r one would just override the weaker one.

The earth Force and water Force helped him strengthen his foundation so that he could reach the next realm quickly.

Even if he didn’t participate in the matches, he could have a huge gain.
There were so many talents here.
Imagine how many bubbles he could pick.

The martial warriors from different countries came out one after another, but they were all ordinary.
They were strong but not eye-catching.

However, to Wang Teng, there was no difference.
They were all tools that dropped attribute bubbles for him.

Wood Force*450

Wood Fist Conscious*150

Spiritual Realm Spirit*120

Origin Of Life*3

Fire Force*520

Fire Fist Conscious*180

Water Force*360

Water Blade Conscious*95

It had to be said that the martial warriors present were indeed the top talents from the various countries.
Almost everyone had enlightened a certain conscious.
They were all different.
Some were weak while others were stronger.
Without any exception, though, they were all above the 4th level.

This made things easier for Wang Teng.
He picked up attribute bubbles until his hand went weak.
Even if he didn’t use his hand to pick them up, his spiritual power was getting numb too…

Wang Teng’s gaze shone brightly.
The enlightenment of the different fist consciouses flashed through his mind.
Gradually, he started frowning

This wasn’t right.
If he raised the fist consciouses individually, it would waste too much time.
It wasn’t a good deal for him.

It would save time and effort if he could gather them together.

Why don’t I create a five-element fist and merge the consciouses of the five different elements together? Wang Teng rubbed his chin.
The more he thought about it, the more intrigued he became.

The combination of the five elements would definitely give birth to an extraordinary battle technique.
Even more, it would have the different consciouses nourishing it.
Wang Teng felt enlightened.
His eyes lit up brightly before he closed them slowly.
The different thoughts in his mind gathered into a single one.

Dan Taixuan and the others immediately noticed his change as they felt a strange aura coming from Wang Teng.

“What happened to him?” Zhu Yushao asked curiously.

“This is… enlightenment!” Dan Taixuan exclaimed in astonishment.

“Enlightenment!” Ji Xiuming and the others were stunned for a moment.
Then, they stared at Wang Teng with wide eyes.

He could achieve enlightenment while watching a match.
Did he get some incredible takebacks from the matches of the martial warriors from the different countries?

How lucky was he!

Mind you, even as talents with extremely high intelligence, there weren’t many chances for them to achieve enlightenment.
After all, enlightenment didn’t rely solely on intelligence.
You needed a tinge of luck to stimulate the reaction.

To people like Ji Xiuming, they were considered lucky enough to be able to have one or two occurrences of enlightenment at their age.
Most people had no chance.

They didn’t know how amazing the feeling of enlightenment was.

Not just Ji Xiuming, even Dan Taixuan was envious of Wang Teng.

Enlightenment happened by chance.
Yet, Wang Teng was able to get it while eating and watching a match!

Who wouldn’t be jealous?

Honestly, was he the illegitimate child of Lady Luck?

“I wonder what he’s thinking right now?” Ji Xiuming looked at Wang Teng with envy.

“Wait and see.
Move away from him.
Don’t disturb him,” Dan Taixuan glanced at everyone before saying.

They were all sensible and gave Wang Teng some space.
No one would cause trouble at this moment.

To a martial warrior, disrupting one’s enlightenment was like cutting off their livelihood.
They would be arch enemies.

Even Ren Qingcang and Zhao Yuanwu, who didn’t like Wang Teng, didn’t dare to act recklessly.
Although they were jealous, if they did something as despicable as this, they would be looked down upon by everyone.

Time passed slowly as all kinds of thoughts ran through everyone’s mind.
Wang Teng suddenly opened his eyes.
There was a glamorous glint in them.
It seemed divine.

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