Chapter 566 Does This Human Likes To Get Tortured?

“1000 contribution points!”

Wang Teng was stunned.
1000 contribution points for ten hours was a lot.

He looked at his personal wristwatch.

Given his current status, the wristwatch was no longer the one from Jixin Martial House but the one given by the military.
It had better functions and was one of the top rune equipment on Earth.

There was a record of Wang Teng’s contribution points in it, and there were… 56,000 points!

Wang Teng was astonished again when he saw his contribution points.

It was quite a substantial number.
If he didn’t make so many contributions, he wouldn’t have been able to obtain so many points.

That was fine.
Now, he had enough contribution points for him to squander for a while.

He made his choice immediately.


The cabin door in front of him opened slowly.

“Please enter the virtual chamber, wear the sensor helmet, and connect to the virtual reality!” The ethereal voice sounded again.

Wang Teng scanned the interior of the virtual cabin.
He smiled, entering the cabin according to the instructions while wearing the helmet.

“Connecting to the virtual reality.
Please concentrate your spirit…”

Wang Teng closed his eyes and concentrated his spirit.

Suddenly, there was a glimpse of light in his sea of consciousness, and his spirit was instantly sucked into it.
The next moment, Wang Teng felt his eyes getting blinded by the bright, dazzling light.

However, his spiritual perception was still intact.
Imperial Realm Spirit was not something ordinary people could match up to.

The spiritual power gradually extended, surprising Wang Teng.
He realized that the surroundings seemed real.
Every area that the spiritual power passed through felt real.
It was completely different from what he had experienced in the virtual combat chamber.

He opened his eyes and looked around.

There was a seemingly quiet street, lined with high-rise steel buildings on its sides, whose metal surfaces reflected dazzling light.

“How is it?” Dan Taixuan’s voice could be heard from the side.

“This… is virtual reality!” Wang Teng cried out in astonishment.

If he hadn’t known in advance where this place was, he would have almost thought that he was in the real world.

“Not bad.
Do you feel that the thousand contribution points were well spent?” Dan Taixuan smiled.

“Just based on this sense of reality, it wasn’t a waste.” Wang Teng was speechless and nodded.
With a slight frown, he asked curiously, “Is this virtual reality a product of our research?”

“You think too much.
With our current technology, we would need at least hundreds of years to create something like this,” Dan Taixuan answered.

“Then where did this come from?” A thought flashed through Wang Teng’s mind, and he probed.
“Is this alien technology?”

“Oh, you guessed it.” Dan Taixuan glanced at him in surprise.
She walked towards him while nodding.
“Go out first.
We’ll talk while walking.

“When the aliens landed on Earth, the spacecraft they were riding in was mostly destroyed.
However, some of the technologies and equipment survived the crash, and this virtual reality cabin was one of them.”

“Spacecraft!” Wang Teng was attracted by the content of Dan Taixuan’s words, and his eyes were shining brightly as he asked curiously, “What kind?”

“After we get out, I’ll bring you to see it.
With our authority, we can enter that place.”

Wang Teng nodded and didn’t ask anymore.
Filled with emotions, he said, “Looks like the aliens’ technology is much more advanced than ours.”

“That’s right.
Which is why all the countries are worried, or even… terrified!” Dan Taixuan frowned.
“The universe is too vast, and Earth is just a drop of water in the ocean.
It might be just a planet in the corner that has life, but no one knows what it is like outside of the solar system.

“Now that aliens with scales all over their bodies have appeared, it is very likely that other lifeforms also exist.
They are stronger than us, and their technology is more advanced than ours.
Earth is as fragile as a newborn child!

“Everyone is worried.
If the aliens target the Earth one day and descend onto Earth, what will happen?”

Wang Teng’s expression became serious.
It was obvious.
If that day arrived, there would be drastic changes to Earth.

If the nest fell, the eggs would be broken!

Earth was home to all human beings, and aliens were outsiders.
Those who were not their kin were sure to be of a different heart!

This sentence was not unfounded.

The weak would eventually be stepped on, and no one would treat someone well for no good


Now, Earth was too weak!

“Judging from the current situation, these aliens have not discovered Earth’s existence,” Wang Teng said.

“The universe is too big, and it’s normal not to find us for the time being.” Dan Taixuan nodded.
“Maybe the aliens that we captured were just too unlucky and strayed onto Earth and that everything was just an accident.”

“Is it possible for them to have sent a signal before they crashed?” Wang Teng wasn’t as optimistic and thought of a possibility in his mind.

“We can’t rule it out, but we can’t do anything about it, can we?” Dan Taixuan said helplessly.
“All we can do now is to improve ourselves, to deal with the powerful enemy who may come at any time.”

“Hmmm- This world is getting more and more interesting!” Wang Teng took a deep breath and smiled.

“You’re still able to laugh?” Dan Taixuan rolled her eyes.
Even with her calm and composed disposition, she felt burdened.
However, Wang Teng could still laugh about it.
Even she felt that his brain was wired differently from ordinary people.

Did he have a screw loose? Or an extra screw in his head?

Wang Teng suddenly realized that Dan Taixuan’s gaze was a little strange.
“Are you thinking about something bad again?”

“No.” Dan Taixuan immediately denied and reacted, “Why the word ‘again’? What do you think of me?”

“You will have to ask yourself that.” Wang Teng shrugged.

As they talked, they turned at the crossroads and came to another street where some figures appeared.

There were all kinds of stores.
Some people had opened stores in virtual reality! “Are you surprised?” Dan Taixuan laughed.
“What’s the point of opening a store in the virtual world?” Wang Teng couldn’t help but ask.

“Only items that are produced in the virtual reality can be used here.
If you don’t believe me, take a look at your wristwatch,” Dan Taixuan explained.

Wang Teng lowered his head and fiddled with it.
As expected, the wristwatch became a display item that could not be used at all.
Only its time was still ticking.

“Now you know why.” Dan Taixuan smiled.
“This virtual reality is very wide.
Although they are no other races here, there are countless star beasts.
Training here would greatly improve you.
Fighting here would require weapons, and the materials come from virtual reality… It’s a bit complicated to describe.
Anyway, a self-contained trading system is formed here.”

Wang Teng had a thought in his mind.
“Wait, why are there only star beasts and not other races? Also, are the buildings here created by us, or were they originally here, to begin


“Looks like you discovered where the problem lies.” Dan Taixuan was surprised by Wang Teng’s subtlety.
“Some people suspect that we are missing a piece of technology.” “Missing a piece of technology?” Wang Teng seemed to have grasped it, but he couldn’t figure it out.
It felt extremely uncomfortable, as though something was scratching his heart.

“Have you watched science fantasy movies? Do you know what’s Skynet?” Dan Taixuan asked.

“Are you saying…” A sharp glint appeared in his eyes.
He looked at Dan Taixuan in astonishment.

“We only have these virtual reality cabins.
Some people guessed that this is just an empty shell, so the virtual reality we are entering is the most basic one.
If we can connect to the alien’s Skynet, something unexpected might appear,” Dan Taixuan said slowly.

“Skynet!” Wang Teng muttered to himself.

“Skynet is just the name we give it.
We don’t know what it is,” Dan Taixuan continued.
“But we know that it’s more advanced than our internet.”

“It’s hard to believe!” Wang Teng gave a bitter smile.

“What’s so hard about it? The writers of science fantasy movies have done the thinking for us.
No one had seen it in the past, so we find it too far-fetched.
But now, do you still think it doesn’t exist?” Dan Taixuan asked.

“Maybe.” Wang Teng didn’t give a definite answer.

“Let’s go outside the city and kill some star beasts to get a feel of it.” Dan Taixuan was about to rise into the air when she stopped suddenly.
“Do you want to buy some weapons? I have enough virtual coins to buy a weapon.”

“It’s alright.
I can kill star beasts without weapons.” Wang Teng shook his head.

Dan Taixuan remained quiet.
She flew into the air and rushed out of the city.

Wang Teng tapped the ground and turned into a ray of light.
He disappeared on the spot.

The two of them flew out of the city.
No one stopped them at the city gates.

This city was empty.
Only a few humans were living inside because virtual reality hadn’t been popularized.
The numbers weren’t enough to start the operations of the city.

Dan Taixuan and Wang Teng entered a mountain and started hunting.
At their level, they wouldn’t feel anything if their prey’s level was too low.
It wouldn’t give them any experience.

They searched for some time before they discovered a huge ice python sleeping beside an ice lake.

“You wanted to kill ice element star beasts, right? There’s one ice element python right here for you to practice,” Dan Taixuan whispered.
She was hiding on a large tree with Wang Teng and looking at the ice python lying on the ice lake.

Wang Teng wondered if Dan Taixuan purposely found this ice element star beast for him because she knew that he wanted to hunt for ice element star beasts.

He glanced at Dan Taixuan secretly and noticed that her expression didn’t change.
She seemed to have discovered this ice python coincidently instead of searching for it specifically.

Hmph, I’m thinking too much.
Wang Teng mocked himself.
His gaze turned sharp as he looked at the large python.

Its huge body circled the lake, protecting the lake in its arms.
Ice blue scales covered its body, and it was giving off a chilling aura.
There were two sharp horns on its head, with a ball of faint ice mist floating above them.


This was Wang Teng’s first thought.

Then, he sensed that this python was different from the other pythons on Earth.
They weren’t the same breed.

The animals on Earth might have mutated, but they still possessed their original traits.
However, the traits this star beast had were a little different in essence.

It was just like two different human races.

The next moment, he moved.

His body vanished, appearing above the giant blue python’s forehead.
He clenched his fists and smashed it down like a cannon.


An explosion resounded.
The frightening fist pressure squeezed the air around it, and a huge outline of an ape king materialized.

This was a serious punch.

From his Spiritual Sight, this ice python was a low-tier lord-level star beast.
Hence, Wang Teng didn’t hold back his strength.

The giant python woke up with a start.
It raised its head and hissed into the sky.
When it saw Wang Teng’s attack landing on its body, a humane emotion flashed past its cold and vertical pupils.
Then, it smashed into Wang Teng without evading.

A thick layer of ice congregated on its horns, forming an arc and looking extremely sturdy.

This was a real iron head!

All of this happened within a few breaths.
Wang Teng’s fist landed on the ice blue giant python’s head.


Both sides paused for a split second.

The giant python gave a look of contempt.
It seemed to be mocking the human for overestimating himself.

This is it?


Right then, lines started to appear on the layer of ice on the giant python’s head.
The cracks spread outwards.

The giant python was astounded.


Suddenly, the ice layer shattered entirely, and Wang Teng’s fist smashed down with overwhelming force.

The giant python’s body was thrown out.
It smashed onto the ground and rolled a few times violently.

The python was stunned by the fist.

Some distance away, Dan Taixuan’s jaw almost dropped.
Why was this fellow so strong?

He slammed a lord-level star beast on the ground with a single punch.

Wang Teng was stunned too as he looked at the attribute bubbles that had suddenly appeared on the ground.
He rubbed his eyes in disbelief.


There were attribute bubbles in the virtual world?

He was honestly shocked.
What kind of world is this? This doesn’t make sense!

He picked up the attribute bubbles anxiously.

Ice Force*130

Ice Force*99

Blank Attribute*58

He confirmed the changes in his attributes panel before he believed that he could pick up attributes bubbles in the virtual world.

Virtual reality wouldn’t be more advanced than the system.
They wouldn’t be able to clone another system out, right?

That was impossible.

Wang Teng was extremely confident in his system.

That meant that there were some special circumstances in this virtual world.
No matter what, this was a good thing.

He was looking for a way to raise his ice Force, and here it came.
Even heaven was helping him!

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He looked at the giant python as if it was an ice baby.

The ice blue giant python shook its head.
Its puzzling gaze turned cold again, and it stared at the human in front with killing intent.

“That’s right, this is the gaze.
Come and kill me! Go all out and kill me! Come!” Wang Teng shouted excitedly.

The ice blue giant python: Does this human likes to get tortured?

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