Chapter 54: Family Background

The bald man in a black suit left with a swollen and bruised face.
His heart was filled with injustice and fear.
He needed to go back to answer his boss.

He knew that he wouldn’t be able to get the interest for this loan.

The other party was a powerful figure, the heartless kind that might shatter your head if he got angry.
He couldn’t afford to provoke him.

His boss probably didn’t want to offend this kind of person as well, right?

Fortunately, he got back the loan amount.
This trip wasn’t a waste.

But, his face got smashed by the brick for nothing… Ouch! Pain!


After getting rid of the loan sharks, Lin Chuhan heaved a sigh of relief.
She said to Wang Teng, “Wang Teng, thank you for helping me just now.”

“It’s nothing.” Wang Teng shook his head.
When he kept his lighter, he took the opportunity to light a cigarette.

“Don’t smoke anymore,” Lin Chuhan suddenly said.


“Smoking is bad for health,” Lin Chuhan replied.

“That is scary.
Let me smoke a bit to calm down,” Wang Teng answered.

Lin Chuhan: …

“I’m just teasing you.” Wang Teng threw the cigarette on the ground and extinguished it with his feet.

It wasn’t appropriate for him to smoke in front of a lady.

“Oh, right.
Why are you here?” Lin Chuhan suddenly asked.
She was curious about his perfect timing.

“Will you believe me if I say that I followed you?” Wang Teng smiled.

Lin Chuhan’s heart jumped.
She turned her head and felt her ears turning warm.
She put down her hair to cover it up.

“I’m not talking to you anymore.
I’ll go and take a look at my mum.”

Lin Chuhan ran back to the convenience store and explained everything to her mother.
She told her that the loan sharks were gone and the loan receipt had already been burnt.

Mother Lin hugged Lin Chuhan and cried in joy.
She almost went crazy from the torment these people had given her the past few days.

“Oh right, Little Han, who did you borrow the money from? Tell him that even though we don’t have so much money now, we will definitely return it to him as quickly as possible,” Mother Lin wiped her tears and said.

“I borrowed it from him.” Lin Chuhan looked in Wang Teng’s direction.

“Ah, he’s just a young man.
Where did he get all the money from?” Mother Lin was surprised.

“His family runs a company,” Lin Chuhan explained.

Mother Lin was enlightened.
Then, she suddenly thought of something and asked curiously, “Little Han, you…”

Lin Chuhan looked at her mother’s expression and immediately knew what she was thinking.
She stomped her feet and complained sweetly.
“Mom~ what are you thinking? He’s my table buddy.”

“Alright, alright, alright.
I’m not thinking about anything.
Mom is not thinking of anything,” Mother Lin said quickly.

“You little girl, why aren’t you inviting him to our house? He did our family a huge favor.
I want to personally thank him.”

Lin Chuhan wanted to call Wang Teng over, but she noticed that he was already walking towards them.

“My mom says that she wants to thank you personally,” she told Wang Teng.

“That’s right, Little Teng.
I hope you don’t mind me calling you this way.
I really have to thank you for this time.
If not, our family wouldn’t have known what to do.” Mother Lin was full of gratitude.

“I don’t mind.
Auntie, Chuhan is my table buddy.
She has helped me a lot, so I should help her when she has difficulties,” Wang Teng replied.

“Good, good, Little Han is lucky to have a table buddy like you.”

The more Mother Lin looked at Wang Teng, the more she liked him.
This was a good child.
He was just a little naughty…

But, you could tell that he was a responsible person who had a bright future.
He was polite, and he took care of Little Han well.
If he could be her son-in-law… that would be great.

During the martial arts era, one could get married at 18 years old.
Mother Lin felt that she could start considering her daughter’s marriage.

“Stay here tonight for dinner.” Mother Lin suddenly got enthusiastic.
“Auntie will go and buy some ingredients immediately.
Little Han, take care of Little Teng.”

After she finished speaking, she didn’t give Wang Teng and Lin Chuhan any time to react.
She directly rushed out of the door.

Wang Teng and Lin Chuhan exchanged glances with each other.
The atmosphere had become a little strange.

“Why don’t I… leave first?” said Wang Teng.

“Leave your head.
My mom has already gone out to buy food.
If you leave, how will I explain to her when she comes back?” Lin Chuhan rolled her eyes.

“Just find a random excuse.
For instance, you can tell her that I have some urgent matters to attend to,” Wang Teng gave her some suggestions.

Lin Chuhan looked at Wang Teng.

Why doesn’t this fellow want to stay at my house?

She was a little embarrassed, for sure, but Wang Teng’s unwilling expression made her a little uncomfortable and unhappy.

“You can explain to her personally if you want to.
I’m not explaining.” Lin Chuhan glared at Wang Teng.

“Alright, alright, it’s just a meal.
I, Wang Teng, am not afraid at all.” This was what Wang Teng said, but he looked as though he was going to the execution field.

Lin Chuhan finally understood his emotions when she saw his reaction.
This fellow wasn’t actually unwilling; he was just a little scared.
Usually, he didn’t seem afraid of anything.
She almost forgot that he was a teenage boy too.

She couldn’t help but laugh secretly behind his back.

Wang Teng stood in the shop, uncertain of what to do.
He looked at the candies scattered on the ground and went over to pick them up.

Lin Chuhan regained her senses.
Her gaze turned gentle as she looked at Wang Teng’s back view.
She squatted down and started cleaning the candies with him.

“I will transfer you the remaining money later,” she remembered the leftover money and said.

“Okay!” Wang Teng nodded.

“As for the 100 thousand RMB, I will work part-time during the summer vacation to return it to you,” Lin Chuhan continued.

“That’s not right.
It’s 100,100 RMB,” Wang Teng smiled and replied.

“Yes, yes, yes, it’s 100,100.
You’re such a miser.” Lin Chuhan rolled her eyes.

“Hahaha…” Wang Teng laughed casually.
He didn’t mind her reaction.

Lin Chuhan didn’t realize that the respect hidden in his words was what allowed them to continue their relationship as normal.
They didn’t suffer any estrangement because of this matter.

After some time, Mother Lin came back with the ingredients.
She was carrying many bags in her hands and had bought a lot of fish meat.

“Little Teng, you can sit upstairs with Chuhan.
I’ll go and make food.” Mother Lin greeted them before she got busy in the kitchen.

“Come on, let’s go upstairs.” Lin Chuhan led Wang Teng up the stairs.

“Isn’t Uncle around?” Wang Teng asked.

Lin Chuhan bit her lips as she said, “He’s here.
I’ll bring you to see him.”

Wang Teng saw Lin Chuhan’s father.
He was a drunk and skinny man, and his legs were gone.

“How did your father… became like this?” Wang Teng was really shocked.

“My father used to be a martial warrior.
One day, after coming back from the Xingwu Continent, he became like this.
His teammates managed to save him after much difficulty, but his legs were gone.
Even his Force nucleus was broken.
He came a crippled,” Lin Chuhan explained in low spirits.

“This…” Wang Teng knew that the martial arts world wasn’t as beautiful as the public made it out to be, but he didn’t expect it to be so cruel.

He even felt a little frightened when he saw the ghastly wounds on Father Lin’s body.

Also, he didn’t think Lin Chuhan’s father could be a martial warrior.

“Since you know how brutal the martial arts world is, why do you still practice martial arts? Why do you still want to take part in the martial arts exam?” Wang Teng couldn’t help but ask her.

“I want to take revenge!” Lin Chuhan closed the door and gritted her teeth as she said.

“It’s caused by someone?” Wang Teng was flabbergasted once again.

“My dad’s teammates say that he became like this because their opponents had set a trap,” Lin Chuhan explained.

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