Chapter 610: All The Best! Go For It!

If Wang Teng knew what Darwan was thinking, he might get a shock and say to him—Mister, you’re thinking too much!

But he didn’t have the time to think of these unnecessary things.
Shuen’s attack had arrived above his head.
Thunder clapped beside Wang Teng’s ears, and the frightening gale messed up his hair.

Right then, a pitch-black giant weapon appeared in his hand!

Mo Que!

With a calm gaze, Wang Teng raised his head and stepped on the ground, cracking it instantly.
He received the attack with Mo Que.

The flames swirled around him, gathering into a blade glow at the tip of his weapon.
He slashed Mo Que out.


The flaming blade glow and the lightning battle spear collided!

Flames and lightning exploded in the air.
The residual force spread out.

The moment they exchanged blows, they separated before slamming into one another again.

Their battlefield was shifted to the sky above the arena.
A purple and a red ball of light collided violently again and again, creating explosions that resounded in the coliseum.

The other martial warriors turned grave.
They were in disbelief as they watched the intense match.

Arnold from the Large Eagle Nation said in bewilderment, “Wang Teng’s martial arts are so strong!”

Gerald stared at their fight without shifting his gaze.
He had lost to Shuen, so he felt a little unhappy when he saw Wang Teng being able to resist his attacks.

Battle intent burned in Agliro’s eyes as he looked at their fight.


The two people collided in the sky once again and separated instantly.

Shuen looked at Wang Teng from afar and asked, “Why aren’t you using your skills as a divine spirit master?”

“If I do that, you won’t have a chance,” Wang Teng replied calmly.

“Impudent!” For the first time, anger appeared on Shuen’s calm face.
He glared at Wang Teng coldly and pointed his spear at him.
“Tell me that again after blocking this attack!”

He pointed his spear sideways at the sky.
Suddenly, the clouds started to change.
Bolts of lightning struck down and landed on his spear.

Wang Teng raised his head as lightning flashed in his pupils.
He was elated.

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That’s right, this is it!

Let there be more lightning!

As he looked at the bolts of lightning, he felt that there were countless lightning Force attributes waiting for him.

His lightning Force would be able to reach the brigadier general stage soon seeing how hardworking Shuen was.

However, he didn’t underestimate the attack.
Lightning Force was still very powerful.
If it landed on him, it would be quite painful even though his physical body was strong.

The Emerald Glazed Flame surged out of his body, while a frightening blade glow appeared on his Mo Que.
A terrifying blade conscious burned violently, waiting to be released from its constraints.

All of this happened within a few seconds.

Opposite him, Shuen’s long spear was entirely covered with bolts of lightning.
Sparks danced crazily around the long spear.

The next instant, he moved.

“Lightning Python Havoc!”

When he stabbed his spear out, a long bolt of lightning that looked like a python shot towards Wang Teng.

The flash of lightning moved at high speed, coiling around Wang Teng from all directions and blocking the air around him.

He had nowhere to hide!

Wang Teng didn’t think of evading either.
He swept Mo Que in the air.

Big Dipper Flaming Blade!

Eighth-level blade conscious!


Wherever the flaming blade glow touched, green flames would destroy all the flashes of lightning.
The flame was extremely domineering.

Even lightning had no advantage in front of the Emerald Glazed Flame.

Who could fight with a divine fire!

Shuen’s expression changed, and he asked in disbelief, “What flame is that?”

Wang Teng remained indifferent, not bothering to reply to him.

“Divine fire!” The high priest finally confirmed his guess after seeing the power of the flame.

When Wang Teng had used this emerald flame in the past, he didn’t execute its power entirely, so he wasn’t sure.
He could only make a guess.

“Wang Teng met the opportunity to get a divine fire.
This…” Envy flashed in Arnold’s eyes.
He sighed.

“No wonder Hilson lost to him.
Divine fire is a natural enemy of ice Force,” Gerald said.

Hilson felt the corners of his mouth twitching when he saw the power of this flame.
Wang Teng was his arch-enemy!

He remembered the fear of being controlled by the brick once again!

Yoke was in deep thought as he stared at Wang Teng.
Even he had to admit that Wang Teng was extremely strong.
Shuen might not be able to win this time.

Wang Teng didn’t waste any time.
He turned into flashes of lingering shadows and dashed towards Shuen.

Shuen had never looked so serious.
He crashed into Wang Teng again.

Wang Teng’s strength had exceeded his imagination.
He didn’t dare to look down on him anymore.
Whether he used his skills as a divine spirit master or not, his capabilities were on par with his.

In the sky, a ball of flame and a ball of lightning struck each other without a stop, releasing extremely powerful energy waves.

Shuen had already released all his lightning Force, but Wang Teng’s attack still remained as strong as his.
He couldn’t gain any advantage.

He had exhausted a large portion of his Force.
If the match continued like this, he would lose soon.

Where was this person’s limit?

Shuen’s expression turned ugly.
He finally understood how hard it was to deal with Wang Teng.

Wang Teng collected attribute bubbles as he fought his battle.
He was extremely joyful when he felt his lightning Force increasing rapidly.

Lightning Force*120

Lightning Force*80

Lightning Force*105

His lightning Force was getting closer and closer to the brigadier general stage.

Fighting could increase his cultivation level.
How amazing!

However, he still needed a little more.
Was Shuen starting to suspect him? Should he give him a little confidence?

As he thought about this, he twirled his pupils, and his face turned pale.
He said sternly, “I didn’t think that you would be so strong.
You forced me to this stage.
Lightning element martial warriors are indeed powerful.”

He gave people the impression that he was a spent force.
His face was losing color, and he was panting heavily.
He seemed to have reached his limit.

Shuen was invigorated when he saw Wang Teng’s condition.

Lightning Force exploded again.
He charged towards Wang Teng with renewed vigor.

Wang Teng’s eyes brightened, and he gave himself a thumbs up. How smart of me!

All the best! Go for it!

Shuen didn’t disappoint Wang Teng.
He gritted his teeth and attracted the lightning Force in his surroundings.
He lashed one attack after another toward Wang Teng.

More lightning Force attribute bubbles dropped…

At a certain moment, Wang Teng, who was picking up attribute bubbles, suddenly shuddered.
A Force shot through his spine and flowed around his body.

A powerful aura soared into the sky uncontrollably.

The clouds changed as silver bolts of lightning danced wildly in the air like wriggling snakes.
They shot down and circled Wang Teng, making him look like the emperor of lightning.

Lightning Force, brigadier general stage, achievement unlocked!

“?” Shuen was confused.

The lightning Force around him wasn’t listening to him.
It seemed to have turned into Wang Teng’s servant..
What the hell was going on?

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