Chapter 556 The Biggest Landlord In Donghai…


“Satisfied of what?”

Zhou Baiyun was stunned.
It was a little hard to answer the question Grandpa Zhou had thrown at her abruptly.

However, she was a smart person, so she knew what he meant.
It was a lie to say that she wasn’t satisfied with Wang Teng.

This fellow had so many achievements at such a young age.
Even more, he was handsome and dashing.
Any lady would have thoughts about him.
But Zhou Baiyun never thought of using her marriage to strengthen her family.

Her aim was the family head’s position.
She wanted to command the Zhou family and lead them to a brighter future.
This was her original plan.

Yes, original!

Now, she had seen a bigger world.
The Zhou family in the past would be constricted in this small and narrow land no matter how smart she was.
They couldn’t come out of this well.

Hence, when Grandpa Zhou asked that question, she was moved.

Wang Teng could bring her into a bigger world.

The other members of the Zhou family understood Grandpa Zhou’s intention too.
They were caught a bit unawares.
At the same time, some young ladies in the family started to have other thoughts.

Their status would soar instantly if they married into the Wang family.

But after glancing at Zhou Baiyun, they lost their confidence.
The other young ladies in the family weren’t as smart as her.
Not only that, she was more beautiful than them too.
It would be tough to fight with her.

Zhou Baiyun was undeniably the most outstanding younger generation in the Zhou family.
Even her two elder brothers who were fighting with her for the family head position were weaker than her.

If she were a man, her elder brothers wouldn’t even have a chance.

Still, some people wanted to try their luck.
Everyone had different preferences.
What if Wang Teng didn’t like ladies like Zhou Baiyun? They still had a chance.

Once they hooked onto Wang Teng, they would surpass the family head’s line.
It felt good just thinking about it.

All of them belonged to the Zhou family, but everyone had their little thoughts.
Who had never thought of making a counterattack?

Zhou Weiqiang’s eyes lit up.
He felt that his daughter had a good chance of succeeding.
How amazing it would be to be the father-in-law of a general-stage martial warrior!

He glanced at Zhou Baiyun and kept winking at her.
Daughter, go!

Zhou Shaohui and Zhou Baiyun’s eldest brother, Zhou Shaoan, who had remained quiet all this while, frowned.
If she really married Wang Teng and gained such powerful backing, they wouldn’t have any chances of being the family head.


They weren’t stupid.
After some thought, they understood how things would work out.

If Zhou Baiyun married Wang Teng, she wouldn’t care about this small Zhou family anymore.
Hence, the family head’s position would definitely be theirs.
Also, she was still part of the Zhou family, so they would gain many benefits because of her.

Zhou Shaohui smiled.
“Younger sister, you should consider this carefully.
Wang Teng is already a general-stage martial warrior at his age and has a good relationship with the other formidable warriors like Governor Jiang and the president of Jixin Martial House.
Ordinary people can’t see them at all, much less know them.
His connections are amazing and full of potential.”

“Second Brother, you seem eager to see me getting married,” Zhou Baiyun glanced at him and said calmly.

“I’m just thinking about your happiness in life.
It’s hard to find another young, handsome, and talented youth like Wang Teng in the country.
You will regret it if you don’t grasp the chance,” Zhou Shaohui shrugged and said.

“Shaohui is right.
Younger sister, you won’t find another Wang Teng if you give up this chance,” Zhou Shaoan smiled and said.
“Alright, let Little Yun consider this matter herself.
No one will interfere in this.
If not, I won’t show you mercy,” Grandpa Zhou waved his hands and said.

Everyone rolled their eyes.
Aren’t you the one who brought it up in the first place? Why are you blaming us for talking too much now?

But they didn’t say anything in the end.
They looked at Zhou Baiyun and wondered how she would decide.

Zhou Baiyun hesitated for a moment.
Her gaze flickered before she took a deep breath and shook her head.
“He… has a girlfriend.”

“A girlfriend!” Grandpa Zhou frowned.
“Do you know who she is?”

“His high school friend.
I heard that their relationship is very good.” Zhou Baiyun had indeed investigated Wang Teng before.
She knew him clearly.

She had also investigated Lin Chuhan’s background, so she told everyone about her.

“He’s a young man who isn’t married, so anything is possible.
With your charisma, do you think you will lose to others?” Grandpa Zhou smiled.
“What’s more, this lady has no background.
We can use some other methods to make her give up.
“If you want, do it.
The Zhou family will be your strongest shield.”

Zhou Baiyun contemplated for a moment before nodding.
She remained quiet.

The Black Tortoise Sky-Lock Array had reached the final stages.
Wang Teng and the other runemasters gathered in the center of Donghai to complete the core of the rune array.

The core was the foundation.
They would carve the core runes of the Black Tortoise Sky-Lock Array here for it to be the backbone of the array.
In the future, they would build a Force tower here to supply endless energy to the array.
That way, the defense array would protect the city round the clock.

This was the most crucial step.
A small mistake would trigger a chain reaction, and all the efforts they had made over the past few days would go to waste.

Everyone’s expression turned stern.

The core section would be done by Wang Teng personally.
The other runemasters had no experience, so they weren’t confident.

Governor Jiang, Dan Taixuan, Ye Jixin, and the other formidable warriors were also present at the scene.
They stood around the base and looked at Wang Teng.

Wang Teng circled the base on foot before finally stopping in the middle.

“How is it?” Governor Jiang asked agitatedly.

“No problem.
I’ll start carving the final core runes now.”

He disregarded everyone after he finished speaking and took out his rune pen.
He started carving on the base.

The other runemasters opened their eyes wide as they looked at his movements.
They were afraid of missing a single second.

“What a fast speed!”

Everyone was astounded.
Wang Teng didn’t stop at all.
The runes appeared smoothly with no mistakes made.
They were filled with deep respect for him.

So powerful!

Was this his true ability?

They felt that all the rune knowledge they had learned was useless.
Compared to Wang Teng, they had no face to display their knowledge.

All of them were extremely careful when they carved the runes, afraid of making any mistakes.
They were like primary school students doing math questions.
On the other hand, Wang Teng had already jumped out of the student level and became a teacher.
He was at a different stage.

Comparisons were infuriating!

Governor Jiang, Ye Jixin, and the other general-stage martial warriors were outsiders, so they couldn’t understand anything.
However, when they saw the other runemasters’ expressions, they knew that Wang Teng’s rune mastery was definitely outstanding Did this fellow start cultivating when he was in his mother’s womb?

His martial arts were powerful, and his rune mastery was profound.
Others had to work hard half their lives or their entire lives to achieve all the things he did in any field.
They glanced at one another and were astounded.

At the same time, they decided firmly that they would tighten their relationships with Wang Teng.
Their relationships were already not bad.
With their foundations, many things would be easier for them.

With his talent, it wouldn’t be easy to pull him over, especially now that he had already matured.

Looks like I need to give him some benefits.
Force stones? Weapons? Or dan pills? Hmm… I don’t think he lacks anything! Governor Jiang thought to himself.

This fellow has just snatched a huge fortune from the Darkland.
I’m envious that he got this opportunity, but he has the ability too.
Others might have died after landing in the Darkland.
Not only did he escape alive, but he also stole their treasures.
Who else has the balls to do this?

He has those treasures, so he won’t lack resources.
What a headache!

Governor Jiang glanced at Wang Teng and revealed a helpless expression uncontrollably.
Suddenly, he thought of something, and his eyes lit up.
I can focus on the Wang family! He won’t be able to run away once I tie the Wang family here.

se v

He wasn’t the only one thinking about this.
Ye Jixin had a similar thought too.
Wang Teng was a member of Jixin Martial House, so he wouldn’t give up this amazing opportunity.
He must keep Wang Teng in Jixin.
That way, Jixin would have a general-stage martial warrior who was also a master-level runemaster, killing two birds with one stone! It was said that Jixin Martial House was one of the top three martial arts academies, but he wanted to surpass the other two competitors.
Who didn’t want to be the leader? Wang Teng was getting more and more well-known.
Everyone in the country had witnessed his astonishing ability during the sea beasts’ riot.
A few days later, his name had spread throughout the country, and everyone was treating him like a hero.

If Jixin Martial House could keep him there, there would be many benefits.
At least they could confirm that many people who wanted to learn martial arts would rush to Jixin Martial House.

The sea beasts’ riot had ignited a martial arts craze.
He received a report from his subordinates, telling him that the number of people signing up in his martial arts academy had increased tremendously these few days.

This was a chance!

Dan Taixuan’s gaze flickered, her mind similarly filled with many thoughts.
Wang Teng’s growth gave her a strong sense of danger.
It was embarrassing for her disciple to surpass her.
She was thinking of leaving her position as the chief commander of the Black Sparrow Troop and having a closed-door cultivation session.
If she didn’t increase her skills to a satisfying level, she wouldn’t appear in front of Wang Teng again.
It was too embarrassing!

Time passed.
Half an hour later, the entire city vibrated.


Everyone was startled.

Wang Teng was floating in mid-air, while the runes on the ground seemed to have turned alive.
They shimmered brightly and started wriggling.
Then, the light spread from the center of the ground and expanded to its surroundings.
An invisible force swept past them, raising a gentle gust of wind.
No one detected anything, but in the runemasters’ eyes, the runes carved around Donghai were alive.

Almost instantly, an invisible shield rose into the sky and formed an inverted bowl, enclosing Donghai in it.

The Black Tortoise Sky-Lock Array was a success!

With this huge array protecting Donghai, they would be able to resist the attacks of general-stage martial warriors.
The citizens of Donghai wouldn’t need to be in a constant state of anxiety when they lived here in the future.

Wang Teng looked at his work of art.
Erm… it should be everyone’s work of art.
He heaved a small sigh of relief.

“Wang Teng, you’re helping all the citizens of Donghai.
Let me represent everyone to thank you.” Governor Jiang bowed to Wang Teng with a stern expression.

Wang Teng was a little surprised.
As the governor of a city, this bow meant a lot.
He said instantly, “Governor Jiang, you’re too polite.
My family is in Donghai, so this isn’t just a public affair.
I have my personal reasons too.
I can’t accept this bow.”

“Everyone has their own intentions.
It’s not easy for you to do this much,” Governor Jiang replied.

Wang Teng might be thick-skinned, but even he felt a little shy now.

Was he honestly so great? He didn’t even know.

“Master Wang, you’re too humble.
We have been interacting for a few days, so we know who you are.
Although you didn’t do much over the past few days, we know you’re trying to train us.
You have always been paying attention to the array.
It’s to your credit that we can finish this array so quickly.
We know everything you’ve done for us,” Chu Yongnian said.

Wang Teng was stunned.
Was he referring to him?

He gave them all the troublesome matters, but they thought he was training them?

These people were really kind! Wang Teng didn’t say anything.
Since this was a beautiful misunderstanding, he would keep it that way.

He just felt a little embarrassed!

“Cough, I suddenly remember that I have something to attend to.
I’ll leave now.” He coughed awkwardly and flew into the sky.
Then, he turned and dashed away.

Everyone glanced at one another and laughed involuntarily.
He was still a young man.

The next day, Governor Jiang arrived at the temporary lodging of the Wang family.

“I came because we didn’t arrive at a conclusion last time.” He went straight to the point when he saw Wang Teng.

Wang Teng was stunned for a second before he reacted and rolled his eyes.
“Governor Jiang, if you want me to take out my treasures, you don’t have to speak anymore.
If I say there isn’t, there isn’t.
How can I give you anything if I don’t have it?”

“Don’t be impatient.
Listen to my conditions first before you make your decision,” Governor Jiang said.

Wang Teng glanced at him without replying.
But he gave him the chance to continue speaking

“Although the government has allocated us the funds, they aren’t enough to rebuild Donghai.
Hence, I need your help.” Governor Jiang stared into Wang Teng’s eyes.
“I won’t talk about intangible things.
We’ll speak of tangible ones.”

Wang Teng was moved.
He remained quiet and waited for the governor to continue.

Sly little fox! Governor Jiang complained in his heart.
He wouldn’t respond unless he saw the benefits.
This personality made him helpless.
He had no choice but to continue saying, “How about this? I will give you an equivalent amount of land for whatever money you give me.
You will have the right to use these lands.
If you’re willing, your family can be the greatest real estate developer in Donghai.”

“Governor Jiang, you’re trying to fool me.
The right to use can’t be given so easily,” Wang Teng shook his head and said.

“After the sea beasts’ riot, everything is destroyed.
Many real estate companies have moved out of Donghai, so we have taken the lands back,” Governor Jiang said.

Wang Teng went into deep thought.
He touched his chin and said, “In that case, we’ll have to bear a huge risk.”

“There’s always a risk if you want to make money,” Governor Jiang replied.
“You will give me an equivalent amount of land no matter how much I give?” Wang Teng confirmed again.

“That’s right.
As long as you can give, I will agree,” Governor Jiang said.

“Right to use them forever?” Wang Teng continued.

“Forever!” Governor Jiang raised his eyebrows.
This brat was daring.
He hesitated before saying, “I can’t make the decision.
Also, freehold land is not cheap.”

“I can wait,” Wang Teng said.

“Alright, I will go back and ask before giving you a reply.” Governor Jiang smiled.
“I know you’re not being honest.
You’re still trying to fool me.”

“Haha!” Wang Teng laughed as he started contemplating.
Being the biggest landlord in Donghai seemed like a good idea.
In the future, his descendants wouldn’t have to die from hunger even if there were no outstanding figures among them.
They could live off rent…

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