Chapter 559 That Person Wants To See You

After leaving the Lin family, Wang Teng went back to the Wang family’s base.

Li Xiumei wasn’t angry that he didn’t eat lunch at home.
On the other hand, she was elated.
He didn’t hide his whereabouts, so she knew that he was at Lin Chuhan’s.

“Son, all the best!” Li Xiumei gave him a meaningful gaze and walked away

Wang Teng shook his head.
Since last year, Li Xiumei had been urging him to get married earlier.
When he didn’t have a girlfriend, she would rush him to find one.
Now that he had one, she might hurry him to get married and have children.

He would just pretend to listen and agree.
He didn’t plan to get married so early or become an emotionless child creator.

These adults were atrocious!

Hmph, he would wait until he reached the highest level before having a child.

Wang Teng raised his head and puffed up his chest.
He walked into the house and started cultivating

Governor Jiang finally came for him again.
Of course, it was regarding the same matter.
When they met, the other members of the Wang family were present too.

After serving tea, Wang Teng asked Governor Jiang to have some first.
Then, he smiled and said, “Governor Jiang, if you had come a few days later, I might have gone to the Xingwu Continent.
How is it? Do you have an answer


Governor Jiang tensed up.
He cursed Wang Teng for being too sly.
He didn’t know if his words were true, but since he needed Wang Teng’s help, he couldn’t disregard him.
If he really ran away, all he could do was cry.

He glanced at Wang Teng and said calmly, “I can represent the higher authorities to accept your freehold criteria.”

The other members of the Wang family were elated.
If the higher authorities agreed on giving them freehold land, it was equivalent to bestowing it to them.
With this foundation, it was hard for the Wang family not to prosper.
“But…” Governor Jiang scanned everyone’s expression and noticed Wang Teng’s calm face.
He raised his eyebrows uncontrollably.
This fellow was good at keeping his composure.
“But what? Governor Jiang, you can be direct.
Cooperation is built on trust.
There’s no point for you to keep beating around the bush to find our bottom line,” Wang Teng replied calmly.

Grandpa Wang and the others regained their composure and turned serious.
They scolded themselves for getting blinded by this huge surprise.
“Based on current city planning for the new Donghai, we will simplify the regional division and segregate the city into nine sections, three sections in the center, three in the inner circle, and three in the outer circle.
According to the higher authorities, your family can have a limit of 50 square kilometers of freehold land, but it can’t be all in the center.
You can only have a total of 10 square kilometers in the center.
Of course, this will depend on how much funds you have,” Governor Jiang said slowly.

The calm emotions of the Wang family were ignited once again.
The entire Donghai was more than 600 square kilometers.
In the past, 50 square kilometers was the size of a small administrative district.
The higher authorities were so generous! But in the end, it was still up to Wang Teng.
Everyone’s gaze landed on him.
They were stunned.

Wang Teng was still calm.
There were no emotions in his eyes.

The Wang family smiled bitterly.
Strength decided your horizon.
At Wang Teng’s level, he wasn’t looking at this small Donghai anymore.
No wonder he could treat it so calmly.

Governor Jiang noticed this too and was a little shocked.
He gave up his thought of trying to play dumb.
This fellow wasn’t easy to fool.
He was afraid that he would come up empty-handed if he continued with his tricks.
That wouldn’t be worth it.

Wang Teng took a sip of the tea and smiled slowly.
“That’s not enough.
I want 80 square kilometers of land, with 20 in the center region.”

The Wang family gasped.
They were astounded by Wang Teng’s words.

He asked for 30 more square kilometers! Wang Teng was indeed daring.
If it was them, they wouldn’t dare to do this.

“That’s impossible!” Governor Jiang’s expression changed.
He shook his head fervently and said, “This is daylight robbery.
It’s already an exception for us to give you freehold land, but you still want to bargain for more!”

“That’s not right.
You’re the one asking me to buy.
I don’t have to buy anything,” Wang Teng replied calmly.
Governor Jiang had nothing to say.
He felt extremely frustrated.
The one asking for help was always at a disadvantage.
He was the governor of a city, yet he couldn’t do anything to this young lad.
Who could he complain to? “Alright!” He looked at Wang Teng’s expression and knew that he had to take a step back.
He sighed in his heart and continued, “80 is impossible.
65 is the limit with 15 in the city.
Nothing more than that.”

“Deal!” Wang Teng’s expression changed, and he stretched out his hand with a smile.

Governor Jiang felt that he got fooled.
Was his calm expression fake? Why did he agree so readily? This young fellow was a cunning one.
He should have pushed down the numbers more, but it was too late now.
He couldn’t take back his words.

“Do you even have enough money?” Governor Jiang retorted, not raising his hand.

“You don’t have to worry about that.
Just give me the right to use the land based on how much I have,” Wang Teng said.
“Also, we should sign the contract as soon as possible.
I’ll let the Wang family be in charge of this in the future.”

Governor Jiang was exasperated.
He didn’t want to talk to Wang Teng anymore and took out the contract.
The area of freehold land he promised was written on it.
He pushed it in front of Wang Teng and said, “Sign it.”

Wang Teng took the contract.
After giving it a quick scan, he signed his name without any hesitation.

There were two copies of the contract, one for each party.
Governor Jiang kept the one for him and said, “Prepare the money quickly.
I’m in a rush to use it.”

Wang Teng nodded.
He asked, “Will the government buy gems and Force stones?”

“As many as you have,” Governor Jiang glanced at him and said confidently.
“Let’s go.
I need to convert what I have into cash.
If not, I don’t have the money,” Wang Teng said.
“Go where? Do you think Donghai has money to give you now? If you want to get cash, go to other cities.
If you need a large sum, I suggest you head to Capital Xia.
They can give you everything at once,” Governor Jiang said.

“You’re right.
I’ll go to Capital Xia then,” Wang Teng contemplated and replied.

“Take care of this yourself.
I just want to see money as soon as possible.”  Governor Jiang paused for a moment before adding, “Recently, there’s news that the one from Capital Xia wants to see you.
Prepare yourself.”

“The one from Capital Xia wants to see me?!” Wang Teng was dumbstruck.
This piece of news was a mega bomb.
Even he found it unbelievable.
He asked, “Why does he want to see me?”

“How will I know?” Governor Jiang left after throwing this sentence down.
The Wang family was shaken as they stared at Wang Teng speechlessly.
This piece of news astounded them too.

It wasn’t hard to guess what that person was.

Wang Teng had already reached that level.
This was unbelievable.

“If that person really calls for you, you have to be vigilant.
Don’t say the wrong things,” Grandpa Wang reminded him with a forced smile.

Wang Teng didn’t know what to say.

Did they think that he was that kind of person?

He glanced around him.
Everyone had the same expression.
He felt that his mature and prudent image had crumbled.

Wang Teng wasn’t certain if this piece of news was real, but when Dan Taixuan brought it to him again, he had to believe it.

“Follow me to Capital Xia tomorrow.
The leader of martial arts wants to see you,” Dan Taixuan said.

“He really wants to see me? Why?” Wang Teng asked.

“I don’t know.” Dan Taixuan shook her head.
“It’s not a bad thing.
Do you think someone with that position will harm you?”

“You might have caught his attention because of your outstanding performance this time.
It’s not strange that he wanted to meet you.”

Wang Teng nodded.
He kept quiet.

“I’ve brought all the spiritual herbs you need.
Let’s make the healing medicine for Old Han first.” Dan Taixuan changed the topic.


The two of them went straight to the furnace room in Huanghai Military Academy.

The dan faculty was Cui Heng’s territory.
Hence, when they arrived, he was alerted.
“Principal, Wang Teng, why are you here?” Cui Heng hurried up and asked.

“Old Cui, prepare a furnace room.
Wang Teng is going to make Old Han’s medicine,” Dan Taixuan said directly.

Recently, many alchemists had gathered in Donghai to make dans for the martial warriors who got hurt during the sea beasts’ riot.

The constructions in Donghai were mostly destroyed, but some of the buildings in martial arts universities were standing because their defensive ability was a bit better.

However, there was a limited number of furnace rooms, and the alchemists from all over the nation were occupying them.

“Didn’t everyone who saw Old Han say there’s no way to treat him?” Cui Heng was stunned.
He exclaimed, “Wait, did you say that Wang Teng is going to make medicine?”

He looked at Wang Teng curiously.

“Wang Teng has already reached the master level,” Dan Taixuan glanced at Wang Teng and said.

“Master level?!” Cui Heng staggered, laughing awkwardly in disbelief.
“Principal, are you joking with me?”

“I’m not.
He said that he’s at the master level unless he lied to me.” Dan Taixuan gave an unconcerned look.

Wang Teng was speechless, staring at her in frustration.

“Wang Teng, this isn’t a joke.
I know that your alchemy talent isn’t bad, but…” Although Cui Heng didn’t say it explicitly, he obviously didn’t believe that Wang Teng was a master alchemist.

This was too hard to believe!

He knew from Situ Yun that Wang Teng’s rune mastery was very high.
It had reached the master level.
But this made it harder for him to believe that Wang Teng’s alchemy mastery had reached a similar level.

No human could be so talented!

“Head Cui, you have to let me try before you can know,” Wang Teng smiled and said nonchalantly.

“Why don’t you understand?” Cui Heng was agitated.

Wang Teng was famous and young.
Many people admired him, but many were jealous too.

In the past, many master alchemists had already seen Old Han’s injury and opined that it couldn’t be cured.
If Wang Teng came out and said that he could treat it, he was indirectly saying that they were all useless.

It was alright if he treated Old Han.
He could shut people’s mouths with that.
However, if he failed, those envious people would use it against him and say that he was too full of himself.

Wang Teng saw through his thoughts and said.
“Head Cui, don’t worry.
I’m confident.”

“Oh, did you say you’re confident that you can treat Old Han?” A voice was heard suddenly.

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