Chapter 538 Seafood Is Best Eaten Fresh


The lord-level sea beasts screamed and slammed their huge bodies on the sea.
The commotion set off tall waves towards the front.


Ye Jixin and the martial warriors also turned serious.
They charged towards the lord-level sea beasts with no signs of backing down.

“Take a rest first,” Dan Taixuan said to Wang Teng.
Before he could reply, she had dashed out.

At this moment, with the three large mountains blocking the coastline, the chaos in Donghai had calmed down a bit.
The human martial warriors only had to clear the remaining sea beasts in the city.

Normal soldiers rode up the mountains in aircraft.
Each of them was carrying a heavy machine gun.
They erected them on the mountain peaks and started firing at the sea.

The instant these three mountains were erected, the support department had already made the arrangements.
They used heavy machine guns to cover an area and stopped the sea beasts from landing on the shore.

Boom, boom, boom!

Loud gunshots never stopped.
Rune bullets rained down on the sea beasts.
They possessed enough strength to break through shells, so they claimed the lives of a large number of sea beasts.

There weren’t just rune bullets.
There were large-sized rune cannons too, their power on par with a hit from a high-rank martial warrior.
Those 5-star and above sea beasts would explode into pieces once they tasted these cannons.
There was no way they could survive the attack.


Some high-rank sea beasts that were able to fly wanted to fly up the mountain and destroy the heavy machine guns.
However, the high-rank human martial warriors weren’t easy to deal with.
They stopped these sea beasts in front of the mountains.

Wang Teng frowned as he looked at the sea dotted with countless sea beasts.
Although he had moved three mountains to block Donghai, there were still too many sea beasts.
Also, they showed no signs of retreating.
This tough battle might continue for some time.

“Hey, lobster, don’t run!”

Suddenly, a loud shout came to his ears.
Wang Teng’s expression turned weird.

Some distance away, Wang Dapao was chasing after the lord-level lobster, which was scurrying away like a goose being chased.

The lord-level lobster’s dignity was all gone.
At that moment, it was running away frantically.

“You’re bullying me!

“You’re bullying me!”

It screamed loudly.
It wanted to turn and retaliate, but it couldn’t beat the human behind


If it didn’t run, it would turn into a lobster feast.

This was too scary!

So scary!

Suddenly, the lord-level lobster saw Wang Teng looking at him with a mocking smile.
Its two small eyes lit up.

This human looked weak and seemed to have expended his energy.
He must be exhausted.

If it could catch him, it would be a huge contribution.
Also, with this hostage, the human behind him wouldn’t chase him anymore.

Its thoughts turned cruel, and killing intent shot out of its eyes.

“Be careful!” Wang Dapao realized the lord-level lobster’s intention and shouted to remind Wang Teng.
“It’s too late!” The lord-level lobster laughed delightedly.
It appeared above Wang Teng in an instant and attacked him with its antennas.

The strange look in Wang Teng’s eyes got stronger.
He didn’t do anything and just sized up the lobster.

It was huge.
It must be delicious… right? He felt a little hungry.

“I caught you, hahaha-ahh!”

The lord-level lobster pounced on Wang Teng and tied him up with its antennas.
However, the next instant, its laughter stopped abruptly.

Its antennas went right through Wang Teng’s body.
This wasn’t his true body.
It was just a lingering shadow.

“You didn’t catch me; I caught you!” A calm voice appeared beside the lord-level lobster’s ear.

Feeling astounded, it wanted to turn and run away, but it felt a huge strength falling on its body.


The lord-level lobster’s eyes went wide open as it fell towards the ground.

It finally understood why this young human was able to move two mountains.
Who could withstand his frightening strength!

The thought flashed past its mind.
It regretted provoking this human.

Exhausted? It was all a show, a show!


The lord-level lobster crashed onto the mountain.
The human martial warriors around it scattered instantly.

“Hahaha, Little Brother Wang, I still had to rely on you.
This lobster is extremely sly.
I couldn’t catch it even after chasing it for a long time.
But you got it in one move.” Wang Dapao laughed.

“Old Brother Wang, this lobster looks delicious,” Wang Teng laughed and said.

“Of course.
I felt the same at first glance!” Wang Dapao swallowed his saliva.

Everyone around them: …

These two people were a bit too relaxed.
They were discussing if that lord-level lobster was delicious!

But honestly, that was a lord-level lobster.
If they could have a taste of it, they could boast about it for their entire life!

Slurp… many people swallowed their salivas unconsciously.

“Ah!” The lord-level lobster screamed.
It shivered in anger when it heard their conversation.
It struggled furiously and flung its huge pincers around frantically.
However, it couldn’t break free from the huge strength weighing down on its body.

“Stay quiet!” Wang Teng stepped on the lobster’s back furiously.


The lord-level lobster’s body sunk into the rock.
Cracks formed around it like spiderwebs and spread outwards.

“Let me go! Have a duel with me if you dare.
What’s with the sneak attack? I’m not convinced!” the lord-level lobster rolled its eyes and shouted continuously.

“This lobster seems a little stupid.
We should just eat it,” Wang Teng said.

“Yes, that’s right.” Wang Dapao touched his chin and sized up the lobster again meaningfully.

The lord-level lobster’s face turned green.

Are they devils?

Can you discuss something more meaningful besides eating?

They kept saying they wanted to eat it.
What did it do wrong?


Wang Teng stopped wasting time with the lobster.
He slapped its forehead and knocked it unconscious.
Then, he said to the soldier beside him.
“Tie it up and watch it carefully.
Don’t let it die.
It won’t be fresh.”

The soldiers around them were speechless.
But they knew that this young man was a powerful martial warrior who could move mountains to fill up the sea.
He had made great contributions to Donghai, so they could satisfy his request.
The two soldiers agreed and moved forward, tying the huge lobster up.
Wang Teng nodded.
He flew into the half-air and scanned the ground.
Then, he picked up attribute bubbles to replenish his consumption.

Wang Dapao clicked his tongue.
“Brother Wang, you’re not only strong, but your stamina is also amazing!”

Wang Teng: …

It seemed like a compliment, but it sounded strange for some reason.

“Old Brother Wang, I feel that the octopus is not bad.
That huge octopus leg will be delicious when barbecued.” He coughed and pointed at Dan Taixuan and the giant octopus with his chin.

“Oh, right!” Wang Dapao gulped unconsciously.
His eyes were shimmering.
“What are we waiting for? Hurry up and take care of it.
We’re not doing a lobster feast.
We will have a seafood feast along with some wine.

“You can go first.
I’ll come immediately,” Wang Teng said.

Be quick!” Wang Dapao didn’t ask further.
He charged towards the large-sized octopus excitedly.
Wang Teng shook his head with a smile.
In the past, he didn’t realize that Old Brother Wang was such an interesting person!

He stopped thinking about it and released his spiritual power.
All the attribute bubbles flew in and merged into his body.

Blank Attribute*210

Water Force*150

Spirit* 45

Fire Force*120

Metal Force*80

Blank Attribute*145

After some time, Wang Teng stood up and stretched his back.


A large number of attribute bubbles had flowed into his body.
His tiredness disappeared, and the Force in his body was replenished entirely.

In an instant, he was the lively and energetic handsome young man again!

Wang Teng looked ahead of him.
With Wang Dapao’s addition, Dan Taixuan’s pressure had lessened considerably.
They worked together and suppressed the giant octopus.
Wang Teng didn’t hesitate.
He stepped on the ground and turned into lingering shadows.
He shot out.

He was always serious about delicious food.
He mustn’t let go of this giant octopus.
After all, it looked tasty.

The next instant, he arrived in front of the giant octopus.
The other party noticed Wang Teng’s arrival too.
It squinted and swept its tentacle at him.


Wang Teng didn’t evade.
He stretched out his hand and exerted force, grabbing the tentacle.
“Move!” Wang Teng shouted in anger.
He lifted the giant octopus and swung it towards the sea.

Boom, boom, boom!

The giant octopus had turned into a weapon.
It smashed all the sea beasts below the sea into meat patties.
Some flew out and turned into black dots, disappearing into the sea.

The giant octopus was dizzy from the smash.
Its vision turned black.

Dan Taixuan and Wang Dapao were bewildered.

This fellow was too violent!

This was the first time they had seen such a simple and brutal method.
For some reason, they found it… refreshing!

“Human…” The giant octopus was infuriated.
It bellowed angrily.
“Stop shouting!” Wang Teng snorted.
The frightening power of the Ancient God’s Body surged out.


The giant octopus was slammed heavily on the surface of the sea, forming huge waves and causing loud explosions.

In an instant, the giant octopus’s eyes rolled back, and it fainted.

It was knocked unconscious!

The remaining lord-level sea beasts glanced in their direction.
They couldn’t control their expression anymore.
Their eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

A lord-level sea beast got knocked unconscious so easily.
This human was a pervert.

Dan Taixuan wanted to follow up with a move and kill the lord-level giant octopus.

“Master, don’t.” Wang Teng stopped her.

Dan Taixuan looked at him in confusion.

“Cough, seafood tastes best fresh.” Wang Teng felt pressurized by her gaze.
He coughed awkwardly as he spoke.

“That’s right, that’s right.
Lady, seafood isn’t tasty if it’s dead.” Wang Dapao helped Wang Teng from the side.

Dan Taixuan felt her eyebrows jumping.
She was about to burst into anger.

I’m doing my best fighting and trying to kill this octopus, but you two are thinking about eating seafood? Ridiculous!

Dan Taixuan took a deep breath before replying, “Count me in!”

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