Chapter 604: The Weirdo And The Tough Nut

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“What did you just say?” Dan Taixuan asked curiously.

She didn’t hear the words ‘Leiting Battle Conscious’ when Wang Teng was whispering to himself.

“Nothing,” Wang Teng smiled and replied.

Dan Taixuan shook her head and didn’t probe further.
She then turned and looked at the coliseum.

Frankly speaking, Gerald was not weak.
On the contrary, he was very strong and was considered to be amongst the top ranks of martial warriors from all around the world.

But when two forces clash against one another, one would eventually lose!

In the battle between him and Shuen, Shuen was the final victor.
His lightning stance had left a deep impression on many people.

In the eyes of everyone, the White Eagle Nation was keeping their cards hidden.
The ordinary-looking Shuen had never made a move before.
But when he did, he displayed a strength worthy of an ace talent, defeating Gerald and clinching the victory.

It was clear that Shuen was the White Eagle Nation’s trump card!

At this moment, Shuen returned to the spectators’ stand and everyone from the White Eagle Nation gathered around him, all with smiles on their faces.

Yoke was especially happy.
After so many matches, the White Eagle Nation was no longer the defeated side.

It was saddening to speak of it.
A great world power like them shouldn’t have been in such a miserable state in the exchange event, but this year was unfavorable for them.
Everyone was targeting them, and the martial warriors that they had sent out all received cruel treatment, throwing their dignity into the mud.

It was a bit better now.
Now that Shuen had displayed his strength, he showed all the other martial warriors that the White Eagle Nation had top talents as well.

On the contrary, Arnold was in a bad mood.
The Large Eagle Nation had high hopes for Gerald, but he was defeated at Shuen’s hands.
It was undoubtedly the biggest upset in this exchange event.

However, he still comforted Gerald with a few words.
After all, he was a talent of the Large Eagle Nation.
If his mental state was affected by this defeat, it would definitely be a huge loss.

“It’s a pity,” Dan Taixuan retracted her gaze and said regretfully.

“Are you talking about that Gerald?” Wang Teng asked.

No matter where he is, he would be considered a top talent.
It’s a pity to lose like this.” Dan Taixuan commented.

“It is a pity.
It would have been better if he could have a match with me.” There was a strange light in his eyes as Wang Teng rubbed his chin.

He felt that if Shuen was replaced by him, he could have farmed more attribute bubbles out of Gerald.

Wang Teng glanced at his attributes panel.
Under the scripture section, there was a new addition—Divine Wind Scripture!

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A sky-rank Force skill scripture!

In addition to Leiting Battle Conscious, the most valuable loot this time around was Gerald’s Divine Wind Scripture!

Wang Teng had obtained many sky-rank scriptures.
He already had four sky-rank Force skill scriptures—Earth, fire, wood, and water.
Now, he had gotten his hands on a sky-rank wind Force skill scripture, raising the total to five.

If people knew about this, their jaws would drop.

It was extremely extravagant for someone to obtain a sky-rank scripture, and they would spend all their family fortune on it.
Yet, Wang Teng had five of them.
No one would even dare to think about such a thing.

However, Wang Teng was still not satisfied.
He set his eyes on Gerald, wanting to obtain more Divine Wind Scripture attributes.

“What’s with that gaze of yours?” Dan Taixuan asked helplessly.

Gerald was already miserable enough, but Wang Teng still didn’t leave him alone.
She knew that he was thinking about weird things when she saw his gaze.

If he encountered Wang Teng, he wouldn’t be better off than he was now.
It might even be worse.

Dan Taixuan knew Wang Teng too well.
This guy would never defeat the opponent in a normal way.

“Cough, there’s no other meaning.
I’m just a little happy to see such an excellent opponent,” Wang Teng said with a dry cough.

There was nothing wrong.
He genuinely wanted to have a match with him because he saw how good he was.
After all, the better the opponent was, the more valuable their attributes would be.

That was the truth!

While the two were chatting, a martial warrior from Country Bat walked into the coliseum and issued a challenge to Country Xia.

“Who’s going?”

Qu Fei and Yan Bo exchanged glances.
They were the only ones in Country Xia that hadn’t done anything yet.

Wang Teng would not rob them of their opponents either.

“You first!” Yan Bo said with a smile.

Qu Fei nodded and didn’t say anything unnecessary.
He got up and jumped into the coliseum.

After the two of them made their introductions, they got right down to the business.
Their Force surged, and they collided in an instant.

Qu Fei was extremely strong.
His wood Force had reached the brigadier general stage, and he was proficient in the use of wood Force.

Wang Teng noticed that he was holding a long black rod that didn’t seem to be made of metal or wood.
When he waved it, images appeared in the air, shrouding the martial warrior from Country Bat.

There was a trace of wood Force conscious in his rod technique, and it was not just a simple attack.
In the eyes of outsiders, it seemed like it was crafty and impossible to defend against.

The Country Bat martial warrior was holding a sword, and his body was surging with water Force as he clashed against the rod images.

Boom, boom, boom!

After a loud roar, Qu Fei seized the opportunity and slammed the rod against the opponent’s chest.
It was like a snake springing from its burrow.

The martial warrior from Country Bat flew away with blood spurting out of his mouth.

Holding his long rod, Qu Fei stood proudly in the coliseum, displaying a perfect stance.

Martial warriors from all around the world were surprised.
Qu Fei had won the match with ease.
Sure enough, the martial warriors from Country Xia were not to be underestimated.

“Country Xia has won this match!” The high priest announced.

Dan Taixuan heaved a sigh of relief when she heard the words.

So far so good!

Zhu Yushao and Mu Zhiguo had already lost.
If Qu Fei lost as well, Country Xia would almost be down.

She didn’t take Wang Teng into account at all.
That guy was not a normal martial warrior and shouldn’t be considered in her calculations.

“You are so afraid of them losing!” Wang Teng seemed to have noticed her concerns.
He glanced at her strangely and said in a funny voice.

“You know nothing!” Dan Taixuan glared at him.
“In this exchange event, the countries are looking at the comprehensive strength of all their warriors.
It’s not just about the strength of a single guy.
You might be strong, but if the performance of Qu Fei and the others was a mess, it wouldn’t change the other countries’ perception of Country Xia.”

“Zhu Yushao and Mu Zhiguo might have lost, but their display of strength was not bad.
The other countries can also see that.
As long as they aren’t fools, they wouldn’t underestimate them,” Wang Teng said.

“Having said that, a loss is still a loss.
No one can deny that,” Dan Taixuan added.

Wang Teng shrugged.
He had to admit that what Dan Taixuan said was true.
The world only looked at the victors, and no one cared about the failures.
It was a very normal phenomenon and a normal thing to do.
There was nothing else to say.

He looked at the coliseum and concentrated his spiritual power to collect the attribute bubbles that Qu Fei and the Country Bat martial warrior had dropped.

Wood Force*730

Snake Coil Rod Conscious*150

Spiritual Realm Spirit*35

Water Force*760

Water Blade Conscious*50

Spiritual Realm Spirit*80

Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*48

Snake coil rod conscious! Wang Teng started pondering.
This must be the rod skill Qu Fei had executed just now.

The rod was like an agile snake coiling around its target.
Once you got entangled by it, you would have a hard time breaking free.
He had to admit that this rod conscious had its uniqueness.

The enlightenment process of this rod conscious appeared in Wang Teng’s mind.

In the forest, a figure was fighting with snake star beasts.
He copied their habits and battle techniques and gradually came up with the snake coil conscious.

Wang Teng’s gaze shimmered.
He received many benefits.

Rather than saying this was snake coil rod conscious, it was more appropriate to call it snake coil conscious.

Snake coil rod conscious was the shallowest form.
The real technique was the snake coil conscious.
It could be used in sword skill, blade skill, and even fist or palm skill.

The same applied to other skills.

At this moment, the benefits of having high enlightenment were clearly visible.
Wang Teng was able to understand the snake coil conscious without anyone teaching him.

The other attribute bubbles were common.
Wang Teng scanned through them without giving them much attention.
He would count his overall gains after the exchange ended.

Next, the martial warriors from the other countries stepped into the arena and gave spectacular matches.

Yan Bo noticed that everyone had already gone out except for him, so he stood up and chose a country to challenge.
In the end, he won.

Today, Country Xia had two wins and two losses.
They redeemed themselves from Zhu Yushao and Mu Zhiguo’s losses.

After winning, Yan Bo was in a good mood.
He went back to the spectators’ stand happily.

Just when everyone gathered around him to congratulate him, a martial warrior from Country Neon suddenly stood up.

This person was Shennai Tongji!

This lady martial warrior had an eye-catching performance during her last match.
She had defeated a martial warrior from the White Eagle Nation and even made him lose his mind.

This wasn’t something normal martial warriors could do.

Hence, all the countries paid special attention to her.

Many people knew that Shennai Tongji was a divine spirit master.
There was envy and seriousness in their eyes when they focused on her.

There were very few divine spirit masters in this world, and they were all really talented martial warriors.

Only people with high spiritual power talent could learn spiritual kinesis and become divine spirit masters.
Normal people wouldn’t be able to comprehend it.

Many people admired Country Neon for their good luck.

This highly talented divine spirit master came from this small country.
What kind of luck was that?

Could it be that Shennai Tongji’s mother had stepped on a lucky star when she gave birth to her?

The martial warriors from other countries were wondering about her next match.

“Who would Shennai Tongji challenge?”

This was the thought in everyone’s mind.
With her top-tier talent, there were only a few possible candidates.
The only people that could be her opponent would be Shuen, Gerald, Valeria, and a few other talents.

But after waiting for half a day, Shennai Tongji still hadn’t chosen her opponent.
She just stood there in a daze.
Her expressionless and cute face seemed a little lost.

The high priest couldn’t help but ask, “Shennai Tongji, which country do you want to challenge?”

“Huh?” Shennai Tongji was in a daze, so she didn’t hear the high priest’s words.

“… I’m asking you which country do you want to challenge,” the high priest repeated himself helplessly.

“Oh…” Shennai Tongji regained her senses.
Her voice was calm as she replied, “I’m not challenging anyone.
I will fight with anyone who’s willing to come out.”

Everyone: …

The high priest didn’t know what to say.
He screamed in his heart.
Why are the talents this year all so strange? Why aren’t they going by the book? Are they trying to create trouble?

He felt that he had so much worry as the host of this exchange event.

“Is any martial warrior willing to have a duel with Shennai Tongji?” in the end, the high priest maintained his composure and asked the crowd.

The martial warriors looked at one another.
Some were hesitating while others seemed restless.

“Hmph, asking the fish to take the bait.
Why is this young lady using this scheme?” Yan Bo scoffed.

“But her battle skills are unpredictable.
She’s hard to deal with,” Zhu Yushao touched her chin and said.

The martial warriors from the other countries were discussing among themselves too.
They were in a dilemma.

Just when Valeria from Country Boar was about to step out, a figure appeared in the coliseum.

“Wang Teng!”

Qu Fei, Zhu Yushao, and the others were flabbergasted.
Wang Teng, who was lazily eating his snacks and enjoying the show, voluntarily went out for a match.

What was wrong with him?

They were puzzled.

Although the martial warriors from Country Xia knew Wang Teng’s personality, they were still shocked.
It was easy to imagine how stunned the other martial warriors were.

They recognized Wang Teng’s ability.
Even though they didn’t know how powerful he was, he certainly wasn’t weak.

Also, he had the bad habit of hitting someone’s face.
Whenever he entered the arena, a good show was imminent.
How could anyone not notice him?

The high priest smiled uncontrollably.

A weirdo and a tough nut.
This should be an interesting match.
He gloated in his heart.

He had some small resentment towards Wang Teng.
He had chosen Hilson to be part of the Holy Temple, but Wang Teng didn’t give him any face and beat him into a pig’s head.
It was an embarrassment for the Holy Temple.

How could he not be angry?

Wang Teng stood opposite Shennai Tongji and sized up this cute lady from Country Neon with interest.

Shennai Tongji studied him carefully.
Then, she looked at the high priest.

The high priest understood what she meant.
He announced immediately, “Since none of you have any questions, we will start the match.”

The moment he finished speaking, both martial warriors moved.
Shennai Tongji disappeared and a large ferocious ape suddenly appeared in her place.


The ferocious ape roared into the sky and hammered its chest with its fists.
It pounced on Wang Teng.

Wang Teng remained calm.
He stood at the same spot and hurled his fist out.


The ferocious ape’s body disintegrated slowly and disappeared without a trace.

“Small trick.” Wang Teng snorted.
He moved, and the next moment, he appeared without any warning at a certain spot in the arena.
He grabbed the air in front of him.

Swoosh! A figure appeared out of nowhere.
Then, it ran away, leaving lingering shadows behind.

This person was Shennai Tongji.

She had already left the center of the battlefield and was hiding in the outskirts of the arena.
She was probably waiting to watch Wang Teng fight with the ferocious ape.

Unfortunately, Wang Teng didn’t cooperate!

At one glance, he knew that this ferocious ape was just an illusion.
A person with low spiritual power would get tricked easily and start a physical fight with the giant ape.
It was terrifying just thinking about it.

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