Chapter 557 Dead End Of The Formidable Warrior

After Governor Jiang left, Wang Teng told Grandpa Wang and his father about the offer.

“Governor Jiang said that?” Wang Shengguo asked in disbelief.

“Yes.” Wang Teng nodded.
“It looks like the government didn’t give many funds this time.
If not, he wouldn’t keep pestering you.” Wang Shengguo frowned.

“Yes, that is understandable.
The implications of the sea beasts’ riot are huge.
We can foresee the entire nation moving.
That will require many human resources and material resources, all of which require a large amount of money to support them.
The government won’t be able to take care of everything, so Donghai’s situation will rely heavily on Governor Jiang alone,” Grandpa Wang sat on his chair and spoke slowly as he drank some tea.

“There must be many star cores and star bones in the corpses of the sea beasts.
They can get a sum of money by selling these items.
I’m already doing my part by not touching them,” Wang Teng said.
Grandpa Wang and his father glanced at him with weird expressions.
If others had said this, they would believe them.
But when Wang Teng said it, they felt that he was a little sly.

The three lord-level sea beasts were the biggest catch of the day.
He took them, but he still had the face to say these words? What a bad person.

“Tell me honestly how many treasures did you snatch?” Wang Shengguo asked uncontrollably.

He felt helpless too.
Although his son was outstanding, he had many tricks up his sleeve.
Why didn’t he realize that he was a money lover in the past? He wondered who he took after.

“Not much.” Wang Teng sniggered.
“How much is not much?” Wang Shengguo rolled his eyes.

“I haven’t calculated the exact value, but it should be a few thousand trillion,” Wang Teng roughly counted his treasures and replied.

“How much did you say?!” Wang Shengguo widened his eyes in disbelief.
He wondered if he had heard wrong.

Grandpa Wang almost pulled his beard, staring at Wang Teng in a daze.
The other members of the Wang family around them had the same expression.
They looked as though they had seen a ghost.
A few thousand trillion!


“I didn’t calculate it, so it’s approximately… this much.” Wang Teng said carefully.
He didn’t dare to say the number again in case everyone got another fright.

Especially Grandpa Wang.
He was getting old.
If he ended up in the hospital from the shock, he would be a sinner.

“A few thousand trillions?” Wang Shengguo was unwilling to accept this ambiguous answer, so he asked again.

“About there! About there!” Wang Teng replied.

Everyone knew that he didn’t make a mistake since he was still certain of what he said.
They looked at one another and saw only astonishment in their eyes.

“This… is too much!” Wang Shengguo took a deep breath and gave a bitter smile.
“Let me digest this.
My heart isn’t able to handle it.”

“So, our family is the richest family in the nation?” Grandpa Wang felt as if this was a dream.
He was old and experienced and always composed no matter what happened, but he was still shocked out of his wits at this moment.

The top companies in the world were worth a few trillion, but the Wang family had left them in the dust in an instant.
How could he not be astounded?

Even if the Leader of martial arts came, he would be dumbfounded too.

“Erm, we might not be the richest family.
There are several secret families in the world.
They might be living in seclusion, but their assets are worth over a few thousand trillion.” Wang Teng shook his head.

He didn’t get arrogant.
The more powerful he became, the greater his outlook was.

“That’s right.
This is the martial arts era.
There are many things outside our expectations.” Grandpa Wang smiled at himself mockingly.

“Are you going to fork out the money?” Wang Shengguo asked.

“I’ll definitely give the money.
In the past, I’ve said that we might be helping Governor Jiang solve his problem, but simultaneously, this is our chance.
However, we need to see what benefits he can provide us.
I want to gain connections with the higher authorities using this chance and create a dan, weapons, and rune vessels industrial chain for the Wang family.
We need Governor Jiang’s support if we want to do this,” Wang Teng said slowly.
A sharp glint flashed past his eyes.

“Also, Donghai’s geographical location is strategic.
It’s linked to all the ports in the nation and is the hub of communication of the country.
This is a resource distribution center.
Without the sea beasts’ riot, we wouldn’t have been able to get hold of the land here so easily.”

Wang Teng paused for a moment and looked at everyone digesting his words.
He smiled and continued, “Many families and companies are moving out of Donghai, while some others are still contemplating.
They’re playing the waiting game.
Once this period is over and they grasp the situation, many real business giants will enter Donghai.

“At that time, our advantage will be gone.
Why don’t we be more decisive now and strike first? The first one to act will have the largest piece of cake.”

Everyone finally understood what Wang Teng wanted to do.
Astonishment filled up their eyes.

They didn’t know that Wang Teng’s ambition was this huge.
Grandpa Wang and Wang Shenghong were experienced businessmen, so they understood Wann Teng’s intention at once.

With Donghai as their base, he wanted to create a business empire that would influence the entire nation!

Wang Shengguo, Wang Shenghong, and many others could foresee the amazing future.
They started to get excited.

Grandpa Wang looked at Wang Teng in satisfaction.
Although his grandson was a little too outstanding, he was still his grandson.
Hence, it was a good thing.
He said, “Since you have a plan, do it.
The entire family will help you.”

Wang Shenghong, Wang Shengguo, Wang Shengjun, and Fang Junming were the backbone of the Wang family.
They all felt restless and excited now.
They looked at Wang Teng with an intense gaze, hoping that he would agree to Governor Jiang immediately and give them a chance to display their capabilities.

Wang Teng was caught between laughter and tears.
All these were just words.
It would take a long time if they wanted to execute it.
He didn’t expect Grandpa Wang to be so excited.

“Don’t be impatient.
What will come will come.
If Governor Jiang wants to get a large sum of funds, I’m the best choice.
The other families might be wealthy, but they won’t be able to provide so many liquid assets immediately,” Wang Teng smiled confidently.

Grandpa Wang nodded.
After pondering for a moment, he knew that Wang Teng was speaking the truth.
This was quite certain.

After they finished discussing, they planned to leave.
At this moment, Dan Taixuan came.

Wang Teng was surprised.
“I wonder why she came to look for me now?”

“Don’t make her wait too long,” Grandpa Wang urged.

“Okay.” Wang Teng nodded and left.

Seeing Dan Taixuan, who was standing not far away, Wang Teng greeted her instantly, “Master.”

“Come with me.
Someone wants to see you,” Dan Taixuan said after she turned and nodded at him.

“See me? Who?” Wang Teng asked curiously.

“You’ll know once you go.” Dan Taixuan rose into the air.

Wang Teng shook his head and followed her.

The two of them came to Huanghai Military Academy in the blink of an eye.
They went straight to the instructor dormitory.

He was extremely familiar with Huanghai Military Academy, but Dan Taixuan brought him to a place he had never been to before.

This was a simple and crude wood house situated in the depth of the instructor dormitory.
There were trees all around covering the wooden house.
It was secluded and quiet.

“This place is?” Wang Teng looked at Dan Taixuan curiously.

Dan Taixuan didn’t reply to him.
She brought him to the door and knocked on it lightly.

“Cough… come in!” After a cough, a familiar voice came out.

“Old Han!” Wang Teng remembered the voice.
He finally knew who Dan Taixuan brought him to visit.

Speaking about it, this was a boss-level character.
He held back the Windstorm Giant Ape alone during the sea beasts’ riot.
He might have lost in the end, but he was injured, to begin with.
If he wasn’t, he might have won.

Wang Teng listened to his coughing and frowned uncontrollably.
This old man’s injury seemed quite serious!

Dan Taixuan pushed the door and enter.

Wang Teng entered the wooden house after her.
The interior was a little dim.
He scanned the surroundings and felt a little dumbfounded.

This house was too simple and crude.
Besides some simple furniture and appliances, there was nothing.
It was hard to believe that a formidable warrior lived here.

Wang Teng didn’t place much attention on the decor.
His gaze quickly landed on the old man lying on the bed in the corner.
He squinted when he noticed the old man’s state.

It had only been a few days, but there was a great change in his appearance.
His hair had turned white, and his face was full of wrinkles.
Moreover, his body had gotten thinner, with his back bending lower.
Using his Spiritual Sight, Wang Teng could see an extremely thick death aura around him.

“How did he become like this?” Wang Teng was shocked.

Even he couldn’t accept it when he saw a formidable warrior deteriorating to a normal old man.

“You’re here,” ld Han said in a hoarse voice.
His muddy eyes lit up a little.

Dan Taixuan and Wang Teng remained quiet.
They walked closer and silently stared at the old man on the bed.
They didn’t know what to say.

“Accept the situation.
I’m getting old and should have returned to the earth a long time ago.
There’s nothing I can’t accept.” Old Han smiled slightly.
He seemed to be recalling the past.
“30 years ago, I was in the first batch of people to become martial warriors.
I was lucky.
I stepped on this path when I was 43 years old.
Many people looked down on me, but I got all the way here.
Haha, to think that most of the old fellows are buried in the ground now… “They probably didn’t expect me to walk the furthest.
They said that I was too old and that talent will decide one’s achievements, but I destroyed all these beliefs.
My life is worth it!”

Old Han wasn’t speaking to the two people in front of him.
His gaze had floated away into the depth of his memory.
He seemed to be speaking to himself and his peers who had passed away.
Wang Teng didn’t know that this old man had a legendary life.
Times would create a hero.
He was the hero of his time, the pioneer of all martial warriors.

Based on his ability, he should be enjoying his old age in peace.
He would continue being an ordinary guard of Huanghai Military Academy and watch the students grow.
Then, he would slowly finish the last of his journey.

He shouldn’t be lying on the bed and waiting to die while reminiscing the past.

But when Donghai was in a crisis, he still stood out without fear.
Even though he knew that he wouldn’t be able to suppress his old injuries anymore if he acted, even though he knew that he would end up in this state, he didn’t hesitate.

Wang Teng respected him.
However, he could detect a hint of regret in Old Han’s voice.
He said that his life was worth it, but he had paid a huge price to reach this stage only to stop here.
Anyone would feel regret.

Wang Teng didn’t want this old man to die like this.
He didn’t say anything and sat down beside the bed.
Stretching out his hand, he placed his fingers on Old Han’s wrist.

Dan Taixuan and Old Han were slightly stunned.

“Don’t waste your effort.
Many doctors and alchemists have come to take a look.
My time is here.
There’s nothing you can do,” Old Han shook his head and said with a calm smile.

His voice was composed as if he wasn’t talking about himself.

“No harm taking a look,” Wang Teng replied ambiguously.

He pushed his spiritual power into Old Han’s body and inspected his condition slowly.

Old Han didn’t stop him.
He didn’t have the power to stop him anyway.
He was really at the end of his life.

After giving him a checkup, Wang Teng locked his brows in a tight frown.
Old Han was like a candle flickering in the wind, old and ailing.
All the old injuries accumulated in his body had relapsed at once.
His body was like a sieve, full of holes.

Old Han saw his expression and smiled once again.
“You don’t have to feel sad.
Many master alchemists looked at my body and couldn’t do anything about it, much less you.

Before he could finish, he started coughing violently.
Blood dripped down the edge of his lips.

“Don’t speak.
I haven’t even opened my mouth.
Why are you so impatient?” Wang Teng replied in frustration.
He didn’t care about being polite.

“Wang Teng!” Dan Taixuan scolded him when she noticed how rude he was.

“It’s alright.
I like this fellow’s personality.
This is the personality an unrivaled talent should have.” Old Han didn’t mind.

Wang Teng rolled his eyes.
Who wants you to like me.
Why would an old man like you like me? So scary.

He hesitated for a moment before finally saying, “Actually, you might still have some hope.”

“What!” Dan Taixuan was astounded.
She frowned.
“Wang Teng, this isn’t a joke.
Don’t talk nonsense.”

“When did you see me spouting nonsense?” Wang Teng looked at her and asked.

Dan Taixuan was stunned.
She thought about it and realized that he was telling the truth.
This fellow might be a little unreliable at times, but at the crucial moment, he would never disappoint.

Did he really have a way?

“You have a cure?” Old Han asked unconsciously.
He was stunned for a moment after hearing Wang Teng’s resolute tone.

“I can only help you control your injury for the moment.
If you want to heal completely, you’ll need some time,” Wang Teng nodded and replied.

“Have you learned medicine before?” Old Han hesitated before asking.

“No, I’m a master alchemist.” Wang Teng glanced at him and smiled.

“Master alchemist?!”

Dan Taixuan and Old Han were flabbergasted.
Wang Teng was an alchemist and a master level at that!

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