Chapter 592 Ferocious When Attacking, Timid When Running Away


Kune had a breakdown when he saw such a gory scene.
He cursed uncontrollably.

He lifted his feet and kicked Shennai Tongji’s head.


The head turned into a ball of black shadow and disappeared in the distance.
No one could find it anymore.

Kune panted heavily.
What happened gave him a rude shock.
He could still feel the lingering fear.

Damn it!

How did a match turn into a horror show?

No matter how tough a man was, he would still be fearful of such a chilly scene.
“Why did you kick my head?” Right then, the calm voice echoed once again.
This time, the voice sounded beside Kune’s ear.
Also, when he heard it, he felt a breath landing on his ear.
It felt a little cold.

Kune froze.
He turned his head slowly and


A head was on his shoulder, with blood dripping down its neck.
His eyes met the head’s cold gaze.

Kune felt his heart skipping a beat.
His head turned numb, and all the hairs on his body stood on end.
He wanted to curse, but the words were stuck in his throat.
He couldn’t say anything.


He raised his right hand and punched the head on his left shoulder.

Bang! Shennai Tongji’s head exploded once again.

This time, the red and white particles splattered on his face.

Kune was flabbergasted.
When did he become so strong? He just wanted to hit the head away.
Why did it explode?

He knew that if he smashed the head, he would dirty himself.
He wasn’t stupid!

However, the head exploded, and he still had intimate contact with him.

Smelling the strong stench of blood, Kune gulped.
He felt that he was going to vomit his food out.

Talented martial warriors like them had seen blood before, but this was the first time he had experienced and tasted a headshot right beside him.

It didn’t feel good.

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In the spectators’ stand, everyone felt a chill down their spines.
Then, they gave Kune a look of pity.

How tragic

If they were in his place, they wouldn’t be able to handle the gore either!

At this moment, most of the people noticed the problem.
Shennai Tongji didn’t die.
She was using a special method to fool everyone.

Kune, who was a participant in the match, got affected the most.
He couldn’t pull himself out of the illusion and was being led by his nose.

Yoke and the others frowned.
They wanted to remind Kune, but they couldn’t.
The event would lose its purpose if they did.

The high priest wouldn’t allow them to break the rules either.

Wang Teng chuckled.
“Kune will probably have a psychological trauma after this match.”

Everyone felt speechless when they heard his happy laughter.

This fellow was so narrow-minded!

He must have taken it to heart when Kune mocked him in the past.

In the arena, Shennai Tongji’s head appeared beside Kune once again.
It floated in mid-air while dripping blood.
It was like a spirit hovering around Kune, her cold voice resounding around him.

Kune was going crazy.
His eyes were bloodshot, and he aimlessly swung his battle mace around him.
He smashed Tongji’s head again and again.

He had mutated.
Black fur covered his entire body.
Muscles bulged out, and the aura around him was extremely frightening.

“Come out.
I know that everything is fake.
Come out!” Kune wasn’t an idiot.
He knew that he had walked into his opponent’s illusion trap.

But realizing it and deciphering it were different matters.

He couldn’t find where the real Shennai Tongji was.
Also, he was at the edge of breaking down after suffering all the pestering and stimulations.

Once he mutated, his physical ability was strengthened, but his mind became more easily affected.

The psychological trauma in him expanded without stopping.

“You noticed it.
Alright, I shall fulfill your wish.” Shennai Tongji’s figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

Kune was elated.
He grinned hideously and smashed his mace down furiously.


Shennai Tongji’s entire body exploded.
Fresh red blood splattered on Kune.

“Fake again.” He was stunned.
His pupils constricted, and blood capillaries seemed to have covered his entire eyeball.

A sadistic smile appeared on his face.
He had… lost his mind completely!

His confidence was destroyed!

As a brigadier general-stage martial warrior, it was almost impossible for his confidence to collapse.
But after he mutated, his mentality was getting impacted by the wild beast’s consciousness.
Hence, he collapsed after Tongji’s additional mental stimulation.


Kune bellowed in anger.
He started mutating again.
From his gaze, you could tell that he had lost his consciousness.
Only the ruthlessness of a wild beast was left.
More fur started growing and covered his entire body.
Even his face started changing.
He was becoming a… black bear!

Before this, he was 50% mutated.
Now, he was at 80% and above.

“This is bad!” Yoke’s expression changed.
He sprung up immediately.
“Kune is losing control,” Marsha said grimly.

“Damn it, that idiot.
How did that young lady from Country Neon force him to this stage? Did his mental training go down the drain?” Yoke cursed.
His face was black.

Marsha paid a silent tribute to Kune.
This martial warrior from Country Neon wasn’t easy to deal with.
If she met her, she might end up like Kune.

Unfortunately, Yoke didn’t want to listen to reason.
Kune couldn’t control himself so that was his fault.

“Shall we admit defeat?” Marsha asked,

Yoke’s expression kept changing.
In the end, he gritted his teeth and said, “Let’s wait.
We can use this chance to kill that martial warrior from Country Neon.
We will control Kune after that.”

“The risk is high.
If we act a little too late, Kune might never come back,” Marsha said, her expression changing slightly.

“We should never hesitate to sacrifice ourselves for our country,” Yoke said coldly.

Marsha’s expression changed.
She turned completely quiet.

At the same time, Kune’s change attracted the attention of all martial warriors.
They could tell that his condition wasn’t right, but they didn’t know how serious it was.

The high priest frowned and glanced in the White Eagle Nation’s direction.
Seeing that they didn’t admit defeat, he remained silent.

In the arena, Shennai Tongji appeared once again.
She was in one piece.
Her head was still pretty, and she wasn’t dripping blood.

She stared at Kune in a daze.
Her eyes were shining slightly.


Although Kune had lost his consciousness entirely, he still remembered this enemy.
He roared and pounced on Shennai Tongji.

Shennai Tongji disappeared on the spot.
Then… bzzzzz…

A buzzing sound was heard.

A swarm of bees suddenly appeared in the arena and engulfed Kune.

The situation in the arena changed instantly.
Kune covered his head and scurried away.
He was ferocious when he attacked but look at how timid he appeared now.

His clumsy act seemed a little funny.

Everyone: …

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