Chapter 596: We Are Both Geniuses, Can’t You Show Me Some Respect?

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Dan Taixuan and the others were looking at the green dragon.
They felt that it was extremely majestic and was great for putting on a show.

But why did he have to shout Dawei Tianlong!

No one could stand the childishness.
It suffocated everyone.

Everyone in Country Xia was utterly defeated by Wang Teng.
He was always fooling around and giving people headaches.

“It’s too embarrassing!” Zhao Yuanwu’s mouth twitched.

“I’m embarrassed to be associated with him,” Ren Qingcang said with a look of disgust.

Although Ji Xiuming and the rest also felt that Wang Teng had embarrassed everyone, it wasn’t nice to say those words directly.

Several people glanced at Zhao Yuanwu and Ren Qingcang.
They knew that both of them held some grudges against Wang Teng, but this was going too far.

“Haven’t you seen the expressions of those foreigners?” Zhu Yushao defended Wang Teng and reminded both of them.

“What do you mean?” Zhao Yuanwu asked.

“See for yourself,” Zhu Yushao snapped back.

Everyone looked over.
All the foreigners had a bewildered expression.

They didn’t understand, but it looked impressive?

With the green dragon in play, Wang Teng’s show seemed to have succeeded.

Zhao Yuanwu: …

Ren Qingcang: …

Everyone else: …

This works?

Wang Teng wasn’t being an embarrassment; he was being a showoff!

Zhao Yuanwu’s mouth twitched, and he completely shut his trap.
Ren Qingcang snorted softly and stopped talking.
The expression on his face was interesting as well.

It wasn’t just them.
Even Mu Zhiguo and the others were impressed.

Thinking about it carefully, these foreigners didn’t understand their language very well.
Hence, they wouldn’t understand how childish it was!

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Zhu Yushao saw everyone’s expression and felt ashamed.
However, she did feel that she didn’t let Wang Teng down.

Since he stood up for her, she was trying to defend his reputation!

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have said such words against her will.

Although the foreigners didn’t understand what he was saying, it was still childish!

Remembering that embarrassing scene again, Zhu Yushao’s heart shuddered.
Her goosebumps made an appearance again.

Oh my god, Wang Teng isn’t human!

In the coliseum, the green giant dragon was hovering in the sky as it looked down at Hilson.
The tension in the atmosphere was at its limits!

At this point of the match, there was almost no suspense.

So, what would Hilson choose?

Admit defeat or a fight to the death?

All the martial warriors understood his situation very well.
He had just been selected by the Holy Temple, and before he could enjoy the spring breeze, he ended up in such a disastrous situation.

Who could stand it?

At this time, some people pitied him, while others were gloating.

Hilson’s face was pale, and his lips were squirming.
He couldn’t utter the word ‘defeat.’

Wang Teng’s eyes flashed, and he suddenly vanished.

Hilson’s expression changed drastically.

F**k, this despicable bastard didn’t even give him time to catch his breath!

The next moment, Wang Teng appeared in front of Hilson and grinned at him.
Then, a golden light flashed in his hand.

Hilson was horrified.
He finally remembered something.
Just as he was about to shout the words ‘admit defeat’ and opened his mouth…


It was too late.

The golden light kissed his face, right on the dead center, and shut his mouth tightly.


Everyone saw this scene and took a deep breath of cold air.

It hurts!

You shouldn’t hit someone’s face in a fight, but Wang Teng specialized in doing just that.
It was a bit of a dirty hit.

Furthermore, Hilson was just about to admit defeat.
Even if he was still hesitating, he should have given him enough time to prepare himself.

He had just started climbing his way up, yet Wang Teng stepped on him and walked all over him, not even giving him time to feel depressed.

They are both geniuses.
Can’t he show him some respect?

No matter what everyone else thought in their hearts, Wang Teng didn’t hold back one bit as he smashed the brick down.

Hilson was already dazed.
He wanted to admit defeat, but he was stopped every time.
Who could understand such despair?

If he had known this earlier, he would have given up quickly!

Why did he hesitate back then? Now, it was too late to regret.

Bang, bang, bang!

The dull sound echoed all over the coliseum, and everyone’s eyes kept twitching.

The high priest wanted to stop it, but he knew he couldn’t.
Otherwise, it would be unfair.
He was complaining to himself, asking why Hilson had to hesitate and invite trouble.

Helpless, he shook his head and sighed.

When encountering a despicable man like Wang Teng, Hilson deserved to suffer!

In the end, Wang Teng still had a trace of kindness in him.
After feeling that it was about time, he suddenly increased his strength, getting ready to end the match.


Hilson’s body slammed onto the ground with a loud bang and slumped like a tattered sack, throwing up a cloud of dust.

“It finally ended!”

Everyone was sweating for Hilson.
The calamity has finally concluded.

After a while, the smoke dissipated, revealing Hilson’s brutally abused body.
He raised his trembling arms and uttered with a hoarse voice, “I… I admit defeat!”

Everyone: …

So tenacious!

Now they knew.
Once the opportunity presented itself, the first thing to do was to admit defeat.

At this moment, everyone seemed to be able to truly appreciate Hilson’s despair.


“Wang Teng from Country Xia has won the battle!” The high priest announced the results hurriedly.
He feared that if he was a step too late, Wang Teng might continue bashing Hilson up.

Wang Teng landed from above and pouted.

These people made him seem like some kind of a violent madman.
He was too lazy to continue fighting.
Was there a need to be so nervous?

Besides, was that his problem?

Of course not!

Everyone was fighting for their countries, and their positions were different.
It was difficult to blame anyone.

The world was fair.
If you wanted to get something, you had to fork out something in return.

When Hilson chose to use Country Xia as his stepping stone, he had to think that Country Xia would come for him to collect the debt.

It was just that he encountered a two-faced guy like Wang Teng.
If he had met Mu Zhiguo, he wouldn’t be in such a miserable state.

Hilson heard the result given by the high priest and finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Just then, Wang Teng walked in front of him and squatted down, staring straight at him.

“You, what are you doing? I’ve already admitted defeat.” Hilson’s face was bruised.
When he saw Wang Teng’s face, he was startled.
Enduring all the pain in his body, he struggled to stay away from him.

“…” Wang Teng reflected on his actions.

Did he go too far? Frightening this guy like this, would he leave a psychological scar on him?

Wang Teng shook his head.
He would be gentler next time so that people wouldn’t suffer so badly.

“Remember, I’m a Country Xia martial warrior.”

Wang Teng looked deeply into his eyes.
When he finished speaking, he turned and walked out of the coliseum.

Country Xia martial warrior!

Hilson looked at his back, and his eyes welled with tears of regret.. Mother, I will never provoke anyone from Country Xia again…

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