Chapter 548 Bullshit!

Lin Chuhan had only spoken a few words with Wang Teng before Lin Chuxia came over impatiently.

Lin Chuhan rolled her eyes involuntarily.

Lin Chuxia didn’t have any idea that she was the third wheel.
She chuckled and said, “Brother Wang Teng, where have you been for so long?”

Once Lin Chuxia took the lead, Xu Wantong, Tian Xiaoxiao, and Wang Teng’s classmates from afar walked over too.
Lu Shu, Hou Pingliang, and some others were among them.

Wang Teng smiled at them.
They were all martial arts students, so there was no need to hide anything.
He replied, “I accidentally went to the Darkland.” “Darkland!” They were shocked.
“Are you sure you went to the Darkland?” Hou Pingliang asked curiously.
“Why would I lie to you?” Wang Teng rolled his eyes at him.

“Haha, that’s not it.
We just find it unbelievable.” Hou Pingliang smiled awkwardly.
Then, he followed up, “What is it like there?”

“The whole place is filled with high-level dark apparitions.
What do you think?” Wang Teng asked.

Hou Pingliang and the others felt their head turning numb when they heard this.
Think about it.
Alone in the Darkland, surrounded by numerous dark apparitions…

Goodness, just imagining the scene gave them goosebumps.
It was too scary!

Everyone looked at Wang Teng in astonishment and bewilderment.

How did Wang Teng manage to escape in that situation?

“How did you escape and come back?” Xu Wantong asked the question on everyone’s minds.

“Escape?” Wang Teng gave a look of contempt.
“I slaughtered my way back.
You should have seen that scene.
I lifted my sword, again and again, chopping my way from the south of the dark apparition’s holy city to the north.
It was a magnificent moment.
So, escape isn’t the right word for it!”

“Look at you boasting.” Lin Chuhan rolled her eyes.
He was so exaggerating.
If he wanted to fool them, he should do it properly.
Did he think that they were stupid?

“I never knew that you were so good at boasting!” Xu Wantong was speechless.
She turned and said to Lin Chuhan, “Chuhan, you must be careful in the future.
This fellow is full of bullshit.
He might be a scumbug!”

“F**k, you’re framing me.” Wang Teng was furious.
He glared at her.
“You have to believe me.
Before I left, I bombed the holy city of the dark apparitions and even took their treasu-“

Wang Teng caught himself in time.
Damn it, he almost spilled the beans.

“Took what?” A burst of laughter came from the distance.

Governor Jiang, Ye Jixin, and some others accompanied Dan Taixuan over.
They weren’t here just now, so they came to take a look after they heard that Wang Teng was awake.

The speaker was Governor Jiang.
His eyes were shining like a hungry wolf who saw its prey.

“Nothing, nothing.
What treasure? Governor, you heard wrong.” Wang Teng shook his head and denied it firmly.
Then, he looked innocently at Dan Taixuan and asked, “Master, you just left.
Why are you back again?”

“Are you saying I can’t come back?” Dan Taixuan looked at him calmly and asked.

Wang Teng’s heart dropped.
He hurriedly laughed and said, “Of course not.
Who dares to stop you?”

Dan Taixuan heaved a sigh of relief.
Wang Teng was stronger than her now.
It would be embarrassing if she couldn’t suppress him.

Fortunately, this fellow still respected his master.

Governor Jiang opened his mouth impatiently and asked, “Wang Teng, did you take the dark apparitions’ treasures?”

Everyone looked at Wang Teng strangely when they heard this.

Did this fellow honestly do that?!

“How’s that possible? I don’t have that ability.
I was just boasting!” Wang Teng shook his head hurriedly.

Hmph, I don’t believe you.
Dan Taixuan scoffed in her heart, but she didn’t say anything.

Wang Teng was her disciple.
She couldn’t help outsiders!

Governor Jiang continued, “Based on your personality, it’s not out of the picture.
You got the treasures based on your ability.
No one will snatch them from you.
There’s no need for you to hide anything.”

Hmph, why will I believe you! Wang Teng snorted in his heart.
His reaction was the same as Dan Taixuan, but it was directed at a different person.

Did Governor Jiang think that he was as easy to fool as a three-year-old child? If he showed his treasures to them, it would be inappropriate for him not to donate them.


“I really didn’t.
I saw them, but I didn’t have the time to take them!” Wang Teng spoke in a regretful tone, putting on a professional performance.
Governor Jiang didn’t care if he took it or not.
He pointed around him and said, “Look at Donghai now.
It’s in ruins.
Many people have lost their homes.
The old had no food, and the young can’t go to school… Do you have any feelings when you see this?” Wang Teng’s face turned black.
He was guilt-tripping him!

As expected, a righteous clause was slammed on him.
Should he help or not?

“Governor, let’s get straight to the point.
Our Wang family is in Donghai too, and we also suffered losses.
Look at our house.
We don’t even have a home now.
We are a bunch of homeless people.” Wang Teng didn’t respond to the question, complaining about his plight instead.

He wouldn’t fork out anything.
He was just a normal person, not a saint.
He was already sacrificing his interest when he stepped out and risked his life to win the war.
There was no reason for him to empty his pockets too, right?

Furthermore, he wasn’t the governor of Donghai, so it wasn’t his responsibility to give the money.

In these circumstances, he needed to think for the Wang family.
What would their future be like? How could they build their business again? Money was a necessity, so his treasures could be put to use there.

Anyway, besides some special items, most of the treasures were useless to him.
He would rather use them to develop the Wang family.
It would benefit him if the Wang family grew stronger.

Grandpa Wang and Wang Shengguo heard their conversation and understood the situation somewhat.
At the start, they were worried that Wang Teng couldn’t withstand the guilt trip and would cave.

From the looks of it, this fellow wasn’t that naive.
His acting was on par with sly old foxes like them who had been in the business world for a long time.

Governor Jiang felt a little awkward when he heard Wang Teng’s reply.
He now looked like a bad guy trying to snatch the other person’s treasures.
Dodging Wang Teng’s gaze, he looked at Grandpa Wang.
Wang, what do you say?”

“Greetings.” Grandpa Wang was polite.
He bowed before he opened his mouth.
“To be honest, the Wang family has suffered heavy losses this time.
The majority of our business is destroyed, and we don’t know if we can stand up again.
We can’t offer any help.
Also, Capital Xia will definitely do something about the Donghai crisis.
Reinforcements will arrive soon, so there’s no need to hurry.”

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