Chapter 583 I’m Going To Act For God And Kill Him!

7 pm, in the hotel.

Everyone dispersed after having their dinner.
Wang Teng stood up, stretched his back, and sighed in satisfaction.

He had to admit that the cuisine made by the Force chef here was unique and tasty in its own way.
Since they were able to become Force chefs, they had their talents.

However, the weakest member in Wang Teng’s team was at the 9-star soldier level.
Hence, the effects of ordinary Force dishes were very limited.
They would have been greater if a Force chef master personally created dishes for them using high-class ingredients.

Mount Saint wouldn’t arrange a Force chef master to serve them specifically, though.

Although Wang Teng was a Force chef master, this was his first time having Mount Saint cuisine, so he wasn’t picky.
He stood up and walked out of the hotel.

“Wang Teng, where are you going?” Dan Taixuan frowned and asked.

“Strolling around.” Wang Teng waved his hand without turning his back and walked out of the hotel.

“This fellow!” Dan Taixuan was extremely frustrated.

During the exchange, no one had any thoughts of playing.
Only this heartless fellow didn’t take the global exchange event to heart.
He continued playing and eating as he should.
Others might think that he was using the country’s money to go on a holiday.

Ren Qingcang, Ji Xiuming, and the others felt a little envious when they saw Wang Teng leaving.
After a round of battle today, they didn’t have any energy left to play.
On the other hand, Wang Teng sat on the spectators’ stand the entire day and didn’t move a single finger.

Everyone felt a little exasperated when they thought about this.
They started to feel unhappy.

“Ignore him.
Have a good rest and prepare for tomorrow’s event.” Dan Taixuan felt helpless.
She consoled the other students and chased them back to rest.

Force Chef*20

Force Chef*15 Force Chef*38

Wang Teng walked along the street and used his spiritual kinesis to pick up the Force chef attributes scattered around him.
As the attribute bubbles merged into his body, the methods of cooking Mount Saint dishes floated into his mind.

Force Chef: 1368/3000 (master)

Wang Teng nodded in satisfaction.
As an outstanding and all-rounded youth, he mustn’t give up his cooking skills.
As the saying went, to secure the heart of a woman, one must secure her appetite first.

Wang Teng felt that with his cooking skill, he could probably… get the hearts and appetites of many ladies.

He touched his chin and suddenly thought of something.
Wouldn’t it be impressive if he was able to grasp the recipes of all the different cuisines in the world?

At that time, which lady would be able to resist his delicious food?

Oh my god, oh my god…

Alright, it’s decided.
I will be an all-rounded epicurean!

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Wang Teng had never been so resolute.

After leaving the food street, Wang Teng hid his figure and merged into the darkness like a dark spirit.
He sneaked into the museum.

Hello, I’m back again!

Wang Teng repeated the same steps and took the crystal skull out from the display while hiding it from everyone.
He carried it as he collected attributes from it.

This image was unbearable.

Imperial Realm Enlightenment*2

Imperial Realm Spirit*1

Imperial Realm Spirit*3

Imperial Realm Enlightenment*1

As he collected attributes, he seeped his spiritual power into the crystal skull and used it to nourish his spiritual power.

Two effects simultaneously.
The results were amazing!

This feels good

Other people could use the crystal skull to nourish their spiritual power, but no one had discovered this method.
They didn’t have the luck.

Wang Teng was delighted.
He collected attributes the entire night and only left the museum unwillingly when he felt that it was almost time.

Enlightenment: 166/3000 (Imperial Realm)

Spirit: 194/3000 (Imperial Realm)

His Enlightenment rose by 31 points and his Spirit by 36 points.
The most important thing was, both attributes were at the Imperial Realm.

During normal times, it was extremely difficult for him to raise his Imperial Realm Spirit and Enlightenment.
The crystal skull was like a portable battery for him.

Wang Teng’s desire to get the crystal skull got stronger.
He must get it.
They were wasting it by putting it on display.
Why not just give it to him?

The next day, everyone gathered in the ancient colosseum again.

It was early in the morning, so there was a faint morning mist hovering in the mountains.
It covered the sky, and the sculptures and buildings on the peak appeared more holy in the ambiance.

Wang Teng stood at the edge of the colosseum and looked towards the peak.
After a while, he retracted his gaze and sat down.

The atmosphere between the various nations had gotten tenser.
Competitiveness floated lightly in the air above the colosseum.

A figure floated down from the peak.
It was the high priest who was dressed in a white gown.
He glanced around him and said calmly, “Everyone, we will not be drawing lots today.
You are free to challenge any opponent.”

never been used before.
Everyone was shocked when the high priest suddenly changed the rules.

“High priest, why did you suddenly change the method?” Yoke from White Eagle Nation frowned and asked.

“This is a decision jointly made by the leaders of the Holy Temple.
I didn’t make the decision.
If you have any questions, you can challenge the 12 zodiac palaces and lodge your appeal.
Or you can leave this exchange event,” the high priest said indifferently.

This was a decision made by the Holy Temple!

Although everyone was astounded, they didn’t say anything

There might be some changes to the duels because of the freedom of choice.
For instance, the rules of the past wouldn’t work now.
However, the decision was finalized, so no one had anything to say.

“If there are no questions, the duels will start now.” The high priest floated to the edge of the colosseum after he finished speaking and waited for the martial warriors from the various nations to enter the arena.

All the nations turned quiet as they stared at one another.
No one wanted to be the first


Wang Teng was bored.
He took out a table from his space ring and placed some fruits and snacks on it.
Then, he sat there and ate his food happily.

He was so bored when watching the matches yesterday, so he had a sudden idea while touring the streets last night.
He bought some food, and look, they were put to use today.

He admired his cleverness.
Wang Teng silently gave himself many thumbs up.

Dan Taixuan and the others were stunned by his actions, staring at him in a daze.
They didn’t know what to say.

The martial warriors from the other countries felt their jaws almost dropping to the ground.
They stared at Wang Teng with a weird expression.

Was there something wrong with his brain?

Didn’t he know what occasion this was?

A tinge of bewilderment appeared on the high priest’s calm face.
He felt that his frame of mind, which he had cultivated for many years, was being stepped on by this young man from Country Xia.

He must be a devil!

F**k, let me act for God and kill him!

The high priest took a deep breath before he managed to calm his emotions.
He chased away the rashness in his heart and resumed the nobility and indifference of a high priest.

At this moment, someone from the White Eagle Nation walked out and came to the center of the colosseum.
He pointed at Wang Teng and shouted angrily, “I, Fortes, want to challenge you.
Do you dare to accept the challenge?”

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