyes at him.
She said unhappily, “Can you have some standard? What’s so nice about those foreigners?”

“Cough, I’m examining their flaws critically.
I’m not looking at beauties.
I’m not that kind of person,” Wang Teng pursed his lips and said in a righteous tone.


His companions looked at him in contempt.
No one believed his lies.

After interacting for some time, they understood Wang Teng’s personality.
This fellow was an irritating person who didn’t have any face value!

As the saying went, there was always someone better than you and someone more despicable than you!

These were all true for Wang Teng!

The match had already started in the arena.
Marsha and the female martial warrior from North Country Star rushed towards each other as they released their Forces.


A battle erupted instantly…

An almost unnoticeable hint of seriousness flashed past Wang Teng’s eyes when the battle started officially.

Both of them were strong, and their outstanding appearance added points for them.
The other martial warriors were watching the match with interest.

After all, beautiful people were always a feast for the eye.
It was rare to see two pretty ladies fighting.

Boom, boom, boom!

Marsha and the martial warrior from North Country Star attacked each other and created loud explosions.

Marsha was using a pair of claws as her weapons.
They were exceptionally sharp.
Along with her metal Force, lines of bright golden light slashed through the air, almost ripping the space apart because of its sharpness.

The female martial warrior from North Country Star had a short sword.
It was covered with fire Force as it knocked against Marsha’s sharp claws.

They shuttled around the arena, turning into lingering shadows as they chased each other and collided continuously.
Sometimes, the residual impact of the Force explosions would spread through the arena.

Marsha seemed a little solemn.
Her gaze was ruthless as she stared at her opponent in the distance.


Her body started changing without any warning.
A layer of light black fur grew out from her skin.
However, it didn’t seem as coarse as Kune’s fur.
Instead, it felt thin and soft.

Her ears turned sharp and fur grew on them too.

A long black tail grew out from behind her.
It waved in the air.

The female martial warrior opposite her turned grave when she saw this scene.
She clutched the short sword tightly in her hand and prepared herself for the upcoming challenge.

Marsha smiled.
She took off the sharp claws.
In their place, long and sharp nails grew out from her hands.
They gave off a metallic glint as they gleamed coldly under the light.

Wang Teng stared at her in astonishment.
“Oh my god, cat woman!”

He was honestly amazed.
He knew that Marsha might be a gene martial warrior too, but he didn’t expect her animal to be a cat.

Though her appearance seemed a little… cough!

Wang Teng touched his chin and hurriedly shook the indecent thoughts out of his head.

“Marsha’s gene mutation seems to be of a higher tier than the rest,” Dan Taixuan suddenly said.
Her gaze was fixed on Marsha.

Wang Teng glanced at her involuntarily before turning to study Marsha.
He understood what Dan Taixuan meant.
No wonder he felt a little strange just now.

Marsha’s eyes were clear.
The changes in her body weren’t as significant as Kune’s or Fortes’s.
Only a few noticeable traits could be seen.

This proved that Marsha’s gene mutation level was high!

“Yes, she looks better than the other martial warriors from the White Eagle Nation.
Look at that tail and her ears…” Wang Teng nodded and commented.


“Shut up!” Dan Taixuan took a deep breath to suppress the urge to pin Wang Teng on the ground and beat him up.

In the arena, Marsha suddenly moved.
She turned into a flash of black shadow and disappeared on the spot.

“Fast!” The martial warrior from North Country Star squinted her eyes.
She turned her body to search for Marsha.


The moment she had this thought, a cold flash of light appeared behind her back, slashing her battle uniform.
A few drops of blood splattered on the ground.

“Ouch!” The female martial warrior groaned in pain.
She turned around and waved her short sword.

Unfortunately, Marsha was already gone..

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