Chapter 543 This Stupid Brat Is Creating Trouble For Him!

The three lord-level sea beasts shuddered instantly when they heard the cold and mocking voice.
They raised their heads and stared at the cruel human above them.

This was the human that caught them and wanted to eat them.

He was a devil!

The Windstorm Giant Ape frowned when it saw Wang Teng waking up the three lord-level sea beasts but not letting them go.
His voice thundered over once again.
“Human, are you trying to violate the agreement? Release them!”

Its tone was stronger this time, carrying a huge pressure in it.

Old Han and the others looked at Wang Teng.

“What is Wang Teng trying to do?” Governor Jiang frowned.

Is this brat causing trouble again? Dan Taixuan raised her eyebrows as she murmured in her heart.
She didn’t say this aloud, though.

The three lord-level sea beasts felt more confident after hearing the Windstorm Giant Ape’s words.
They shouted, “Human, release


“Release us.
If not, our king will raid your city!” the giant lobster threatened.

“Noisy!” Wang Teng’s gaze turned cold.
He released his Emerald Glazed Flame again.


The Force net was engulfed by the green flames.
They burnt the three lord-level sea beasts, causing them to scream in pain.



The three lord-level sea beasts struggled frantically.
They wanted to break through the Force net and get rid of the burning green flames.
However, they knew how tough and tensile the Force net was.
No matter how much they struggled, it was all in vain.

The gaze of the Windstorm Giant Ape turned chilly.
“You’re seeking death!” “You want them, right?” Wang Teng replied calmly, “Since you want them, I’ll give them back to you.”

The Windstorm Giant Ape was stunned.
It opened its mouth instantly, “Release that net!” Wang Teng nodded.
He looked straight at the Windstorm Giant Ape and lifted the net gradually.
The three lord-level sea beasts got closer and closer to him.

By now, the three lord-level sea beasts had stopped screaming.
Their gazes turned malicious, and killing intent burned furiously in their hearts.

As a lord-level sea beast, they had never suffered such a treatment before.
The human in front of them must die!

The moment they broke free from the net, this human would die.

Very soon, Wang Teng pulled the three sea beasts near his feet.
He looked down on them and suddenly smiled, saying in a lighthearted tone, “Come, let me free y’all.”

The three lord-level sea beasts were elated.
Freedom was within their reach.
They would be able to kill this human in front of them very soon and take revenge for the humiliation he had caused them.

Wang Teng stretched out his hand towards the deep-sea giant python.
Everyone stared at him.
For some reason, they started to get nervous.

Dan Taixuan and the others were waiting for the sea beasts to retaliate.
After all, no one dared to bet on the credibility of the sea beasts.

Right then, a sudden change occurred.

A sharp glow shot out of Wang Teng’s sleeve without any warning and flew into the deep-sea giant python’s eyes.


There was no time for the happiness in the deep-sea giant python’s eyes to subside.
Its pupils constricted into a line, but it was too late.
Excruciating pain racked its body, and it hissed in agony.
Then, its voice was abruptly cut off.
The deep-sea giant python wriggled violently before it stiffened.

It… was dead!

It got killed by Wang Teng!

“You! How dare you!” The giant lobster and the giant octopus widened their eyes in disbelief as they stared at the human in front of them.

This human dared to kill them right under the Windstorm Giant Ape’s nose! He must be crazy!

“It’s your turn!” Wang Teng suddenly turned his head and smiled at them.

The moment he finished speaking, the sharp glow came out of the deep-sea giant python’s other eye and went straight for the giant octopus’s eye.

“No!” The giant octopus gave a furious roar, but it was futile.


The ray of light pierced into its eye, and everything ended.

At the same time, Wang Teng arrived in front of the large lobster.
He slapped the lobster while it was staring at him in bewilderment.


The slap was printed straight on its head.
A frightening Force surged out.

The giant lobster trembled.
Its body turned stiff, and it died on the spot.

In an instant, the other two lord-level sea beasts had died in Wang Teng’s hands after the deep-sea giant python was killed.

It sounded like it took a long time, but everything happened within three breaths.

The general-stage martial warriors behind were stunned.

“F**k, Little Brother Wang is crazy!” Wang Dapao stared at him with wide eyes.
He couldn’t help but curse.

Everyone behind them was flabbergasted.
They almost bit their tongues because of the scare they had received from Wang Teng’s sudden move.



“You are tempting fate!” The Windstorm Giant Ape regained its senses.
It knew that it had been fooled and flared up in anger.
“Although fresh seafood is good, frozen ones are not bad either,” Wang Teng muttered to himself.
However, his voice was quite loud.


Everyone almost fainted when they heard this.

Why are you thinking about food at a time like this? Can’t you be a little more reliable, you bastard!

Also, are you doing this to eat or what? He had knocked on the den of the lion when he killed the three lord-level sea beasts.
Huge trouble was waiting for them now.
Who could pacify the anger of the Windstorm Giant Ape?

His words had triggered the Windstorm Giant Ape.
It stepped on the huge waves and charged towards him with lightning bolts and storms swirling around him.

Wang Teng picked up the attribute bubbles left by the three lord-level sea beasts.
He didn’t look at them carefully.
Instead, he turned back and ran away while screaming, “Old Han, help!”

Everyone: …

Old Han: …

Everyone thought that Wang Teng had some ultimate move that could defeat the Windstorm Giant Ape.
If not, why would he have the courage to kill the three lord-level sea beasts?

But in the end, he pleaded for Old Han’s help.

Old Han’s face was black.
He almost vomited blood because of his frustration.
This stupid brat was creating trouble for him!

Wang Teng’s speed was outstanding.
With a Swoosh, he was already behind Old Han, saying hurriedly, “Old Han, I’ve followed your instructions and killed the three lord-level sea beasts.
Now, it’s your turn!”

“When did I ask you to kill the three lord-level sea beasts?” Old Han was stunned, the veins on his forehead popping out.

“Weren’t you winking at me just now?” Wang Teng said, “I completely understood what you meant.
These sea beasts aren’t reliable.
Hence, it’s better to kill the three lord-level sea beasts instead of releasing them.” “… You make so much sense!” Old Han was speechless.

“I’ve already killed them, so there’s no point talking about this now.
You should fight with it.
With your ability, you shouldn’t cower!” Wang Teng noticed that Old Han’s expression seemed strange, so he hurriedly gifted him with compliments.

Old Han took a deep breath.
“Get out of my


“Sigh!” Wang Teng ran to the back obediently.

Old Han: …

Dan Taixuan and the others had strange expressions on their faces.
They looked at Wang Teng as if he were a jinx.

“Where’s your brain? How can you be so stupid?” Ye Jixin was speechless.

“Principal, I respect you, but you’re framing me.
It makes me unhappy.” Wang Teng rolled his eyes and continued, “I’m doing it for everyone.
If the sea beasts were reliable, the war wouldn’t have happened today.
Why aren’t we killing the three lord-level sea beasts? Are we waiting for them to invade us again?”

Ye Jixin, Dan Taixuan, and the others had to admit that Wang Teng made sense, but somehow, they still found it strange.
Wang Dapao heaved a sigh of relief, feeling that his seafood feast was saved.
Admiration swarmed into his heart.
His Little Brother Wang was a vicious man!

“In that case, tell us what we should do now? Old Han is injured.
He has been suppressing it all these years, so he might not be able to stop the Windstorm Giant Ape!” Dan Taixuan took a deep breath and said seriously

“He’s injured!?” Wang Teng’s expression changed.
He had never imagined such a turn of events.

At first, he thought that with Old Han’s ability, he would be able to hold back the Windstorm Giant Ape.
The other martial warriors would block the remaining sea beasts, and both sides would be on par in terms of strength.
They would have some chances of winning.

But after knowing that Old Han was injured, their strength wouldn’t be equal.
“Why didn’t you say that earlier?” Wang Teng said helplessly.

“I wanted to fool the Windstorm Giant Ape, but I didn’t expect you to be so bold.
You killed the three lord-level sea beasts instantly.” Dan Taixuan didn’t know what to do either.
She knew that she couldn’t blame Windstorm Giant Ape, but she still felt anger boiling in her heart.


While they were speaking, Old Han and the Windstorm Giant Ape had already collided.
A frightening explosion occurred.

Old Han seemed to have turned into a sharp silver-white blade.

His entire body had merged with his blade conscious.
He was the blade, and the blade was him.
With his body engulfed in an indomitable blade aura, he charged towards the Windstorm Giant Ape with unrivaled energy.


The Windstorm Giant Ape bellowed furiously.
A gigantic long staff made from rock appeared in its hand.
There was lightning and wind Force entangled on it.
It crashed into the blade glow loudly.

Wang Teng’s expression turned grim.
He scanned his attributes panel and muttered to himself, “It looks like I can only use that


Just now, he had picked up another round of attribute bubbles, so his blank attribute number had increased once again, reaching 15800 points.

Wang Teng added the blank attributes to his Space Tornado without any hesitation!

This skill was the only one that could turn the tides now!

After adding 15800 points of blank attributes, the proficiency of his Space Tornado increased exponentially.
It crossed the foundation level, the small achievement level, and the big achievement level, stopping at the perfected stage.
The requirement of each stage for the Space Tornado was exponential.
Hence, more and more blank attributes were needed to reach each stage.
The foundation stage required 100 points, the small achievement stage needed 1000 points, the big achievement stage needed 5000 points, and the perfected stage needed 10000 points.

Space Tornado: 9776/10000 (perfected)

His Space Tornado skill had almost reached the peak of the perfected stage.
Wang Teng’s understanding of the Space Tornado was almost fully completed.
He felt that it wouldn’t be difficult for him to execute it now.

He could even combine it with his space talent.
Some unexpected chemistry might happen.

A sharp glint appeared in Wang Teng’s eyes when he remembered the space tornado he saw in the dimensional rift.

His gaze turned deep.
His black pupils were like an endless space with tornados spinning in them.
He lifted his arms, and the space in front of him suddenly became distorted…

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