Chapter 536: The Power That Can Pull Mountains!

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“Fill the land!”

Everyone was in a stupor when they heard this.
They thought that it was an illusion.

Wang Teng wanted to move the mountains to fill up the land!

What a mad thought!

Normal people wouldn’t even dare to think of such an idea, but Wang Teng was already putting it into action.

They were all filled with disbelief and shock.
However, when they saw the frightening rock giant, they suddenly realized that this crazy idea might be possible.

“Okay!” A sudden loud shout was heard.

“Fill the land!” Governor Jiang laughed heartily.
His laughter echoed through the entire Donghai.
“Everyone, since Wang Teng is so bold, why should we be scared?”

A burst of courage and valor appeared in everyone’s heart instantly.




Angry howls escaped the martial warriors’ mouths.
The morale of the humans increased exponentially.

By right, such a morale boost would never happen in this tragic situation.
However, Wang Teng’s daring and crazy actions ignited the courage in every martial warrior’s heart.

When they had first stepped on this martial arts path, everyone wanted to be a hero.
They imagined moving the mountains and plucking the stars.
But the further they walked on this path, the more they realized that it was impossible.
There was a limit to what they could do, including the general-stage martial warriors.

Plucking the stars was an exaggeration!

However, when they saw the rock giant, they saw a glimmer of hope.

This rock giant might not be able to pluck the stars, but what it was about to do exceeded the scope of a martial warrior.

Everyone saw a wider martial warrior’s path on Wang Teng!

The lord-level sea beasts roared.
Their hearts were trembling, and they felt a tinge of fear involuntarily.
Was this how powerful humans could be?

Governor Jiang and the others attacked with renewed vigor and forced the lord-level sea beasts back into the sea.

Dan Taixuan slashed her battle sword, her sword glows filling up the sky.
Two huge tentacles of the large octopus were chopped off.
It screamed in pain as fresh blood stained the seawater red.

Wang Dapao chopped his battle blade furiously.
A blade glow shot towards the tough shell of the lord-level lobster, leaving cracks on it.
One of its long antennas was cut in half.
It was terrified and wanted to escape back into the sea.

“Don’t run! I need you for my lobster feast!” Wang Dapao hollered.
He chased after the lobster relentlessly.

I treated you as my opponent but you want to eat me!

“Pervert!” The lord-level lobster’s face turned green.
It ran away in fright and wanted to rush into the sea.

Some distance away, Wang Teng maneuvered his rock body and scanned his surroundings.
He locked in on two mountains.

When he stepped on the ground, it quaked.

He strode towards the mountains.
These two mountains were empty and had no one living on them.
There were no signs of any villagers beside them, so he didn’t have to worry about hurting ordinary people.

Wang Teng’s gaze turned sharp.
He took a deep breath and stretched his arms out, circling the two mountains, one in each hand.
He hugged the two mountains together.

He was moving the two mountains at the same time!

Ancient God’s Body!

He roared in his heart and activated his Ancient God’s Body.


In an instant, the two mountains trembled with loud rumbles.
Huge rocks fell, and the trees on the mountain collapsed.




This time, Wang Teng wasn’t screaming in his heart.
He was screaming towards the sky!

He used this method to bolster his spirit to the maximum, releasing every last shred of strength in his muscles.

At this moment, the people in Donghai heard his earth-shattering roar.
All of them looked at the enormous rock giant in the distance in astonishment.

In the underground shelter, when the Wang family witnessed this scene through the screen, they turned dead silent, especially after seeing the rock giant.

Was this something that could be done by a human?

However, hearing his scream, they could feel how hard Wang Teng was trying.
For everyone, for all the humans in Donghai, he was giving it his all!

“All the best!” Wang Teng’s cousin, Tian Xinyu, clenched her fists uncontrollably and said in a soft voice.

Wang Hao and Fang Qianwen heard her whisper and called out too.
“Brother Wang Teng, all the best!”

“All the best!” Wang Yanan said in a low voice.

The Wang family’s emotions influenced the others around them.
Some people started shouting.

“All the best!”

“All the best!”

Emotions were contagious.
More and more people joined in wishing Wang Teng, and the voices grew louder, shaking the entire underground shelter.
All emotions were condensed into these three words: All the best!

The collective shout was so loud that it seemed as if it wanted to break through the underground shelter to find Wang Teng.

In mysterious ways, these emotions might have their impact.
The two huge mountains in Wang Teng’s arms trembled violently and started to loosen.

Wang Teng was elated.
He exerted more strength as if he wanted to release all the potential he had in his body.

Get up!

His angry roar shook the earth.
Amidst a loud explosion.
the two mountains finally left the ground.

Everyone turned silent as they stared at the huge figure who had managed to move the two mountains.
An old story appeared in their minds.

The power that can pull mountains!

In the past, our ancestors could lift the bronze cauldron!

Now, we have an unrivaled human hero who can pull mountains to fill up the sea.
He’s formidable!

Thunderous cheers erupted in Donghai City.

Wang Teng did it!

He really did it!


Wang Teng carried the two mountains towards the shore with his giant rock body, one step at a time.

He didn’t step on the ground.
Instead, he was stepping on the air.
However, due to the monstrous strength, the air was erupting.
With every step he took, there would be a loud explosion.

“Everyone, retreat!”

As he got closer, Wang Teng’s voice bellowed out.

The human martial warriors around him were overjoyed.
They scattered hurriedly.
The martial warriors on the shore also retreated…

“Stop him!” The lord-level sea beasts roared! They shuddered in fear as they stared at the huge body coming closer, feeling flabbergasted.

“Hahaha, this is the end of your arrogance!” Governor Jiang laughed.
He charged towards the lord-level sea beasts and stopped them from reaching the shore.

Dan Taixuan and the other general-stage martial warriors acted at the same time.
They would never allow the lord-level sea beasts to block Wang Teng’s path.


The huge rock body came closer.
Wherever it went, everyone would look up and stare at this lofty figure in bewilderment.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Wang Teng slammed the two large mountains outside the coastline.
Numerous sea beasts were crushed to death.
The seawater flowed backward, creating huge waves that looked like a tsunami.
It was terrifying.

The rock giant stood between the two mountains.
With a loud bang, it slowly bent its body and turned into a third mountain under everyone’s gaze.

After some time, the sea calmed down.
The two mountains stood erected along the coastline, separating the land and the sea.

Wang Teng’s figure appeared above the three mountains.
He was panting heavily, and his face was pale.
However, his gaze was intimidating.
It shot right towards the sea beasts.
His cold voice resounded in the sea.

“Anyone that passes this mountain shall die!”

For a moment, none of the sea beasts made a sound!

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