Chapter 545 Dazzling!

“So frightening!”

The martial warriors beside him felt the frightening suction force and a strong sense of danger.

“What’s Wang Teng doing?” Everyone in the country was watching this scene in front of the screens.

The terrifying emptiness gradually turned into a frightening tornado, rendering everyone speechless and shocked.

Although many people were curious, the martial warriors beside them didn’t know anything either.
They had never seen such a frightening battle technique.

Especially the emptiness.
It seemed to be birthed from dimensional rifts!

What kind of battle technique could move


Numerous martial warriors stared at the tornado in bewilderment.

Capital Xia.

The leader of martial arts suddenly took a step forward as if this was the only way to see the situation on the screen clearly.
His gaze turned sharp and bright, and he let out a huge sigh after some time.”This is… space skill!”

The commander of the military and the principal of The First University had noticed it too.
They were astounded.
Even they couldn’t maintain their composure at this moment.

“Wang Teng has grasped a space battle technique!” the commander of the military said in disbelief.

“He… how did he do it?” The minister of education’s eyes were shimmering.

“From what I know, you need to possess the space talent if you want to execute a space battle technique…” the leader of martial arts said slowly.

There was no need to say things clearly.
Everyone understood.

This was his talent.
They could only feel jealous!

Above the Donghai sea, while everyone was in a daze, a tornado with Wang Teng in the center was spinning at a frightening speed.
The shrill sound of the wind spooked the listeners.
At the same time, an appalling suction swept everywhere.

The seawater was swept up into the sky.
On land, the tree and broken rocks on the mountain were blown up and sucked into the tornado…

Everyone was staggered.
They stopped hesitating and dashed down the mountain.

Dan Taixuan and the others flew past the mountains with stern expressions on their faces.
They watched the scene from a distance.

Fortunately, the huge mountains were blocking them.
Without it, the human martial warriors might have to retreat much further so that they wouldn’t get implicated by the tornado.


The battle between Old Han and the Windstorm Giant Ape finally stopped.
The seawater fell back into the sea, revealing the situation behind it.

A figure flew out abruptly!


Old Han vomited a mouthful of blood.
His old body slammed down from the sky like a broken gunny sack.
Killing intent was burning in the eyes of the Windstorm Giant Ape.
It wanted to throw its long rod out once again.

Old Han’s body suddenly started flying backward at a fast speed as if there was an invisible force pulling him.

Dan Taixuan and the others immediately dashed out and caught Old Han.
“Cough!” Old Han’s face was pale.
He coughed out blood again.
“Old Han, are you alright?” Dan Taixuan asked worriedly.

Old Han’s frail hands were trembling slightly.
But he still waved them and said, “Put me down.”

“Your injury…” Governor Jiang couldn’t help but ask.

“I won’t die anytime soon.” Old Han’s face had gotten whiter, but no one could stop his stubbornness.
They put him down.

He wobbled in the air like a kite without its string, looking like a strong gust of wind would take him away.
Everyone was worried for him.

Old Han looked in front.
Astonishment flashed past his eyes as he asked, “Did Wang Teng make that?”

“Yes,” Dan Taixuan nodded and replied.
“Good riddance, no wonder he dared to kill the three lord-level sea beasts in front of the Windstorm Giant Ape!” Old Han smiled.

As they were talking, the Windstorm Giant Ape also looked at the space tornado in front and turned vigilant.
He could sense a strong sense of threat from it.

At this moment, the space tornado started spinning furiously and gradually moved forward.
An even more powerful suction force came out from within the tornado as it swept towards the sea beasts.

The sea beasts screamed in fear.
They scurried around, but under the strong suction force, their bodies soared into the sky uncontrollably and flew towards the space tornado.

Amidst the agonizing cries, multiple sea beasts merged into the space tornado.

Pfft, pfft, pfft!

Before they could scream, they were shredded into pieces by the tornado.
Blood scattered down like rain.

The remaining sea beasts ran away frantically.
They swam towards the distance and the bottom of the sea, wanting to evade the powerful space tornado.
However, the space tornado continued moving forward firmly.
The sea beasts near it couldn’t escape their fate of death.

“Roar!” The Windstorm Giant Ape bellowed when it saw the scene.
“Human, stop!” A cold snort answered him.
Wang Teng’s voice came from within the space tornado.
“It’s too late.
Do you think that humans are made of mud? Any invaders must pay the price.
I will not let any of you return!”

His voice grew louder and louder.
Toward the end, it spread over the sea and resounded everywhere.

The humans behind the mountains felt a rush of adrenaline in their bodies.
They looked in front.
Even though they couldn’t see his figure, excitement still rose in their eyes.

Well said!

We must let the sea beasts know that we, humans, aren’t easy to bully! “Roar!”

The Windstorm Giant Ape howled.
Watching the sea beasts getting sucked into the space tornado one by one and finally being shredded into pieces, its eyes turned bloodshot.

“You should die!” it screamed.
The storm and lightning around it increased exponentially and formed an equally frightening lightning windstorm.
It engulfed its body.


At this moment, the Windstorm Giant Ape seemed to have turned into a lightning windstorm.

It was the king of storms!

It was the ruler of lightning!

Amidst the frightening aura, it roared to the sky and knocked forcefully into the space tornado.


The space tornado and the lightning windstorm collided above the sea.

The scene was extremely frightening.
It was like the dawn of a calamity.
Humans couldn’t stop it!

The seawater was churning while the sky was pitch-black with black clouds covering the sun.
This area seemed exceptionally gloomy and depressing

The two tornados spun furiously, corroding and destroying each other.

Boom, boom, boom! The explosions in the sky never ceased.
It was like the dawn of the apocalypse.
The humans behind were all shocked and flabbergasted.
There was no way to describe their emotions.

Suddenly, a huge wave splashed into the sky, blocking everyone’s view.
They could only hear continuous explosions.

The Windstorm Giant Ape won in terms of ability, while Wang Teng won in terms of the frightening level of the space tornado.

Both sides were at a standstill.
They were arch-enemies, so no one was willing to admit defeat.
They would either win or die trying.



The ape and the human bellowed furiously, pressing their attacks down on their opponent.


A dreadful explosion suddenly erupted from the point of collision between the two tornados.
The world turned dead silent.

“Who won?”

The people at the back stared in front absent-mindedly.
They were extremely nervous.
Their hearts had risen to their throats as they waited for the result.

The sea waves subsided.
Two figures faintly appeared in everyone’s vision.
One of them was the huge figure of the Windstorm Giant Ape.
The other appeared extremely small beside it.
Yet his back was straight, and he stood erect in the air.
He wasn’t far from the Windstorm Giant Ape.

There was a huge commotion in the ranks of the humans.

The Windstorm Giant Ape was drenched in blood, its body marred with numerous wounds.
It looked tragic and miserable.
It was panting heavily as it stared intently at Wang Teng, wishing to skin him alive.

Wang Teng had multiple wounds on his body too.
Fresh blood stained his clothes and dripped down his body.
However, there were no emotions on his face.
His gaze was calm and composed as he stared at the giant ape.

The human martial warriors behind, the normal people in the underground shelter, as well as all the audience in front of the screens in the country… Everyone was focused on them with bated breaths.
The fate of Donghai lay in Wang Teng’s hands.
“Retreat!” At this moment, a resolute voice came from Wang Teng’s mouth.


Dead silence!

The Windstorm Giant Ape glared at Wang Teng.
After some time, it finally opened its mouth.
“Human, tell me your name.”

Its voice remained loud and dignified.
However, there was a hint of tiredness and weakness hidden in it.

“Wang Teng!” he replied after a moment of silence.

“I’ll remember you!” The Windstorm Giant Ape gave Wang Teng a deep look.
Then, it turned around and walked towards the depth of the sea.
Its huge body submerged into the seawater step by step before it finally disappeared.

The remaining sea beasts followed closely behind and disappeared entirely from the surface of the sea.

“We… won!”

Everyone was stunned for a moment before they regained their senses.
A loud cheer suddenly erupted.

“Hahaha, we won!”

“We really won!”

“Wang Teng, Wang Teng…”

“Wang Teng!”

Someone took the lead and shouted Wang Teng’s name.
His name echoed above the Donghai ruins for a long time.

The dark clouds were swept away, and a ray of sunlight scattered down, lighting up the young figure in front.

He was dazzling!

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