was handsome and had golden hair.
His gaze was indifferent.

“That’s true.
However, the real formidable warriors from the White Eagle Nation haven’t appeared yet,” Arnold said.

Gerald turned serious and nodded.

A lofty martial warrior that looked like a bear from Country Boar looked at Wang Teng and Fortes in the arena.
He laughed and said, “Are they playing a game?”

“Don’t mind them, Valeria.
Your opponents are not them,” a martial warrior of similar size looked at the lady beside him in admiration.

That was right, this bulky martial warrior was a lady.

Her limbs were thick, and she was taller than 2 meters.
Despite the bulging muscles on her body, she had an exquisite face like a barbie doll.

A King Kong barbie!

In Country Neon’s direction, a 1.5 meters tall lady was quietly watching the battle below with no expression on her face.

“Tongji, can you gauge his strength?” the man beside her asked.

“I can’t.
The man from Country Xia… is very mysterious.” A strange light glimmered in

Tongji’s eyes.
There were no fluctuations in her voice, though.
“Even you can’t tell anything?” the man muttered.

In the arena, Fortes was raging because he couldn’t hit Wang Teng no matter how hard he tried.
His eyes turned red, and he panted heavily.
He screamed, “Are you a monkey? Do you only know how to dodge? Come and fight with me head-on.”

Wang Teng suddenly stopped in his tracks and glared at Fortes.
“Take back your words.”

Fortes ignored him.
Instead, a tinge of delight flashed past his eyes.
Contempt appeared in his gaze as he dashed towards Wang Teng.


The two swords slashed through the air.
Fortes didn’t hold back at all.
Golden sword conscious exploded and submerged Wang Teng

Wang Teng stood in the same spot with a cold expression.
Suddenly, he raised his arm and grabbed the golden sword conscious.

Everyone was flabbergasted.

Was he looking for death?

He grabbed the sword conscious with his bare hands! Was there something wrong with his brain?

“He’s overestimating himself!” Dan Taixuan stood up immediately.
Her expression changed slightly.

Fortes smiled hideously.
He was mocking Wang Teng for overestimating himself.
Even a low-tier general-stage martial warrior didn’t dare to welcome his golden sword conscious with his hands.
Wang Teng was looking for death.


The next instant, Fortes widened his eyes in surprise.

Wang Teng had grabbed the golden sword glow successfully.
Then… he crumbled it with his hands.

He crumbled it!

Under everyone’s gaze, the golden sword conscious shattered inch by inch.
It was destroyed.

This scene was too stimulating.
It was hard to believe that someone could destroy sword conscious with their physical body.

Did Wang Teng train his physique especially? The martial warriors who didn’t place much attention on him stood up one after another and stared at Wang Teng with their eyes wide open.

Dan Taixuan let out a long sigh.
Her eyes were glistening.
She had underestimated Wang Teng

Even his physical body was so powerful?

In the arena, Wang Teng destroyed the golden sword conscious and raised his head.
With a gentle smile, he looked at Fortes.
“Young man, your sword conscious isn’t hard enough!”

“Damn it!” Fortes retreated instantly.
This scene had stimulated him greatly, and he felt a strong sense of danger from Wang Teng.

“Too naive.” Wang Teng shook his head and disappeared.

Fortes was dumbfounded.
He searched for Wang Teng’s figure around him.

“Behind you.” Right then, a calm voice sounded beside his ear.
It was inches away from him.

“Oh shit!” Fortes wanted to turn his head, but it was too late.


A dull sound was heard beside him.
Fortes felt a huge knock on his head and excruciating pain.
His vision went black.

Everyone looked into the arena.
A golden brick had suddenly appeared in Wang Teng’s hand, leaving them stunned.

Dan Taixuan covered her face…

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