Chapter 550 Ultimate Stage Talent!

The night was dark and starry.

The seafood feast had ended, and many people were physically and mentally exhausted.
A majority of them were already in deep sleep.
However, many of them were frowning.
They might not even find peace while dreaming.
He just hoped that time could heal all those wounds.
Wang Teng gazed at the night sky and sighed.

When he turned and saw everyone in deep sleep, there was an inexplicable calmness in his heart.
At least his family and friends didn’t have to go through all of this.
At this moment, he finally understood the benefits of being powerful.

It was not only for himself but also for those around him.

“Why are you not asleep?” A soft voice woke him up from his thoughts.

Wang Teng looked at Lin Chuhan, who was lying nearby with Mother Lin, and smiled.
“I’ll cultivate for a while more.
Go to sleep.” Looking at his face, Lin Chuhan was filled with emotions.
Others only saw his unmatched talent, but not how he was still cultivating late at night.
It was no wonder that he was so strong at such a young age.
That was what he deserved.

If Wang Teng knew what she was thinking, would he be ashamed of himself?

Probably not.
He was too thick-skinned!

Lin Chuhan was lost in her thoughts.
She felt that his face had a different kind of charm.
This guy… was actually good-looking! Ah, such a beautiful misunderstanding! “What’s wrong? Is there something on my face?” Wang Teng asked curiously.
“It’s nothing.
You, you should get some sleep.” Lin Chuhan blushed slightly and was a little flustered.
She wrapped herself in the sleeping bag and hurriedly closed her eyes.

Wang Teng shook his head with a smile and sat with his legs crossed before closing his eyes.

After a while, Lin Chuhan sneaked a glance at Wang Teng.
She saw that he had already entered the state of cultivation and was slightly relieved.

Smiling, she closed her eyes.
After a while, there was a regular breathing sound escaping from her nose.

Wang Teng focused on his attributes panel.
He had gained a lot during the sea beast riot.

First off were the Spirit and Enlightenment attributes.
These two attributes had improved by a small amount.

Spirit: 103/3000 (Imperial Realm)

Enlightenment: 125/3000 (Imperial Realm)

After all, the sea beasts were not as spiritually chaotic as the dark apparitions and would not drop as many Spirit attributes.
That was why his Spirit attribute did not increase much this time.

It was the same for the Enlightenment.
Since the sea beasts didn’t seem to be very intelligent, they would naturally drop fewer Enlightenment attributes.
The source of these Enlightenment attributes was basically from humans.

Then came Battlefield Awareness.
It remained at the 9-star level ever since the battle at Star Maple City, even after increasing by two thousand points.

Battlefield Awareness: 3530/9000 (9-star)

However, at his current level, it was enough to crush ordinary general-stage martial warriors.

Next was the Talent column.

Wang Teng’s gaze swept through the board and saw a few changes in the talent attributes.

Among those, the water talent had improved a lot.
After all, it was the most common amongst sea beasts.
Furthermore, he had killed three lord-level sea beasts and had obtained a huge number of advanced-stage water talent attributes.

Ultimate Stage Water Talent: 560/5000

Without a doubt, the water talent had reached another level, from the advanced stage to the ultimate stage!

Ultimate stage!

Wang Teng could feel his body changing, and his affinity with the water Force had increased multiple times.

He could feel the abundance of water Force in the faraway ocean.
It felt as though he could draw out the water Force from its depths and use it as his own.

On top of that, there were also two other talents that had reached the ultimate stage!

Ultimate Stage Lightning Talent: 1050/5000

Ultimate Stage Wind Talent: 305/5000

These two talents attributes were from the Windstorm Giant Ape, a terrifying sea beast with the attributes of water, wind, and lightning

Wang Teng was impressed.
It was his first time seeing an ultimate stage talent, but he had managed to obtain three of them from the Windstorm Giant Ape.
No wonder it was able to reach such a powerful stage.

Now that he was thinking about it, Wang Teng had a lingering fear.

The rest of his talents had also improved, but not as much as those three.

Wang Teng then looked at the Force column and smiled with satisfaction.
The five elements had all reached the 10-star general stage.
There was probably no one who could compare to him.

Metal Force: 3200/10000 (10-star)

Wood Force: 2560/10000 (10-star)

Water Force: 7630/10000 (10-star)

Fire Force: 1530/10000 (10-star)

Earth Force: 1710/10000 (10-star)

Among them, the water Force was undoubtedly the attribute that had increased the most.
It had reached the 10-star advanced stage and was not far from a breakthrough.

It was mostly because there were too many sea beasts.
The amount of water Force they provided was simply staggering.

In fact, many of the water Force attribute bubbles had vanished automatically.
Wang Teng didn’t have the luxury to collect them at any given time.
Otherwise, his water Force might have reached the 11-star low-tier general stage.

It was such a pity!

What a huge waste! Wang Teng shook his head and didn’t want to dwell on it.
If he thought about it any longer, he might die in regret.

He looked at the other elements and became happy again.
This time around, even his ice, wind, and lightning Force had improved a lot.

Ice Force: 320/4000 (6-star)

Wind Force: 1150/4000 (6-star) Lightning Force: 5350/9000 (9-star)

There were quite a few mutated beasts with the ice attribute.
Even the deep-sea giant python had the ice attribute.
As a result, Wang Teng’s ice Force had increased by a huge margin, reaching the 6-star soldier level.

The wind Force was from the Windstorm Giant Ape, and it had increased a lot as well, similarly reaching the 6-star soldier level.

The lightning Force was also from the ape.
Although it was at the 9-star soldier level, it had improved by thousands of attribute points.

Well, the Windstorm Giant Ape had really provided him with a whole lot of attributes.


If there was a chance, Wang Teng would still want to kill it.
He would definitely gain more.

But the Windstorm Giant Ape was too strong.
It might have reached the 13-star lord-level.
This time, he had to use the Space Tornado and cheat his way through in order to scare it away and make it retreat.

Besides, there were many human martial warriors at the back, which was one of the reasons why the Windstorm Giant Ape was afraid.
Otherwise, if it was Wang Teng alone, the Windstorm Giant Ape would have pushed on till the very end.

Therefore, before he reached the 12-star general stage, Wang Teng would not dare to provoke it.
He still wanted to live longer.

Wang Teng turned to the section of scripture and battle techniques.

It was a pity that there weren’t any advanced-stage scripture and battle techniques.
After all, there were no casualties among the strong ones.

Ahem… that was a good thing!

Wang Teng suppressed the evil thoughts in his heart.
He should never have such thoughts…

Suddenly, Wang Teng’s eyes stopped.
He had noticed a special kind of skill—Deep Sea Breathing! This skill must have come from some kind of sea beast!

Wang Teng was certain.
When he saw the skill, the relevant information immediately appeared in his mind.
It was a skill that could allow him to breathe in the deep sea.
It might not seem like a powerful skill, but it was very useful.

“I can actually use my nostrils and breathe.
That’s amazing,” Wang Teng said to himself with excitement.

General-stage martial warriors could hold their breaths underwater, but there was still a limit.
Furthermore, it consumed their Force.
It was not as good as deep-sea breathing.

Wang Teng really wanted to try it right away, but he gave up in the end.

In a situation like this, it was best not to walk around.
If someone woke up and couldn’t find him, they would worry needlessly.

Lastly, it was the blank attributes.
They were the ones that Wang Teng picked up the most this time.
He had used them on Heart Of Zhongyan, Ancient God’s Body, and Space Tornado.
As a result, there was not much left.

Fortunately, these three skills were powerful, and the blank attributes were not wasted.

Blank Attribute: 4600

At this point, he had 4600 blank attributes remaining.
It seemed like a lot, but as he got stronger, these blank attributes were naturally not enough for him.

He needed to employ limited resources where they were needed most!

Wang Teng decided to stay put for the time being.
He would consider how to use them once he picked up more blank attributes in the future.

After counting his gains, Wang Teng let out a sigh of relief.
Every time there was a huge battle, he would reap huge benefits, and his strength would skyrocket.
It was supposed to be something to be happy about, but he felt burdened.

In every battle, death was inevitable!

The attributes he had were all exchanged with the deaths of martial warriors.

Wang Teng shook his head.
It wasn’t because he was sentimental but because he felt that these attributes were stained with blood.
It would be fine if it was only the blood of the dark apparitions and star beasts.
However, lots of human blood was also spilled, making the attribute bubbles seem heavy.
He suddenly felt that when God gave him this attribute system, he didn’t mean well.
That was right.
That must be it!

He didn’t understand it before, but the more he thought about it, the more he felt that way.
He felt rage in his heart and pointed his middle finger to the sky.

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