“Hello, I want to visit the God of Guns.”

In the lobby on the first floor of the western suburb mental hospital, Wang Teng told the nurse at the front desk his purpose for visiting.

The nurse didn’t respond to him.
She was looking down and playing with her phone.

“Hello…” Wang Teng remained patient and opened his mouth again.

“Hello your head!” The nurse suddenly raised her head.
Her face was as round as a pie, and her eyes were narrow.
She was ‘glaring’ at Wang Teng.


Wang Teng: …

Suddenly, a thought flashed through his mind.
“I think you’ll look amazing if you slim down a bit.”

“Really?” The nurse’s eyes brightened.

“Of course.
Everyone who knows me calls me Mr.
You can believe my words,” Wang Teng replied sincerely.

“I will definitely slim down and prove to everyone…

“That’s right, prove to everyone!

“Prove to everyone that I look equally ugly after I slim down.
Hahahahaha~” The nurse with a big face suddenly laughed maniacally.

Wang Teng: …

Are all the staff in this mental hospital this abnormal?

Wang Teng looked at the nurse, who was laughing like a lunatic.
She laughed until she couldn’t breathe properly.
At the same time, the powder on her face kept dropping.

“Erm, can I see the God of Gun?”

He waited until the nurse slowly came to a halt before asking her carefully.

“God of Guns? Which one are you referring to? We have nine people who claim that they are the God of Gun here!” the nurse said.

Wang Teng instantly felt his head hurting.

Once again, he suspected whether he had made the right decision to come to this mental hospital or not.

“The one that accidentally killed the woman he loved.” Wang Teng contemplated his words before he spoke.

“Oh~ You’re talking about that poor, unlucky fellow!” There was no expression on the nurse’s face, but she sounded enlightened.

“Yes, it’s him.
That’s the one!” Wang Teng nodded.

“I’m sorry, we forbid anyone from visiting anyone in this hospital.” The nurse with the fat face lowered her head and started playing with her phone again.

“??” Wang Teng felt the veins on his forehead bulging up.

“Forbid anyone from visiting? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Oh, I noticed that you had a strong desire to talk, so I forced myself to talk to you for a while~” the nurse replied without raising her head.

“I @#%¥#¥…%&*…”

F**k, even if I die, I won’t have any desire to talk to you!

Wang Teng almost choked to death from his complaints.

I have never thought that I, Wang Teng, will fall in the hands of this round-faced lady… 


He snorted angrily and flicked his sleeve as he left.

Wang Teng went back to the marksmanship club and turned his unutterable grief and indignation into motivation.
He picked up attributes…

Gun Skill*1

Gun Skill*2

Gun Skill*5

His gun skill, which was at the big achievement stage, was racing towards the perfected stage.

Time flew by when you were busy.

At night, Wang Teng went home to have dinner.
Then, he drove to the house he rented in the university town to pay a visit to his little egg.

Well~ it hadn’t hatched.

He didn’t go back to the marksmanship club.
Instead, he went to Jixin Martial House.

He stayed there all the way until 11 pm.

Next, Wang Teng went back to the western suburb mental hospital.

The western suburb had always been deserted, with few people there.
At this time, no trace of humans could be seen.
The surroundings were eerily quiet, like a ghost town.

Wang Teng felt that this was even more frightening than in the day!

In the dark, the mental hospital was like a giant beast lying prone on the ground, waiting for ignorant people to come close.
Then, it would devour the person in one bite.

Should I go back home? Is it too late to turn around now?

He was a little scared, but for the sake of his attributes, Wang Teng took a deep breath and sneaked into the mental hospital.
He was resolute and told himself that there was no turning back.

There were guards at the entrance, so Wang Teng could only climb the walls.

The nurse at the front desk had changed.
It wasn’t the lady with a round face anymore.
Instead, it was a male nurse now.
He was leaning against his chair and watching a drama on the television.

—From the noise, it seemed to be some anti-japanese drama.

Wang Teng made a sound outside the door.
The male nurse instantly lifted his head.
“Who is it?”

There was no reply for a long time.
The nurse stood up and walked towards the door.

Wang Teng could hear his footsteps.
The instant he stepped out of the door, he knocked the nurse unconscious with the side of his palm.

Then, he dragged the person into a corner and pondered for a moment.
He took off the nurse’s coat and wore it.

At the end, he put on a mask.

Wang Teng couldn’t help but give himself a thumbs-up for his wits when he saw his appearance.

He lowered his head to evade the cameras and sat down behind the front desk.

Wang Teng opened the computer to check the internal records of the mental hospital.
He memorized the room number of a few mental patients that seemed like his target.

After taking the bunch of keys from the wall, he walked towards the second floor.

The corridor was extremely quiet.
Wang Teng tried his best to walk softly, but he would still make some slight noises.

When the noise entered his ears, he felt a little chilly.

The first target, room 203!

Wang Teng followed the room numbers and arrived at the entrance of room 203.
He glanced through the window.
There was a figure lying on the bed, sleeping.

He found the keys corresponding to the room and opened the door.

A person was lying on the bed and seemed to be in a deep sleep.
Beside him, a few attribute bubbles were floating in the air.

I didn’t expect there to be attribute bubbles that haven’t disappeared!

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
This was a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

These attribute bubbles were probably dropped recently, so they hadn’t vanished yet.
He came just in time.

He picked them up!



He discovered that they were Spirit bubbles, and their points were quite high.
Wang Teng was elated.

These are all Spirit attributes? Could it be that mental patients will drop the Spirit attribute?

Wang Teng felt a little puzzled.
If his guess was correct, what kind of weird setting was this?

He shook his head and walked over, shaking the person on the bed.” Hey, get up.
It’s time for medicine.”

The person muttered in a daze, “I’ve already taken them.
Why am I eating again?”

“Oh, you ate one less medicine just now.
When I realized my mistake, I quickly came to give it to you.” Wang Teng spouted nonsense.

The person took over the Six Flavor Dihuang Pills from Wang Teng and put them in his mouth.
He swallowed them in a single gulp.

Wang Teng had especially bought these Six Flavor Dihuang Pills for these poor mental patients to nourish their kidneys.

Wang Teng watched him as he swallowed the pills.
Then, he asked casually, “I heard that your shooting is very accurate.”

The other party got excited the moment he heard this.
“You actually know about my ability.
Let me tell you, my aim is really accurate.
I can shoot an airplane down from the sky.”

The moment he talked about shooting airplanes, a morbid excitement could be seen on his face.

“Really? Can you show me?” asked Wang Teng.

“Of course, watch carefully.” As he spoke, he started to take off his pants…

He was actually taking off his pants!

Wang Teng: …

Just as something disturbing to the eyes was about to happen, Wang Teng hurriedly raised his hand and chopped the person unconscious.

Mental patients were indeed frightening!

However, at that moment just now, another attribute bubble had dropped from the patient.


Maybe he should have let the mental patient continue his demonstration a little longer?

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