Chapter 55: Demon Lotus Poison Body

Wang Teng suddenly remembered that in his past life, he had heard about Lin Chuhan’s paralyzed father.
Unexpectedly, in this lifetime, her situation was still the same.

But, in this lifetime, Lin Chuhan’s father was a martial warrior and became paralyzed because of other people’s plots.

“Oh right, what about your father’s teammates? Don’t they know the situation in your family?” asked Wang Teng.

“In the past, they helped us a lot.
However, most of their time is spent in Xingwu Continent.
Sometimes, they might not be able to come back for a few months.
This time, they are already away for half a year.”

“Half a month ago, my younger sister’s illness suddenly flared up.
My mom had no choice.
With other people’s recommendation, she could only borrow money from those people to pay for my sister’s treatment fees,” Lin Chuhan said.

“You still have a younger sister? What illness does she have?” Wang Teng realized that he knew nothing about Lin Chuhan’s family.

“I always had a younger sister.
You just don’t know about her.
Her illness… sigh, it will be good if we could know what illness it is.
That way, we won’t be at a loss of what to do.” Lin Chuhan sighed.

As she spoke, she brought Wang Teng to the door of another room and knocked.
“Chuxia, I brought a friend over.
Can I come in?”

“Come~ in~”

A young lady’s faint voice came from the room.
The way she spoke was very strange.
She spoke a word for word, but there was no break in between the words.
She seemed a little feeble and lifeless.

If one suddenly heard this voice in the middle of the night in the dark, they would probably pee in their pants.

Wang Teng felt goosebumps appearing on his skin.

Lin Chuhan gave a dry laugh.
“Please don’t mind her.
My sister has always been like this.”

She pushed the door open—


The wooden door gave a shrill screech due to the friction on the hinges.
The room was dark.
The curtain was closed tightly, and no ounce of light was able to enter the room.

Wang Teng scanned the room.
There was no human in sight at all.


He saw a sea of… bubbles!

What is this?

Wang Teng was dumbfounded in an instant.

Attribute bubbles filled up the entire room.
They were on the ground, the table, the chair, the bed, in front of the cupboard…

They were everywhere.
The room was densely populated with big and small bubbles.

Wang Teng swallowed his saliva.
He couldn’t wait to enter the room.

“Don’t!” Lin Chuhan stopped him in a hurry.
Then, she reminded him, “I think you better follow behind me.
Remember not to get too close later.”

“Why?” Wang Teng was puzzled.

“I’ll tell you later,” said Lin Chuhan in a low voice.

Then, she entered the room first and spoke to a corner between the legs of the bed and the wall.
“Chuxia, Sis is coming in.”

Wang Teng followed her gaze and finally saw a young lady hugging her knees in a blind spot at the corner of the bed.
Her head was buried between her knees.
She had long black hair, flowing straight down smoothly—

The hair was long, black, and straight!

He looked at Lin Chuhan.
Yes, they looked the same!

Then, his focus turned to the attribute bubbles scattered around him.
He was already full of anticipation.

What kind of attribute bubbles are these?

This was the first time he saw a normal person dropping so many attribute bubbles.
Even more, these bubbles had dropped naturally.
This was very abnormal!

Could it be related to Chuhan’s younger sister’s strange illness?

Wang Teng guessed secretly.
Then, he lightly touched the bubbles beside him—

He picked them up!

Poison Force*2

Poison Force*1

Demon Lotus Poison Body*1

Instantly, Wang Teng felt something changing in his body.
He sensed a strange, rare Force in this world.

Poison Force!

This kind of force actually existed? Wang Teng was dumbfounded.

After that, the poison Force entered Wang Teng’s body.
He had never practiced any poison Force skill scriptures before, so the poison Force instantly exploded and started running helter-skelter in his body.

Damn it! Wang Teng was astounded.

If someone observed the skin on his body and his face, they would notice that there was a layer of purple-red color in them.

He looked as though he got poisoned.

However, the occult energy immediately pacified the poison Force and congregated all of it in the Force nucleus.
It soon formed an equilibrium with the other three Forces in the nucleus.

The strange color on his skin subsided within a second like the waves of the sea.

“What’s wrong with you?” Lin Chuhan turned her head and asked.

“Oh, I’m fine.” Wang Teng regained his composure and smiled.

At the same time, the young lady squatting in the corner seemed to have sensed something.
She raised her head and curiously looked at Wang Teng.

Wang Teng’s heart jumped a little when he saw the young lady’s appearance.

The frame of her face was very similar to Lin Chuhan’s.
She should be a pretty lady too.
However, there were purple-red poison spots on both sides of her cheeks.
They covered more than half of her face.

The poison spots were rough and bumpy.
They looked extremely disgusting.
They destroyed all the beauty on the face and even made it hideous and terrifying.
It was hard to look at her face for long.

Wang Teng stared into the eyes of the young lady.
His heart skipped a beat, but he didn’t feel any loathing towards her.

He just felt that the young lady was very pitiful.
She was at the prime of her life, but she could only hide in the darkness of her room.
She couldn’t live like a normal person.

She didn’t even dare to take a single step out of her house.
Wang Teng could imagine how much hate and jeers she must have received in the past.

This should be the strange illness Lin Chuhan was talking about.

Demon lotus poison body!

This must be a very rare physique.
If it wasn’t, Lin Chuhan’s father would have found a cure a long time ago since he was a martial warrior.
They wouldn’t be at a loss even until now.

If the martial warriors couldn’t find a solution for this kind of physique, the current medical industry wouldn’t be able to find a cure either.

The martial arts era and the technology era were two different systems.
Before the martial arts era started, this physique had never appeared.

Therefore, there were no successful cases of treatment in the medical industry.

The solution might only be found in the Xingwu Continent.

“Sister~ who is he?” The young lady sized up Wang Teng again.
However, the feeling she had just now had disappeared.
A hint of disappointment flashed in her eyes.

“His name is Wang Teng.
He’s my friend.” Lin Chuhan squatted down in front of the young lady, but she didn’t get too close to her.
There was at least one meter distance between them.

Wang Teng kind of understood why Lin Chuhan didn’t allow him to get close to her younger sister.

Right now, he could feel poison Force continuously surging out of the young lady’s body.
The air around her was saturated with poison Force.

If an ordinary person got too close, they would definitely get affected.
If the interaction was too long, they would be poisoned.
In severe cases, they might die immediately.

This was how horrifying the demon lotus poison body was!

“Is he my brother-in-law~” the young lady suddenly asked Lin Chuhan.


“Brother-in-law!” Lin Chuhan was dumbstruck.
Her entire face turned red within a split second.
“Stupid girl, what are you saying! He’s not your brother-in-law.”

Wang Teng almost burst out laughing.
This young lady was such a good assist!

“Oh~” The young lady tilted her head and gave an ambiguous response.
There were no emotional changes on her face.

Lin Chuhan felt helpless.
She got up and said to Wang Teng, “This is my younger sister, Lin Chuxia.
Don’t mind what she said.”

“Why are you so nervous?” Wang Teng made fun of her.

“I’m not nervous!” Lin Chuhan got nervous because of his stare.

Wang Teng smiled.
Then, he stepped past Lin Chuhan and walked towards Lin Chuxia.

“Don’t go over!” Lin Chuhan wanted to stop him quickly.

“It’s fine!”

Wang Teng waved his hand.
Before Lin Chuhan could block him, he had already squatted down in front of Lin Chuxia.
He lifted his hand.

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