Chapter 547 Just Worried Of Wild Cats And Dogs!

As his mother, Li Xiumei was the most anxious for Wang Teng.
Thus, when she saw him waking up, there was no need to explain her happiness.
She hugged Wang Teng tightly as if afraid that he would suddenly disappear.
“Mom, I’m fine.
I’m good.” Wang Teng was touched.
He patted Li Xiumei’s back and consoled her.

Li Xiumei wiped her tears and said, “Don’t fight so hard next time.
How am I supposed to live if something happens to you?” “Alright, I’ll listen to you.
I’ll escape far away next time,” Wang Teng agreed without thinking

“I know you’re just comforting me.” Li Xiumei rolled her eyes angrily.
He had agreed so quickly that it must be fake.

“Alright, alright, our son is doing this for everyone in Donghai.
He’s a hero.” Wang Shengguo’s eyes were red, but he didn’t cry.
He patted Li Xiumei’s face as he spoke in a proud tone.

“To hell with being a hero.
I just want my son.
I don’t want a hero,” Li Xiumei glared at Wang Shengguo and scolded him.

Speechless, Wang Shengguo felt embarrassed.
The people around them didn’t know what to say.
Some martial warriors who passed by opened their mouths and wanted to refute.
However, when they remembered that she was Wang Teng’s mother, they gave up.
To a mother, nothing was more important than her son.

Grandpa Wang coughed awkwardly and said, “Xiumei, it’s good that he’s fine.
Let’s stop talking about this.”

Since Grandpa Wang had spoken, it wasn’t appropriate for Li Xiumei to continue on this topic.

Moreover, she knew the old saying, ‘with greater strength came greater responsibility.’ If a powerful warrior like Wang Teng didn’t step up to the challenge, no other humans might be able to step out and fight with the sea beasts.

She sighed in her heart.
Then, she spoke to Wang Teng in a gentle tone, “Are you hungry? Let me make some food for you.” When she said this, everyone’s stomach started growling

They hadn’t eaten for a whole day.
When they came out from the underground shelter, they received some dried goods, but they didn’t have any appetite.
They just drank some water and didn’t eat anything.

Now, after seeing that Wang Teng was fine, their worry was gone, and naturally, they felt hungry.
“Our house is gone, so there’s nowhere we can cook.
We can only make do with some dried rations,” Wang Teng’s aunt, Zhao Huili, said dejectedly.

Li Xiumei finally reacted, frowning uncontrollably.

Her son was injured, so he should have some nourishment.
But everyone was homeless, so she couldn’t make food without the ingredients.

“Wang Teng is awake!”

At this moment, a bunch of people came from afar.
They were Dan Taixuan, Peng Yuanshan, Fu Tiandao, and many others.

At the same time, there was a group of medical workers.
When they saw Wang Teng, their gazes turned intense and were filled with respect.
A beautiful female doctor around 30 years old said, “Mr.
Wang Teng, nice to meet you.
I’m your personal doctor sent by the higher authorities.
I’ll be in charge of your body condition for the next few days.”

Wang Teng was a little stunned by the female doctor’s beauty.
Normally, he didn’t mind creating some secret stories between a patient and the doctor.
However, he couldn’t act on his fantasies because his parents were around!

“Cough, there’s no need for that.
I’m fine,” Wang Teng said.
He didn’t mean it at all.

“No way, your body is extremely important.
We must be careful with it.
We’ll be monitoring all the indexes of your health now.
Please cooperate with us,” the female doctor said.

“Son, listen to the doctor and accept the check-up.” Li Xiumei immediately agreed.

Wang Teng felt helpless.
Closing his eyes, he nodded.
“Okay, I will hand my body to you


The female doctor waved her hand, and the staff around her immediately started erecting a simple tent.
Then, they started a body inspection for Wang Teng.

The checkup was quite simple, just a body inspection.
After some time, the procedure ended, and the female doctor walked out of the tent.

Li Xiumei and the others crowded around her and asked, “Doctor, how’s my son?”

The female doctor was a little stunned.
She regained her senses when she heard the question and replied, “Oh, Mr.
Wang Teng’s body has almost recovered completely.
He’s fine.
This is astonishing.
It’s my first time seeing a body with such amazing healing power…”

As she spoke, she saw Wang Teng coming out.
Her eyes lit up, and she asked shyly, “If possible, can you give me some blood so that I can research it?”

Wang Teng stumbled, looking at the other party weirdly.

This lady just saw him naked a moment ago, and now, she wanted to study his body.
This was too much!

“Doctor, you can’t do research on a martial warrior’s blood for no reason,” Dan Taixuan opened her mouth and said.

“Alright.” The female doctor shook her head sadly and left.

Although she was Wang Teng’s personal doctor, he asked them to treat the other patients and not waste time here.
After all, he understood his body the best.
With his recovery ability, his injury would soon heal.
There was no need to waste any medical resources.

“Have a good rest.
We’ll see if there are others who need help.” Dan Taixuan and the others noticed that Wang Teng was fine, so they also left.
There was still a pile of matters waiting for them to resolve.

Everyone went to do their things, leaving only the Wang family and Lin Chuhan’s family.
The Lin family had always been there, resting close to the Wang family.
They only came when they noticed that Wang Teng was awake.

Wang Teng met Lin Chuhan’s eyes and read the complicated emotions in them.
There was worry, relief, respect, and love…

Both of them remained silent.

Li Xiumei gave an amiable smile when she saw this scene.
She waved her hand silently to ask the people around to leave.
Then, she pulled Mother Lin’s hand and started chatting happily with her at the side.
If others didn’t know them, they might think that they had known each other for more than ten years.

This was the first time Wang Teng’s family had met Lin Chuhan’s family.
No one expected it to be in this situation.

“I’m very strong.
I’ll be fine,” Wang Teng broke the silence and said with a smile.

“Act according to your ability next time.
Don’t push yourself too hard.
We’re all worried for you.” Lin Chuhan’s throat was dry, and her voice was hoarse.

“How worried are you?” Wang Teng looked at her pretty face and suddenly felt like teasing her.

Lin Chuhan took a deep breath when she saw his cheeky look.
She glared at him and said stubbornly, “Not too much.
Just like how I’m worried for wild cats and dogs.”

Wang Teng was rendered speechless.
He felt that he was so miserable.
He was on the same level as wild cats and dogs.

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