Chapter 535: Land Reclamation!

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Wang Teng didn’t know what was happening in the Ren family.
Even if he knew, he wouldn’t be bothered by it.
A defeated failure was not worthy of his attention.

He went up to the sky and stopped, overlooking Donghai City.
His aura had already reached its peak, and the five beams of Force had completely merged into his body.

The five elements Forces in his body were circulating slowly, penetrating his spine.
His power had undergone a tremendous change.

Now, his battle power exceeded the 10-star brigadier-general stage and was comparable to an 11-star low-tier general-stage martial warrior.

After his five element Forces reached the general stage, the element Forces seemed to have gone through some unusual changes.
It was just that Wang Teng had no time to pay attention to it.

After the sea beasts were stunned for a moment, they roared and lunged towards the human martial warriors again as if they were trying to get rid of the cowardice and shame that they had shown.

“It’s time!”

Wang Teng knew he couldn’t delay any longer.
He pulled out his attributes panel.

His gaze swept across all the attribute columns and landed on the blank attributes at the end.

Blank Attribute: 35600

Countless blank attribute bubbles had appeared in the entire Donghai City as scores of sea beasts were killed.
It was so much so that Wang Teng had managed to pick up a terrifying 35600 points!

These blank attributes were integral and the key to Wang Teng’s plan.

He immediately allocated all of his blank attributes without any hesitation.
Increase Heart Of Zhongyan talent!

Previously, his Heart Of Zhongyan talent was at 35 points, which was far from reaching the perfected stage.
Now, after using nearly ten thousand blank attributes, he perfected his Heart Of Zhongyan talent.

Heart Of Zhongyan: 10000/10000 (perfected)

In an instant, Wang Teng felt a mysterious change happening to his body, and his understanding of the Zhongyan clan’s talent increased to the maximum.

At this time, not even the top genius of the Zhongyan clan would have as much talent as him.

Wang Teng then added the remaining twenty-thousand something blank attributes to Ancient God’s Body.

This special scripture was of an unknown grade.
Wang Teng had already realized its strength when he obtained it from the Ancient God’s corpse.

Now, over twenty thousand blank attributes were added to Ancient God’s Body.


There was a terrifying sound erupting from Wang Teng’s body as it shook, like a supernova.
It was so loud that everyone could hear it.

“What is happening?”

“What’s going on?”

“What’s Wang Teng up to again?”

Questions were popping up in everyone’s mind.
It had only been a while, and something was happening to Wang Teng again.

When they saw Wang Teng’s solemn expression, everyone thought that he was executing his ultimate move.

Yes, definitely!

Ever since Wang Teng came back and entered the battlefield, he had not disappointed anyone with anything he did.
He was always working hard to help everyone survive.

A sense of trust started emerging from everyone’s hearts!

Ancient God’s Body: 25635/50000 (1-star)

A strange golden symbol was outlined between Wang Teng’s eyebrows.
It was only made up of one stroke, but it had an indescribable sense of mystery.

Although Wang Teng couldn’t see the symbol, he felt something strange between his eyebrows.
He couldn’t help but recall the time when he first saw the Ancient God’s corpse.
It had a complicated symbol between its eyebrows as well.

At the same time, there was a change in Wang Teng’s body.

His heart was beating fast like a drum, and his muscles tightened.
His bones became more solid as golden patterns started appearing on them, making them indestructible.
His bone marrow was like mercury, flowing and gushing, while a trace of gold appeared in his blood…

A powerful force emerged from his body, and it immediately surpassed the maximum potential of Eight Level Devil Scripture and Leiting Physique, which made Wang Teng feel unpleasant.

“Just 1-star?” Wang Teng clenched his fist and looked at the attributes panel.

“I’m not going to care anymore.” His eyes narrowed, and a glint of light burst out.

By this time, it was too late to regret anything.
He had no choice but to do it.

Heart Of Zhongyan!

There was a roar in his heart.

In an instant, the surrounding rocks seemed to be attracted by some kind of force and flew up into the sky, gathering towards Wang Teng,

In Donghai City, the collapsed buildings turned to rocks.
Mixed with steel bars, they soared up into the sky.
The sea beasts, which were stepping on the rocks, were flipped over and were in a state of confusion as they didn’t know what was happening.

Donghai City was a huge and prosperous city with countless high-rise buildings.
Most of these buildings had now turned into rubble after being destroyed by the sea beasts.
After flying towards Wang Teng, they immediately engulfed him, slowly forming a huge rock body.

At the same time, the seawater was churning.
The sediment in the seabed broke out of the water, forming a torrent towards the rock body.

The scene left everyone puzzled with questions all over their heads.

Even though the general-stage warriors were well-experienced, they couldn’t tell what he was trying to achieve and frowned.

“What is he doing?”

Across the screen, martial warriors from all around the country saw this, but no one understood anything and were all perplexed.

“Do any of you know what he’s going to do?”

“I have trained for so many years, but I have never seen anything like this.”

“Donghai’s hope might be all on this kid’s shoulders,” the leader of Martial Arts Association said.
His gray hair, tall stature, and extremely deep gaze were unshaken.

Everyone was shocked when they heard this.

Coming out from the leader’s mouth, that sentence meant something extraordinary.
From another perspective, it was his acknowledgment and praise for Wang Teng.

In Donghai, more and more rocks and sediments were accumulating.
It was obvious that the rock body centered around Wang Teng was getting bigger.

The lord-level sea beasts roared one after another as if they had felt a strong threat.


“Stop him!”

“Destroy that rock body.
Don’t let him succeed!”

“Let me!”

A roar came from beneath the sea, and a sea beast broke out of the water surface and rushed towards the rock body in the air.

It was a colorful giant lobster with a well-developed, durable shell.
Its antennas were several meters long, and its giant claws were massive and horrifying.

Its aura had reached the lord level!

Indeed, this was a delicious lord-level lobster!

It soared high into the sky, and its antenna stabbed towards the sky like a pair of spears.

The expressions of Dan Taixuan and the others changed drastically.
They wanted to stop it, but they couldn’t because they were fighting other lord-level sea beasts.

Just as the lord-level lobster’s antenna was about to pierce through the rock body, a terrifying blade glow swept across from a distance.


A dozen-meter-long Force blade glow clashed with the lobster’s antenna, setting off bright sparks.
The antenna was parried away by the blade glow.

“Who’s that?” The lord-level lobster roared.


A cold scoff came from afar.
A man was stepping on the air, walking over with a blade in his hand.
His aura was boundless, and there was a strong presence around him.

But when everyone looked at him, their expressions turned a little strange.

The middle-aged man who suddenly appeared had his hair combed back and was dressed in beach shorts and sandals.
He even had a bathrobe on his body that was flapping around in the wind.

He had a cigarette butt in his mouth as he walked over without a care.
The lobster’s strong image was destroyed in an instant because of the stunning blade ray just now.

Everyone gasped with their mouths wide open.
No one knew what expression they should have.

“When was there another general-stage warrior in Donghai?” Dan Taixuan and the others were puzzled.
At the same time, they were astounded by his attire, their faces covered with weird expressions.

“Are you sure he’s a general-stage warrior and not a weirdo?” Ye Jixin was speechless.

“I have not seen this person before.
I’m afraid he’s a civilian warrior who wanted to have a low profile,” Governor Jiang said.

The middle-aged man didn’t care about the attention he was receiving.
He took in a puff of his cigarette and exhaled.
“Woah, such a huge lobster!”

“Old Brother Wang, it’s you!” Wang Teng’s surprised voice came out from the rock body.

This was the man who had rented a house to Wang Teng, the one who possessed eighteen demolished houses—Wang Dapao!

Wang Teng was in a daze inside the rock body.

Is this general-stage man really Old Brother Wang? The one who carries a small electric stove while collecting rent? The henpecked man who couldn’t care less about anything? The middle-aged man who brings along Goji berry tea where he goes?

Seeing the newcomer’s attire, Wang Teng became sure.
Besides Wang Dapao, who else could be this eccentric?

Wang Dapao smiled and didn’t explain anything.
“Little Brother Wang, I’ll kill this lobster.
Let us have a good drink and have your wife cook a lobster feast after the battle is over.”

“Alright!” Wang Teng laughed boldly.

“Bastard!” The lord-level lobster was enraged.

He was a lord-level star beast, but these two humans were actually discussing eating it right in front of it?

A crab could stand this, but not this lobster!


The lord-level lobster roared and swung its antenna towards Wang Dapao.

“Little Brother Wang, continue executing your ultimate move.” Wang Dapao raised his eyebrows and slashed his blade towards the lord-level lobster.


A terrifying Force wave swept the surroundings from the center of their collision.
In the rock body, Wang Teng couldn’t help but shake his head.

But what he said wasn’t wrong.
He was indeed executing his ultimate move!

Wang Teng refocused his attention as rubble started flying over and merging into the rock body, increasing its size and strength.
It gradually became a giant sphere of rock.

In the middle of Donghai, the tragic slaughter continued.
Some martial warriors rushed back from the Xingwu Continent, while some martial warriors came from nearby cities, joining the battle.

However, there were just too many sea beasts.
Humans were still at a disadvantage.


One by one, martial warriors came forward to fight with the sea beasts, only to fall in a pool of blood…

There was blood everywhere!

A tragic atmosphere filled the sky above Donghai, and everyone could feel the depressing atmosphere.

Countless people in front of the screens watching this scene clenched their fists and prayed for Donghai, hoping that the city could survive this catastrophe.


Suddenly, there was a loud boom in the sky.
A humongous sphere of rock resembling a miniature planet was finally formed!

It covered the sky and blocked out the Sun!

An immense shadow was cast on the ground.
Occasional pieces of rock would fall down, smacking the hearts of the spectators.

The rubble on the ground was all swept away, leaving only building foundations and a bare piece of land behind.
It was impossible to imagine that this place was once a prosperous city.

Everyone looked up and was astounded beyond measure.

Was this the ultimate move that Wang Teng had been preparing?

Would he use this huge rock to crush the sea beasts to death?

Everyone couldn’t help but think so when they saw the sphere of rock.

“An attack like this would hit the human martial warriors as well,” Governor Jiang’s expression changed slightly, and he shouted.

A lord-level sea beast saw the huge body of rock, and its eyes were filled with horror.
“Stop him! Stop him!”


Just as it had finished speaking, there was a loud bang from within the giant sphere of rock.

The giant sphere of rock started quaking.
A pair of rock arms penetrated from its body with a loud bang.
It clenched its fist and then stretched out, becoming a pair of huge palms.

Then came the legs as it stepped down.
The body began to undergo a transformation according to human proportions.
The head popped out last, and the empty eye sockets were lit up with two fiery rays of light.

This was an impressive rock giant!

Countless people witnessed the formation of the hundred-foot-tall rock giant as it stood in the sky with its head touching the clouds.

They were overwhelmed and speechless!

They even forgot to breathe as they stared at the rock giant in astonishment.

The pupils of the lord-level sea beast shrank, and there was a storm surging in its heart.
Its roar was stuck at its throat, causing it to lose its voice completely.


Suddenly, the sound of swallowing saliva could be heard in the silent air.
It was exceptionally abrupt.

Someone murmured in bewilderment, “It’s… Wang Teng! Am I dreaming?”

“This guy, when did he get such a shocking technique!” Dan Taixuan took a deep breath and muttered to herself.

“Is this something a martial warrior can do?” Ye Jixin showed a rare instance of shock and exclaimed.

There was a ray of light in the calm eyes of the Martial Arts Association leader as he said with surging emotions, “I feel like I can see the future of Earth’s martial arts in him!”

The future of Earth’s martial arts!


In Donghai’s sky, the rock giant gradually lowered its head and looked down.
A booming voice came from its throat.
“Everyone, please fight for a while more!”

Wang Teng turned the body of the rock giant and moved out of Donghai.


The air shook.
With every step the giant took, the air made bursts of booming sounds, which was extremely terrifying.

“What are you doing?” Dan Taixuan and the others asked loudly.

The rock giant didn’t turn its head and continued heading outwards.
Only the thunderous rumbling could be heard.

“Filling up the land!”

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