Chapter 580 Take Her Down To Bring Glory To Our Nation!

Everyone’s attention was attracted by the appearance of the high priest.

When Wang Teng turned his head, his pupils constricted.
12-star general-stage!

This high priest was a 12-star general-stage formidable warrior! “Silence!”

The high priest stopped on the stone stairs.
His expression was indifferent as if he were a member of the clergy with no desires.
Scanning the crowd below, his calm voice spread throughout the location.

The surroundings turned quiet instantly.
Everyone looked towards the high priest.

“Everyone, please follow me up the mountain,” the high priest continued speaking after everyone quietened down.

He turned around and walked up the stairs.
The crowd exchanged glances with one another before following him.

“Let’s go.” Yoke scoffed.
He led the young martial warriors up the stairs.

Foster and Kune glared at Wang Teng viciously.
The duel hadn’t started, so they mustn’t lose in the aura.
Then, they hurried after Yoke.

The curly-haired lady, Marsha, turned and looked at Wang Teng.
She winked at him lovingly.

Wang Teng: …

“Your luck with ladies is not bad!” Parick patted Wang Teng’s shoulder and sniggered.
“As an experienced man, that lady might be flirtatious, but she’s still a virgin.”

Wang Teng: …

So, what did that have to do with him?

“Do you feel good?” Dan Taixuan looked at him and also took a jab.

“What are you saying? I have no feelings towards this kind of bad lady,” Wang Teng noticed Dan Taixuan’s dangerous gaze, so he kept a stern face and replied to her in a righteous tone.

“Do you think I’ll believe you?” Dan Taixuan snorted.
She turned and went up the stairs.
“Let’s go!”

“Your luck with ladies is indeed not bad!” Zhu Yushao patted Wang Teng’s shoulder while controlling her laughter.

When Ji Xiuming went past him, he suddenly stopped and said with a calm face, “Wish you good luck.”

“Take her down and bring glory to our nation,” Luo Cheng maintained a serious expression as he spoke.

Mu Zhiguo nodded.
He seemed to agree with Luo Cheng

Wang Teng: …???

To hell with bringing glory to the nation!

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You call this bringing glory to the nation? Where is your dignity?

Wang Teng was speechless.
He didn’t think that these two quiet young men, Luo Cheng and Mu Zhiguo, would also tease him.
They might seem shy, but they surely weren’t!

Furious, Wang Teng followed everyone up the stairs and up the mountain.

“How tall is Mount Saint? Why do we still need to climb?” he asked as he walked.

“No one knows how tall it is,” Parick answered.

“Is it because of the runes? Someone used the power of runes to expand this mountain,” Wang Teng asked again.

“You saw it?” Parick was shocked.

“Was it that difficult?” Wang Teng glanced at him.

Parick felt that Wang Teng was acting arrogant, but he didn’t have the evidence to support his claim.

However, he had the feeling that Wang Teng was exceptional.
This fellow wasn’t frightened when facing the talented martial warriors from White Eagle Nation.
He could even suppress them.

He also displayed his mastery of runes.
This wasn’t something a normal martial warrior could do.

As they spoke, they came to a platform surrounded by clouds.

Wang Teng stepped on the ground and glanced around him.
The entire mountain ridge was snow-white, but there wasn’t any snow accumulated on the ground.
There were only light clouds and mist floating in the air.

When these clouds dispersed, an ancient building appeared in everyone’s vision.
The walls were old and broken, and large stones were lying around them.
Some broken statues could be seen collapsed or half-damaged.

Wang Teng was stunned.
This place looked extremely dilapidated.

“There was a huge battle here, so many things were damaged.
However, many generations of leaders of Mount Saint kept these structures to serve as a warning to their descendants,” Parick explained.

“A huge battle?” Wang Teng looked at him curiously.

“This happened a long time ago.
I’m not sure about it either.”

“Why did he bring us here?”

“Look over there.” Parick pointed in front.

Wang Teng followed his finger.
Amidst the clouds, he saw the faint outline of a large colosseum with broken rocks and pillars.

“That will be the venue of your duels,” Parick said.

“I didn’t think that I would come back to this place,” Dan Taixuan glanced around her and lamented.

She raised her head and looked at the sky.
Memories floated into her mind.

Wang Teng followed her gaze, and his pupils constricted.
Further up the mountain path, he could see many ancient buildings built alongside the stairs.
They winded up the mountain like a snake.

These buildings were very simple.
They were typical vertical column structures.

Large white marble pillars with indentations stood erected, supporting the dome.
It gave people a solemn and magnificent feeling.

Every building was different, and each of them had its uniqueness.
Some were square, some were circular…

If you counted the buildings, you would discover that there were 12 of them in total.

Right at the peak of the mountain behind these structures, there was a huge sculpture of a goddess.

There was a battle cloak draped over the sculpture.
The goddess wore a crown and held a strange half-moon-shaped weapon in her hand.
In her other hand, she was clutching a shield and staring into the horizon.
She looked extraordinary!

Behind here, there was an exceptionally majestic and large building.
It was erected on three layers of stone steps.
The jade giant pillars, luminous colored columns, artistically chiseled roofs, and carved artwork on the walls formed this grand and spectacular building.

Wang Teng was astounded.
He didn’t think that there would be such an amazing building on Mount Saint.

These sculptures, these buildings, Mount Saint lived up to its name!

The other people noticed the magical scene ahead too.
Many people gasped in amazement to express their astonishment.

Parick smiled proudly when he saw their reaction.
Most people would give a similar expression when they saw the Holy Temple for the first time.
He was used to it.

“That is the Holy Temple!” he said to Wang


“The Holy Temple!” Wang Teng mumbled to himself.
He asked curiously, “What’s inside?”

“The greatest secret of Mount Saint is kept inside.
At the same time, all the leaders of Mount Saint live there.
The high priest, the sage, and… the goddess,” Parick said with respect and admiration.

Wang Teng was stunned.
There was much information in his answer.

The high priest was already a 12-star general-stage martial warrior, so what about the sage and the goddess? Were they stronger?

He wondered how many people there were inside.

“What about the 12 buildings?” Wang Teng asked again.

“Those are the 12 zodiac palaces and are the 12 temple guardians.
12 powerful holy knights reside in the temples.
If anyone wants to enter the Holy Temple, they must defeat the holy knights first,” Parick explained.

“Holy knights? How strong are they?” Wang Teng asked.

“They’re at least low-tier general-stage and above.
The higher you go, the stronger they are.” Parick didn’t hide the details.
This was widely known to everyone.

However, only a few people knew the real abilities of these holy knights.

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