screaming shrilly like a pig being slaughtered.


Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.

“I don’t know if I’m dead, but I know that you’re definitely dead.”

While speaking, Wang Teng raised the brick again under the other party’s horrified gaze and smashed it down.

At the start, the bald man was still quite tough.
His gaze was fierce, and he glared at Wang Teng like a ruthless wolf.

But, now, he was scared.
This youth in front of him looked like a high school student with a smile on his face.
His expression was calm and composed, but when he decided to act, it was really terrifying.

“Stop hitting me! I’m wrong, I will not do it again, please let me go…”

The bald man’s face was severely bruised and swollen.
He couldn’t speak properly, so he sounded a little tongue-tied.
There was only fear left in his mind.

This young man was too ruthless!

He was really ruthless.

Ouch~ this is so painful!

“I didn’t want to hit you before, but I feel that you’re not very convinced by me.
So, I had to hit you reluctantly,” Wang Teng said after he stopped beating the man.

He didn’t want to stop hitting the bald man.
Instead, he had to stop because after dropping some spirit attributes, the bald man stopped dropping them no matter how much he hit him.
What a pity!

In total—Spirit*0.4

The bald man looked at the sky.
Suddenly, he wanted to cry.

Since you’re so reluctant, you don’t have to hit me.
No one is forcing you.

Mom, this person must be a devil! I want to go home!

“So, are you convinced or not?” asked Wang Teng.

“Yes (Hu)! I’m convinced!” The bald man nodded hurriedly.

Wang Teng dumped the brick on his head again.

“Ah! Why are you hitting me now?” The man screamed in terror.
He was confused.

“Do you think you’re playing mahjong? Who’s asking you if you ‘Hu’ (in Chinese, Fu means convinced and ‘Hu’ means a win in mahjong) or not?” Wang Teng widened his eyes.

“I…” The bald man was extremely frustrated.
He even wanted to vomit blood.
He kept quiet for a long time before saying a single word, “Yes (Fu)!”

“That’s good.” Wang Teng nodded.


Unexpectedly, the bald man suffered a knock on his head again.

“Why?” Tears welled up in his eyes.
He felt so wronged, but he had nowhere to vent it.

“For no reason.
I just don’t like you,” Wang Teng explained calmly.

The bald man: …

“Give me the loan receipt.”

The bald man obediently took out the loan receipt.
Wang Teng called Lin Chuhan over and passed it to her.
“Take a look at it and see if this is the correct one.”

Lin Chuhan went back and confirmed with her mother.
She returned and nodded.
“That’s right.
This is the one my dad and mom wrote.”

Wang Teng took it over and scanned it.
He then mocked, “They borrowed 100 thousand, and you wanted them to return 200 thousand? This is much easier than being a robber.”

He squatted down and waved the brick in front of the bald man’s face.
“In the past, I met five people who wanted to rob a bank.
They wanted to kill me, but do you know what happened to them in the end?”

The bald man suddenly remembered a piece of news he had heard a few days ago.

A few robbers who robbed a bank got killed by someone!

He heard that the person who killed them was a hostage.
Also, the hostage was a high school student!

The bald man looked at Wang Teng in fear.
He couldn’t help but tremble, his heart pounding in his chest.

“Bang!” Wang Teng suddenly exerted force in his fingers and broke the brick in his hand.
He said, “Look, this is what happened to them.”

“Brother… I know my mistake.
I was really wrong.
Please spare me.”

The bald man really wanted to cry.
He had come to get a loan back and tease a young lady along the way.
Why did he have to offend this devil?

He must have forgotten to look at the almanac when he went out this morning!

That’s right, this must be the reason.

Wang Teng didn’t scare him anymore.
He said to Lin Chuhan, “Transfer the money to him.
100,100 RMB.
The additional 100 is the interest.”

“Do you have any objections?” The last sentence was directed at the bald man wearing a black suit.

“No, no!” The other party shook his head in a hurry.
At this moment, he didn’t dare to have any objection.
He still wanted his head to be on his neck.

He had heard that those robbers’ heads were smashed into meat paste by the hostage…

Oh my god, this was so scary!

Lin Chuhan hurriedly transferred the money.

Wang Teng took out a lighter and lit up the loan receipt right in front of the bald man.
He burnt the whole piece of paper.

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