Chapter 544 Imminent Storm!

The space suddenly shook, and traces of the strange fluctuations spread to the surroundings.

Dan Taixuan, Ye Jixin, and the other general-stage martial warriors immediately noticed the abnormality.
Their expressions suddenly changed.

“Why are there space fluctuations?”

Everyone was shocked.
They were confused and anxious.

Were the dark apparitions invading now?

There was a bad feeling in everyone’s hearts.
After all, they had only seen space fluctuations of a similar scale when the dimensional rifts appeared.

And for dimensional rifts to appear on Earth, it would only mean the invasion of the dark apparitions!

If that was the case, it would be like adding fuel to the fire.

The battle with the sea beasts wasn’t over, yet the dark apparitions were already invading them.
Were they taking turns?

The general-stage martial warriors’ faces turned ugly, and their heads were clouded with negative thoughts, showing a look of giving up.

“Cough, cough!” An awkward cough broke the silence.
“Don’t think too much.
I did that!”

The person who spoke was Wang Teng.
When he saw the expressions on their faces, he knew what was on their minds.

Everyone: … Several of them were confused as they looked at Wang Teng.
Suddenly, they realized that the spatial fluctuations were centered around Wang Teng

So they just… made a wrong judgment?

“You… possess space talent too?” Governor Jiang asked in surprise.

Dan Taixuan’s eyes flashed as she suddenly remembered that Wang Teng seemed to have used spatial techniques to kill the Eight Arms Devil General during the Star Maple City battle.

If that was so, it wouldn’t be strange.

Faced with Governor Jiang’s question, Wang Teng declined to comment.
“It’s better for you to step back a little bit.
The next one might be more difficult to control.”

“What are you planning to do?” Dan Taixuan’s expression changed slightly.

“Nothing much.
I just want to test my newly-developed move,” Wang Teng replied calmly.
He shamelessly proceeded to claim the space tornado as his own achievement.

Dan Taixuan and the rest naturally didn’t

when they heard Wang Teng’s words.
They still sensed something amiss, especially when they saw his calm face…

This brat might be causing some trouble!

No, ‘might’ was not the appropriate word here.
This brat was causing trouble!

“Are you sure?” Dan Taixuan frowned and asked.

Even if Wang Teng had the space talent, the difference between him and the Windstorm Giant Ape was massive.
Even if he managed to execute it, he might still not be a match.

“50-50!” Wang Teng said without changing his expression.

Everyone: …

What do you mean by 50-50? They all knew that was not a serious answer.
They were already in such a dire situation, he should stop fooling around!

Wang Teng didn’t speak, and his expression became solemn.
With him at the center, the space fluctuations became more and more intense, and the ripples started forming waves that were visible to the naked eye as they spread outwards.

Dan Taixuan and the rest were too close and could feel them firsthand.
The space fluctuations made them feel unstable, and a strong sense of danger surfaced in their hearts.

Space was not something that a normal martial warrior could lay a finger on.
It was extremely rare even for a general-stage martial warrior to grasp the existence of space.

As the spatial fluctuations intensified, the surroundings would suddenly crack.
Even a general-stage warrior would be torn apart by the dimensional rifts.
Even if they managed to escape death, they would not be spared from serious injuries.

They exchanged glances with one another before retreating.
It was laughable that as a general-stage martial warrior, they couldn’t offer much help and could only stand back.

The younger generations would exceed the older generation, leaving no path for them…


The Windstorm Giant Ape and Old Han clashed, and the shockwave swept the surroundings.


The seawater started churning, forming a huge whirlpool.
The flow of water was turbulent, but the Windstorm Giant Ape’s giant body didn’t budge at all.

The Windstorm Giant Ape swung the long rod in its hand, smashing it towards Old Han.
The storm and the lightning came together, painting a devastating scene.

There was already a trace of blood on the corner of Old Han’s mouth.
His old injury had relapsed, and the fierce battle made it impossible for him to suppress it any longer.

However, he held on, and sword glows erupted from his body, soaring in the sky!

The next moment, though, the sword glows shot back.
Although the sword conscious returned and converged into his body, it had become even sharper and terrifying than before!

Old Han’s back suddenly straightened.
It was like he had transformed into a peerless sword.


A roar escaped his mouth, resounding through the heavens.
In an instant, his body vanished.
He turned into a sword glow and rose into the sky, slashing towards the Windstorm Giant Ape!

collided, everything seemed to have fallen into silence.

The waves stopped, while the whirlpool came to an end.
The sea beasts and humans in the distance seemed to freeze at that moment.


A metallic trill was the only sound in this world.
It shook the skies and seas endlessly.


Soon after, a terrifying roar finally broke out.

The shockwaves from the clash blasted the seawater into the sky, and the terrifying energy swept across the surroundings.
The faces of Dan Taixuan and the rest changed as they stepped back.

Only Wang Teng stood in front.
The terrifying shock wave bombarded his body, and the fierce winds made his clothes flap loudly.
His long black hair danced wildly in the air.

Wang Teng’s body was surging with Force, blocking the shockwave.

In front of him, the spatial fluctuations had reached the peak, releasing bursts of crackling sounds.
At a certain moment, the space around Wang Teng suddenly cracked and formed deep, dark rifts.
Inside them was a bottomless pit of the void!

A gust of wind from the void gushed out from the crack and surrounded Wang Teng as if it was manipulated by a certain force.
It was gentle like a breeze in the beginning, but it gradually became faster, turning into a violent tornado.

It spun rapidly, tearing apart the surrounding space, forming a terrifying piece of the void.

It was the birth of a tornado!

Wang Teng’s body finally vanished in the swirling tornado!

Dan Taixuan and the rest immediately felt a terrifying pull.
Not only were they floating towards it, but even their blood and Force were also moving as if they were about to break out of their bodies.
Everyone was startled as they retreated even further.

They had already retreated previously, but it was clearly not enough.

“Retreat!” At the same time, they shouted at the human soldiers behind them.

There were still many soldiers on top of the mountains.
They had also felt the strong pull.
The surrounding trees were all tilted over, and countless gravel was rolling in that direction…

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