Chapter 570 Only A Small Improvement!

Wang Teng was startled when he heard the loud noises above!


The queen ant had created an avalanche.
Wasn’t she afraid of getting buried by it?

Wang Teng immediately soared into the air.
It wouldn’t be fun if he was buried alive.
However, the queen ant would never let him off so easily.
The airwaves became more and more violent as they rippled out.


Ice and snow were rolling down, and the ice sheets swept down above his head.

The worse thing was that the ice and snow seem to be targetting Wang Teng.
The ice and snow didn’t go anywhere and slammed towards the top of his head.

Wang Teng’s face turned dark.
He didn’t expect the ant queen to deal him a blow like this.

It didn’t make a sound and immediately used its ultimate move.
It was more crafty than he was… Bah, other people were the crafty ones, not him.

Wang Teng lowered his head and looked at the queen ant.
It stared back at him as well.


Wang Teng sneered.
The Emerald Glazed Flame burst out and surrounded his body.

The ice and snow seemed to be under the queen ant’s control as they condensed into a huge icicle, with icy cold light flashing at its tip.

Wang Teng saw that, and his spiritual power gushed out.
Using the control techniques of a divine spirit master, he condensed the Emerald Glazed Flames into one place.


A majestic and powerful emerald dragon emerged from the flames.
The compact scales on its body seemed real.

“Go!” Wang Teng shouted coldly.
The emerald dragon rose into the sky, facing the horrifying avalanche.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

The power of the flames surged, melting the ice and snow.
The icicle was instantly melted as a path was opened up in the middle of the avalanche.

When the surrounding ice and snow fell, Wang Teng was unharmed as he stood in the middle of the sky.
His hair and clothes were flapping in the wind.

He looked down and realized that the ice ants had been completely buried.
However, with his Spiritual Sight, he could still see that they were alive.

Ice and snow couldn’t do any damage to them.

“I see.
An avalanche can not only stop and kill me but also cover their tracks for them to escape.” Wang Teng’s eyes flashed as he snickered, “A lord-level star beast is not that stupid after all.
Unfortunately, you have made the wrong move.”

As Wang Teng stood in midair, the Emerald Glazed Flame condensed into a flame spear, locking onto the traces of the ice ants.

He then waved his hand, and countless flame spears shot straight down.
Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

There were sounds of air crackling as the flame spears cut through the sky and pierced the thick layers of ice, nailing the ants down onto the ground below.

After exterminating all of the ants, Wang Teng collected the attribute bubbles that they had dropped.

Ice Force*320

Blank Attribute*130

Ice Force*170

Blank Attribute*89

Advanced Stage Ice Talent*38

Ice Force*250

Blank Attribute*140

Finally, Wang Teng’s gaze locked onto the queen ant.
Its bloated body landed on the ground, unable to move at all.
Besides, after using the avalanche once, it seemed like within a short period of time, it couldn’t use the same move again.

Wang Teng also noticed this abnormality.
He looked at the queen ant like it was a lamb about to be slaughtered.
His expression suddenly became weird.

Is this queen ant really so weak?

Just one hit?

This queen ant was probably the weakest lord-level star beast in history!

If the queen ant knew what Wang Teng was thinking, it would probably vomit blood in frustration.
Ordinary martial warriors couldn’t even get close to her.
The swarms of ice ants were enough for the intruders to get more than what they had bargained for.

The strength of the ice ants was in their number!

These ice ants were all offspring of the ant queen.
It was strong because of its terrifying reproductive ability.
Giving birth to large numbers of powerful ice ants to serve itself was its most powerful means!

But there was nothing else to say since it had encountered Wang Teng, the bug.

It wasn’t weak, just that its opponent was too strong!

Wang Teng shook his head and dealt with the poor ant queen mercilessly.
A large number of attribute bubbles appeared above the snow.

Ice Force*1430

Ice Force*1380

Blank Attribute*1600

Advanced Stage Ice Talent*420


Emperor Realm Spirit*380

Wang Teng was a little surprised.
The queen ant had dropped quite a lot of attribute bubbles!

It even dropped Emperor Realm Spirit attribute bubbles!

Wang Teng was in a bit of disbelief.
The queen ant’s spiritual power had actually reached the Emperor Realm!

It was rare for an ordinary human runemaster to reach the Emperor Realm.
This queen ant was gifted…

He then looked at his Force attributes again.

This time, he had obtained 2810 points of ice Force from the ant queen.
Adding the ones he got by killing the other ice ants, it was an extremely huge amount.

Now, Wang Teng’s ice Force had already reached the 8-star soldier level, and he wasn’t far away from reaching the 9-star soldier level.

Ice Force: 5950/7000 (8-star)

“A thousand more points to go,” Wang Teng said to himself as he felt a bit unfortunate.

Besides that, there were a full 420 points of advanced-stage ice talent!

The low-tier lord-level ice ants had raised his advanced-stage ice talent by a lot.
With these 420 points, Wang Teng’s advanced-stage ice talent finally upgraded.

Ultimate Stage Ice Talent: 30/5000

Wang Teng felt that the essence of his body had undergone some mysterious changes.
His body became extremely sensitive to ice Force.
As he looked at the snow in front of him, tiny dots of ice Force gathered towards his body.

At this moment, he seemed to have transformed into a prince of snow!

Next was the 1600 points of blank attributes.
The number of blank attributes that he had collected by sweeping the ice ants’ nest was in the thousands, making his total tally reach five figures.

Blank Attribute: 10500

Wang Teng’s eyes flashed, and he looked at the last attribute bubble.

The queen ant’s skill— Avalanche!

He didn’t expect that there would be a skill amongst these attribute bubbles.

Wang Teng couldn’t help but wonder what this virtual reality really was? One could argue that the existence of Force and blank attributes in virtual reality was because the star beasts were made using Force here.
However, these skills were the innate abilities of star beasts.
They were already rare in the real world, let alone in this virtual reality.

This virtual reality was even more mysterious than he had imagined!

Wang Teng couldn’t understand, so he didn’t dwell on it.
He shook his head and calmed down.

As the attribute bubble was absorbed into his body, the relevant details of the skill appeared in his mind.

“No wonder the queen ant’s spiritual power had reached the Emperor Realm!” Wang Teng muttered to himself.

This skill needed spiritual power.
It utilized a special way to create shocks and combined it with the ice talent to control ice and snow, creating an avalanche!

The Avalanche was not a weak skill among the other ice element battle techniques.
The reason it didn’t hurt Wang Teng was that he had contained it.

However, in Wang Teng’s hands, Avalanche was different.
After all, his spiritual power had reached the Imperial Realm, and the power of his Avalanche would definitely increase multiple times.

Of course, there were limitations.
The skill was best used in snowy mountains like the one here.
In other places, it would need huge amounts of ice Force to create the ice.
Also, it would not have that same impact and momentum from falling from a high area, resulting in a lower effect.

In summary, it was a good skill, but it needed the right time and place!

This meant nothing much to Wang Teng.
One more skill meant one more method for him.
It was always good to have more skills!

Wang Teng nodded in satisfaction.
He suddenly realized that this virtual reality was tailor-made for him.
It was too friendly to him!

He didn’t know what kind of changes would happen to virtual reality if he could connect it to the Skynet.
What could he gain from it?

With this thought in mind, Wang Teng continued to search the snow-capped mountains.
If he could find another nest of ice ants… that would be great!

Unfortunately, he could only fantasize about it.

Perhaps this nest of ants was the overlord of this snow mountain, and there were no other similar species here.

Wang Teng had no choice but to take a step back and see if he could find other ice star beasts.
If his ice Force could reach the 9-star soldier level before he left virtual reality, it would be a huge gain for him.

With less than three hours left, Wang Teng scoured through the snow mountain and almost turned it over.

In the end, he managed to find two or three kittens.
They weren’t lord-level, but they were at least 7-star to 9-star, and they provided him with many ice Force attributes.

Wang Teng’s ice Force had finally broken through and reached the 9-star soldier level!

Ice Force: 135/9000 (9-star)

He was extremely satisfied with his gains this time around.
However, he had wasted a lot of time, and it was too late to rush back to the city now.

As soon as it was time, a spot of light appeared in his mind again.

“I’m going back!”

Wang Teng didn’t have the time to react before the spot of light sucked him in.
His body disappeared from the snow mountain.
When he regained his senses, he was already back to reality.

Opening the door of the virtual chamber, he sat up, turned his head, and saw that Dan Taixuan had just walked out of the virtual chamber.

“You didn’t return to the city?” Dan Taixuan frowned when she saw him.

“Hahaha, it was a bit too far away.
It was too late to go back.” Wang Teng remembered her advice and scratched his head in embarrassment.

“Looks like you had too much fun killing star beasts,” Dan Taixuan glanced at him and said.

“… You got it.” Wang Teng was a little awkward.
She didn’t have to expose him.

“How was it?” Dan Taixuan couldn’t help but ask him when she saw him like this.

“It was okay.
My strength did improve a little.” Wang Teng thought about it and didn’t feel that there was anything wrong.
Improving his ice Force from the 7-star soldier level to the 9-star soldier level was a small improvement for him for his current strength!

“In such a short period of time, you actually improved,” Dan Taixuan said in surprise.

“I’m just lucky.” Wang Teng laughed.
“…” Dan Taixuan didn’t know what to say anymore.

Many people entered virtual reality to fight, mainly to improve their strength.
However, it took a lot of time.


But this was the first time that Wang Teng had entered virtual reality, and within ten hours, he actually managed to improve.
He made it hard for people to live.

Was that what you call a monster?

Even with Dan Taixuan’s talents, she was hit hard.

If she knew what exactly the small improvement was, her reaction wouldn’t be this small.
She would be in hysteria.

Dan Taixuan shook her head and didn’t say anything on the topic.
She reminded, “Whenever you leave virtual reality, even if you don’t return to the city, you should find a safe place to stay.
Otherwise, the next time you enter, you might face a star beast and get killed immediately.
Your spirit will take a hit.
Someone encountered that situation before, and it took him a long time to recover.”

Wang Teng realized what Dan Taixuan meant when she kept reminding him to return to the city.
That was the reason.

Virtual reality was really too advanced.
The secrets that it contained could only be unearthed by humans after a long period of exploration.

However, for a newbie like him, he still needed to listen to the seniors’ advice.
Otherwise, he would have to suffer losses from his inexperience.

I’ll take note of it next time.” Wang Teng nodded solemnly.
“Are you coming tomorrow?”

Dan Taixuan’s expression softened when she saw Wang Teng taking her advice.
“Of course.
I came all the way down to Capital Xia.
How could I pass up such an opportunity? Fighting star beasts, in reality, would take up too much time, even more so if we are injured.
Whereas for virtual reality, as long as we don’t get killed, even heavy injuries wouldn’t have any great impact on our real bodies.
At most, we would only get a little weak.
We can recover after a while.”

“Let’s come back tomorrow.” Wang Teng nodded.
After agreeing to meet again, they each went back to rest.

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