Chapter 582 Gene Martial Warrior

Origin Of Life*1

Wang Teng was just picking up the bubbles out of habit.
He wasn’t expecting any good attributes from these two soldier-stage martial warriors.

But the truth was… No, the system gave him a tight slap in the face!

Yet he loved it.
He wished that the system could give him more slaps like this.

The Origin Of Life was a new attribute.
As for its uses… he could guess from the name, but he wasn’t sure.

Wang Teng’s gaze shimmered.
As the Origin Of Life merged into his body, he felt as if his entire body was floating.
There was a comfortable sensation coming from the depth of his spirit.

He almost couldn’t control himself and moaned in delight.
Fortunately, he reined himself in with his strong willpower.
If not, this would become a dark history he could never erase.

Wang Teng felt a little fearful and wiped his cold sweat secretly.
Damn it, this attribute is irritating!

“What’s wrong with you?” Zhu Yushao noticed his weird expression and asked involuntarily.

“I’m fine.
I just think that the strange appearance of the martial warrior from the White Eagle Nation is quite funny.” Wang Teng came up with a random excuse.

“Neither human nor beast.” Dan Taixuan snorted.

Wang Teng could sense that Dan Taixuan didn’t like the mutation.
He heaved a sigh of relief when he noticed that no one was suspecting him.

At this moment, Wang Teng finally understood what the Origin Of Life was.
Similar to his guess, it was an attribute that could replenish one’s life!

This was heaven-defying!

To think that such a powerful attribute was dropped.
If he continued collecting Origin Of Life attributes, he could extend his life.
Did this mean that he didn’t have to be scared of dying?

Pfft, he wasn’t scared of death.
He just wanted a stable life!

Honestly, it was unbelievable that this incredible attribute was dropped during the battle between the martial warriors from the White Eagle Nation and the Large Eagle Nation.

But what was the reason?

Could it be…

Wang Teng looked at the White Eagle Nation martial warrior below in contemplation.

Because of the sudden mutation, the martial warrior from the Large Eagle Nation was at a disadvantage.
Everyone thought that the battle had ended, but the martial warrior from the White Eagle Nation suddenly dashed forward and raised his arm, smashing it down on the head of the martial warrior from the Large Eagle Nation.

“I admit-” The martial warrior from the Large Eagle Nation was flabbergasted.
He wanted to admit defeat, but it was too late.


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The martial warrior from the Large Eagle Nation was violently punched into the ground.
Fresh blood spurted everywhere, and he died instantly.

The entire arena was silent.
Everyone was shocked by the ruthlessness of the martial warrior from the White Eagle Nation.

Who would have thought that he would suddenly launch a killing move? This was just a competition.
Wasn’t the martial warrior from White Eagle Nation afraid of intensifying the conflict between the two nations?

In the past, everyone still maintained harmony on the surface.
This would never happen unless the situation was uncontrollable.

Was the White Eagle Nation crazy?

“Atrocious!” The martial warrior leading the Large Eagle Nation was infuriated.
He dashed into the arena and grabbed the martial warrior from the White Eagle Nation.


At this moment, the leader of the White Eagle Nation, Yoke, appeared in front of him, and they exchanged a blow.

Tap, tap, tap! The two of them retreated multiple steps and glared at each other.

The martial warrior from the Large Eagle Nation looked at his companion who was lying motionless on the ground.
His face was grim as he said angrily, “Yoke, this is too much.”

“Hmph.” A hint of frustration flashed past Yoke’s eyes.
It was barely noticeable, though.
He snorted and said, “Arnold, you’re not a newbie anymore.
Don’t you know that there’s always risk in a duel? You can’t blame anyone.”

“He had already admitted defeat,” Arnold glared at Yoke and said.

“He hadn’t.
Why didn’t he say it earllier?” Yoke wasn’t afraid of making the situation worse.
He refused to admit that they were wrong.

“You…” Arnold trembled in anger.
He turned and shouted, “High priest, what do you say?”

The high priest hesitated for a moment before saying, “The martial warrior from the Large Eagle Nation hadn’t admitted defeat, but the martial warrior from the White Eagle Nation still killed him even though he was about to do so.
He violated the rules of this exchange event.
He will be banned from participating in future matches.”

“I accept this sentence,” Yoke said immediately.

Arnold had to swallow his frustrations.
The high priest wasn’t helping either side, but rules were rules.
He had nothing to say.

“Leave.” Yoke glared at the mutated martial warrior and walked towards the spectators’ stand.

The martial warrior had regained his human form.
His face was pale, and the wild beast aura around him had disappeared.
He followed Yoke obediently.

Arnold was furious.
He glared at the two martial warriors before taking the corpse of his companion and returning to the spectators’ stand.
The second match was between Country Neon and Country Bat.

The duels resumed.

In the spectators’ stand, Wang Teng glanced in the direction of the White Eagle Nation and said, “Is there something wrong with the mutated martial warrior? He probably killed his opponent because he couldn’t control his


Ji Xiuming, Mu Zhiguo, and many others were shocked by his statement.
They hadn’t noticed anything earlier.
After all, when the martial warrior from the White Eagle Nation mutated, he looked clear-minded.
He didn’t seem to have lost his cool.

“Yes.” Dan Taixuan nodded and explained, “The White Eagle Nation has always been studying gene martial warriors.” “Gene martial warrior!” Ji Xiuming and the others were astounded.

This was unexpected.
To think that the White Eagle Nation had succeeded in their research.

“It looks like their study of gene martial warriors is very in-depth, but there are still some flaws,” Wang Teng said thoughtfully.

“That situation occurs when the martial warrior’s consciousness is overtaken by the wild beast’s consciousness,” Dan Taixuan said.
“Be careful if you meet an opponent from the White Eagle Nation.”

“Yes.” Everyone was surprised.
They nodded fervently.

They had witnessed the battle clearly just now.
After the martial warrior from the White Eagle Nation mutated, his ability surpassed his stage.
This was enough for them to stay vigilant.

“But after this first case, the high priest will raise his vigilance and not allow accidents to happen to the other martial warriors.
If not, the exchange event will lose its purpose,” Dan Taixuan continued.
She glanced at the White Eagle Nation and sneered.
“Also, I don’t think White Eagle Nation dares to be too atrocious.
It won’t be able to bear the anger of all the nations.”

“Do gene martial warriors possess a lethal flaw?” Wang Teng touched his chin and asked.

“Oh, why do you say so?” Dan Taixuan asked without giving a reply.
“It’s just a guess.
Look at the mutated martial warrior.
He seemed exhausted as though he had fought 300 rounds with a female demon,” Wang Teng said.

Everyone was speechless.

What do you mean by fighting 300 rounds with a female demon?

What kind of analogy is this?

What was going through his mind? Why couldn’t he think of something less strange? “Human language please.” Dan Taixuan rolled her eyes at him.

“Cough, I mean there’s a problem with them,” Wang Teng coughed awkwardly and replied.

Everyone regained their composure and observed the warrior.
They realized that Wang Teng was right.
The mutated martial warrior seemed exceptionally exhausted.
He was a little weak.

“Gene defect.” Dan Taixuan suddenly smiled as she glanced at everyone.

They all looked towards Dan Taixuan involuntarily.

Astonishment appeared in Wang Teng’s eyes.
This seemed to be the reason draining the other party’s life.
“Will the gene defect affect his lifespan?” Wang Teng asked.

“I think so.
I only know that the first batch of gene martial warriors didn’t live long,” Dan Taixuan replied.

Wang Teng nodded and stopped asking further questions.
This was enough.
Without a doubt, the Origin Of Life was an attribute dropped by the gene martial warrior.

Wang Teng’s eyes shimmered.
Were all of the White Eagle Nation’s martial warriors gene martial warriors? If that was true, it would be a blast for him…

The martial warriors from the White Eagle Nation suddenly shuddered.
They felt an evil aura surging towards them.

Yoke glanced around him curiously.

At his moment, the battle between Country Bat and Country Neon had reached an intense stage.
The winner would emerge very soon.
It was Country Neon.

This result was surprising.

Country Neon wasn’t big and had limited resources.
Hence, they didn’t have many talented martial warriors.
It was unexpected that they won their first match.

The martial warriors from Country Neon cheered happily as if they had achieved a great feat.

Many people shook their heads.
Some martial warriors from other countries even looked at them with contempt.
They looked down on the martial warriors from Country Neon.

Wang Teng picked up the attribute bubbles in the arena.

Wood Force*135

Metal Force*110

Wood Force*85

Next was the third match.

Country Xia versus Country Raf!

A tall and lofty man from Country Raf walked out and entered the arena.
Ren Qingcang stood up too.

Wang Teng glanced at the man.
He had reached the 9-star soldier level, so Ren Qingcang should be able to handle it.
He didn’t stop him.

Ren Qingcang walked into the arena and stood opposite his opponent.
The match started instantly.


Their Forces exploded and collided with each other.
Although the martial warrior from Country Raf seemed tall and muscular, his speed was astonishing.
It was unexpected.

However, Ren Qingcang wasn’t an easy opponent to deal with.
As a lightning-element martial warrior, his first move attracted everyone’s attention.

“Lightning Force!” Everyone was shocked.

“Country Xia breeds talents.
This saying is correct,” Yoke said in an eerie tone, his gaze turning sharp.

“So? He’s just at the 9-star soldier level,” Fortes said.

“What do you know? He might not be able to make it this year, but what about the next? His stage is in the future,” Yoke replied.

A cold glint flashed past Fortes’s eyes.
“Shall we get rid of him?”

“Let’s wait and see.
This isn’t a convenient place to act.” Yoke hesitated.

The match grew more and more intense.
WIthin a minute, the battle came to an end.

Ren Qingcang’s ability was solid.
He had mastered his Leiting Physique, so his body was extremely strong.
Lightning flashed around him and struck Country Raf’s martial warrior furiously.

The martial warrior from Country Raf flew back.
When he was in mid-air, Ren Qingcang appeared above him and kicked him viciously.


The martial warrior from Country Raf slammed on the ground with a loud bang.
He curled into a ball and spurted blood out from his mouth, losing his consciousness immediately.

Country Xia won this match!

The martial warriors from the other nations were dumbfounded.
They looked at Ren Qingcang with different emotions.
No one knew what they were thinking.

Ren Qingcang returned to the spectators’ stand and glanced at Wang Teng.
Then, he sat down on his seat without saying a word.

Wang Teng understood that gaze.
This fellow was showing off his strength.
He didn’t care, though.
Although Ren Qingcang was targeting him, he didn’t take it to heart.
Ren Qingcang had lost to him.
No matter how much he tried, he wouldn’t be able to cause any trouble.
Wang Teng was already ahead of him.
There was no reason for him to look back.

If Ren Qingcang decided to pull some tricks, Wang Teng didn’t mind crushing him to death.

But this fellow was a lightning attribute powerbank.
He had dropped many lightning attributes, and this was a good thing for Wang Teng

Lightning Force*60

Lightning Force*35

Leiting Physique*12

The match continued.
Martial warriors from all countries stepped out, and the battles were heated.

After a round of probing, all the martial warriors below brigadier general-stage had fought a round.
There were both loses and wins.

Country Xia’s path was exceptionally smooth.
All the students won their opponent.
No one lost.

The martial warriors from other countries had grim expressions.
The young generation of martial warriors from Country Xia was exceptional.
All of them were the cream of the crop.

Many people also noticed that Wang Teng hadn’t made his move.

Wang Teng looked the same age as Ji Xiuming and the other students.
However, he was sitting calmly in the spectators’ stand and watching the matches.
Could this young man be above the brigadier general stage?

The White Eagle Nation was paying attention to Country Xia all this while.
They placed high importance on the martial warriors who hadn’t acted.
After all, the students in front had already executed great strength.
How weak could the other people be?

Fortes, Kune, and the martial warriors who interacted with Wang Teng had a deep impression of him, especially his domineering aura when he talked back to Fortes.
They didn’t dare to underestimate him.

“I think you’re thinking too highly of him.
No matter how strong they are, they won’t be stronger than us,” Fortes said angrily.

“They can be arrogant because they haven’t met us.
We’ll show them our moves at that time.” Kune smiled hideously.
“Be humble.
Those martial warrios aren’t easy to deal with.” Marsha chuckled.

“Marsha, do you like that little guy? Why are you speaking up for him?” Kune looked at Marsha and scoffed.

“Kune!” Fortes’s face darkened.

“Everyone, keep quiet!” Yoke glared at them.
“Don’t underestimate the martial warriors from Country Xia when you meet them.
Don’t use your gene mutation unless necessary either.”

“Brother Yoke, we spent so much effort to obtain our gene ability.
Why can’t we use them?” Kune was unwilling to listen.
“The gene ability isn’t perfect yet.
You saw what happened before.
During a real battle, you might not be able to control the wild beast’s consciousness,” Yoke reminded them gravely.

“Hmph, he’s too weak.
His willpower isn’t strong enough.
We’re different.
Our willpower has passed many tests.
We’re much stronger than him,” Fortes said.

“That’s right, we’re different.
We can control our gene ability.
Don’t worry about us,” Kune said.

“You… Forget it, you can do what you want.
Don’t blame me for not warning you if something goes south.” Yoke snorted and left.

The matches for today had ended.
They would return to the little town to rest, and the event would continue tomorrow.

Fortes and Kune didn’t take Yoke’s words seriously.

On the other hand, Marsha stared thoughtfully at Yoke’s back view.
There was a strange glint in her eyes.
No one knew what she was thinking…

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