Chapter 540: Windstorm King! Our King!

“Old Brother Wang, President Ye, pull the net.
It’s time to catch the haul!” Wang Teng shouted at Wang Dapao and Ye Jixin when he saw the deep-sea giant python struggling more and more violently.

“Alright!” Wang Dapao chuckled and pulled the net in his hand tightly.

Ye Jixin didn’t reply to Wang Teng.
Although one of his arms was frozen, his other arm was fine.
He pulled violently and tightened the net.

The three corners of the Force net were in their hands.
As the three of them exerted force together, the net tightened.

The deep-sea giant python was still unwilling to give up.
It struggled furiously.
The huge force knocked against the net, causing lumps to appear in all corners.
It wanted to squeeze out through the gaps of the net, but the three martial warriors weren’t easy to deal with either.

Especially Wang Teng.
With the powerful Ancient God’s Body, his strength exceeded that of a 12-star general-stage martial warrior.

He shouted, and the energy in his body erupted.
The Force net was tightened to its limit.

The deep-sea giant python screamed in pain.
Its entire body was twisted awkwardly.
It was trapped in the Force net and couldn’t move at all.

Its head was stuck in one of the gaps, so it appeared extremely funny.

The Emerald Glazed Flame scattered around the net continued to burn the python’s body and Force without stopping.
As a result, the python never stopped screaming.

Ye Jixin and Wang Dapao were astounded.

“This is it?”

The two of them were in disbelief.
This powerful 12-star lord-level star beast seemed like an ordinary python in Wang Teng’s hands.

Ye Jixin took a deep breath.
He had been fighting with the deep-sea giant python for a long time, but he couldn’t do anything to it.
In the end, Wang Teng ended the battle the moment he acted.

Did being more sinister make you stronger?

He suddenly felt that having a brain was a good thing.
However, some people lacked the smarts.
For instance, this person…

He glanced at Wang Dapao.

At this moment, Wang Dapao was staring at Wang Teng with his mouth agape like an idiot.

Dan Taixuan and Governor Jiang noticed the situation on this side too.
They widened their eyes in surprise.
It all felt like a dream.

No one was able to take down any lord-level sea beast after fighting for so long.
Yet, when it came to Wang Teng, he caught the lord-level sea beasts one after another as if he were finding seafood.

This was… too much of a blow to them!

Wang Teng disregarded these people.
He dragged the large net to the back and knocked the deep-sea giant python unconscious.
He threw it together with the lord-level lobster and the lord-level octopus.

“Watch them carefully!” He threw these words at the soldiers around him before returning to the battlefield.

The soldiers: …

This is the third one!

Are you really planning a seafood feast!

The expressions of all the citizens watching this scene turned strange.
This tragic war had suddenly turned into a seafood catching session!

The image changed all of a sudden!

In Capital Xia, the leader of martial arts, the commander, and the other higher authorities couldn’t control their expressions.
They looked at the hardworking figure carrying all the seafood and shook their heads.

Wait, they aren’t seafood.
Those are lord-level sea beasts!

Wang Teng didn’t know what everyone was thinking.
He finished transporting the seafood quickly and went back to the surface of the sea.

Dan Taixuan and the others surrounded the remaining lord-level sea beasts.


These lord-level sea beasts were frightened.
In a blink of an eye, there were only three lord-level sea beasts left.
They looked around them and suddenly felt a little lonely.

What should they do? They were anxious.

They looked at the human martial warriors closing in on them and shuddered involuntarily.
Despair wafted into their hearts.


At this moment, some distance away, the surface of the sea exploded, and a huge black shadow rose from the depth of the sea.

As the gigantic body floated above the sea, a terrifying aura spread out.


A deafening voice came out of its mouth, shaking the sky and the sea.

Dan Taixuan, Ye Jixin, Governor Jiang, and the other martial warriors were thunderstruck.
The victorious situation suddenly turned around.

Everyone squinted as they looked at the huge shadow that had suddenly appeared in the distance.

Wang Teng’s expression changed too.
He looked in the direction.

He saw an enormous ape with purplish-blue fur emerging from the surface of the sea.
Water fell off its body and gave rise to huge waves.
Its eyes were dark purple, and its face was hideous.
The domineering aura it gave off made them unable to look at it directly.

Suddenly, lightning flashed in the sky and thunder roared.
Purple bolts of lightning struck down beside the giant ape.

At the same time, tornados started forming on the sea.
They circled above the giant ape’s head, making it look like the son of heaven and earth.

A strange phenomenon!

The appearance of the giant ape had stirred up many natural strange phenomenons.

Everyone’s expression was grave.
Their gazes were flickering as many emotions ran through their hearts.

The people around the country were gradually starting to relax, but with the appearance of the giant ape, their hearts were lifted to their throats once again.

The leaders in Capital Xia were staggered.
They stared at the appalling beast on the screen.

“How is this possible?” The minister of education was dumbstruck.
“How can there be such a powerful presence among the star beasts!”

“Variable! Variable!” The leader of martial arts sighed loudly as he muttered to himself.

“What should we do? With this powerful appearance, Donghai…” The commander didn’t continue.

But everyone was thinking about the same thing.
This time, Donghai might… not survive!


The people in the underground shelter lost their voices when they saw the sudden giant figure.

Despair submerged everyone’s hearts.

Things were taking a turn for the better, and everyone thought that the battle was about to end.
Yet in the blink of an eye, the situation reversed again.
Who could stand this rollercoaster of emotions?

Normal people were unable to tell how powerful this giant ape was, but they saw the general-stage human martial warriors on their guards as though they were confronted by a formidable enemy.
Hence, they knew that the giant ape was terrifying.

The human martial warriors on the ground felt the most direct impact.
The frightening aura surged over from the sea and made them deeply alarmed.

This giant ape was so terrifying that it surpassed the power of all the other lord-level sea beasts combined.
Could any human stop it?

Everyone felt hopeless!

If heaven wanted Donghai to be doomed, Donghai was doomed.

This seemed like a joke from heaven.
It saw them struggling and gave them hope.
Then, it threw them into the abyss of despair so that they were unable to climb out again.

“Windstorm King! Our king!”

A voice broke the silence.

The three remaining lord-level sea beasts lowered themselves in the direction of the giant ape.
They were inferior and respectful.

Numerous sea beasts kneeled and gave a low howl.
Although they couldn’t speak, they used their own ways to show their respect and submission.

Windstorm King!

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