Chapter 534: Grandpa Ren Vomited Blood, Please Save Him!

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The light pillars of the five elements shot into the air and circled around the young figure.
Suddenly, the figure stood up, stepped on the air, and walked towards the sky.

As seconds ticked by, the aura around him got stronger and stronger…

His power increased with each step.




Explosions resounded in the air.

With his aura rising a level with every step he took, endless Force surged out.
The violent movement made his clothes and hair flutter in the air.

His thick and black hair, which he hadn’t cut in a long time, danced wildly in the strong wind.
His young face was as sharp as a blade while his expression was calm and icy.
His eyes shone brightly with a glaring light in them.

Numerous sea beasts were shocked by his aura.
They looked at the figure in the sky with fear in their eyes.

Especially the low-rank sea beasts.
They shivered uncontrollably under the powerful aura.

Although the high-rank sea beasts weren’t as disturbed, they were still frightened.
They growled at Wang Teng in low voices.

The lord-level sea beasts above the sea also felt the huge threat coming from them.
Cold glints shimmered in the eyes of these large beasts.
They didn’t hide their overpowering killing intent.

This human must die!

On the human side, many of them raised their heads, including the people in the underground shelters, the martial warriors battling on the ground, and the spectators from all around the country…

The martial warriors fighting on the ground had the most direct impact.
They were staggered and flabbergasted.

Peng Yuanshan, Tong Hu, and the other heads from Huanghai Military Academy looked as if they had seen a ghost.
They knew that this fellow was a rare talent, but they didn’t know that he was so monstrous.

Fu Tiandao, Qin Hanxuan, and the others had the same feeling.
They looked at each other with bewilderment in their eyes.

Even Dan Taixuan, Ye Jixin, Governor Jiang, and the other general-stage martial warriors couldn’t maintain their composure.
Astonishment surged into their hearts.

This was incredible!

A normal person would be considered a rare talent if he possessed two or three of the five basic elements.
Yet Wang Teng possessed all five.

Even more, all five elements had reached the general stage!

The general stage!

It was like ascending to heaven for a normal person to enter the general stage.
Many people struggled desperately to enter the doors of the general stage.

That was why there were so few general-stage martial warriors.

But to Wang Teng, it seemed as easy as eating and drinking.
In the blink of an eye, one of his Force elements reached the general stage.
In another blink, another element entered the general stage.
Another blink and the other element stepped into the general stage…

It was so fast the eyes almost got a spasm!

How could a normal person do this?

This fellow was a monster.
He didn’t belong to this world!

His talent, his merits, they were unprecedented in history… He would remain unparalleled in the future.

Wait, Wang Teng still possessed ice Force, wind Force, and lightning Force…


Peng Yuanshan, Tong Hu, Dan Taixuan, and the people who knew Wang Teng’s secrets were dumbfounded.
They widened their eyes in astonishment.

What the f**k!

Was this fellow an all-element martial warrior?

They were stunned by their thoughts!

“Dan Taixuan, what breed is your disciple?” Ye Jixin couldn’t help but shout at Dan Taixuan while he was fighting.

“How do I know? I didn’t give birth to him!” Dan Taixuan shouted in anger.
She felt speechless.

“Hahaha!” Ye Jixin laughed loudly.
“Either way, it’s a good thing.
Wang Teng might have just reached 10-star brigadier-general stage, but his ability is on par with an 11-star low-tier general.”

Everyone was elated when they heard this.

Among the crowd, Lin Chuhan, Xu Wantong, and the other ladies looked at the figure in the sky with their mouths agape.
They couldn’t close it.

“Chuhan, is that really your boyfriend?” Xu Wantong asked absent-mindedly.

“I don’t know!” Lin Chuhan’s mind was in a mess.
She had no energy to think about their relationship anymore.
She just shook her head in a daze.

She didn’t expect Wang Teng to have reached this stage.

He was a five-element general-stage martial warrior.
What kind of concept was that? She didn’t dare to think further.

“Chuhan, I’m going green with envy,” Tian Xiaoxiao suddenly said softly.

Lin Chuhan felt proud when she heard this.
Although their relationship wasn’t confirmed yet, she still felt happy.

The next moment, a sense of urgency wafted into her heart.

Wang Teng was moving too fast, and the distance between them was widening constantly.
Was she still able to stand beside him?

On the other hand, Lin Chuxia, who was beside her, didn’t say anything, staring intently at Wang Teng instead.
The emotions of this young lady were fully visible in her eyes.

Capital Xia, The First University.

Ji Xiuming was dumbstruck, and his face was pale.
He felt as if there was a mountain in front of him that he was unable to cross.

Yu Tao, Mao Na, and the other students from The First University looked at Ji Xiuming.
They could understand his complicated emotions.

Ever since he lost during the national competition, Ji Xiuming had been practicing with all his heart.
He hoped that he would be able to defeat Wang Teng the next time he met him and regain his glory.

They knew how hard he had worked.

However, Wang Teng, whom he had always viewed as his opponent, was far ahead of him.
The distance was unreachable.

It was a joke to treat him as an opponent now.

Wang Teng’s vision was much wider than theirs.
Yet, Ji Xiuming was still chasing after him.

“Xiuming, you need to find your own position.
You can view him as your goal, but you mustn’t compare yourself with him.
You can’t judge this young man normally,” the principal of The First University patted Ji Xiuming’s shoulder and consoled him.
He sighed in his heart as he retracted his astounded gaze.

“Yes, I understand.” Ji Xiuming felt bitter in his heart.
He nodded with a pale face.

In the past, his principal would always tell him that he was the most powerful person among the younger generation.
In the future, he would enter the general stage and be the leader of his generation.

But now, even the principal had to admit that they couldn’t catch up with Wang Teng’s footsteps.

Ji Xiuming was unwilling to accept this.
It was a huge blow to him.

The Ren family.
Ren Qingcang was trembling violently.
He wanted to control his body, but he couldn’t.

He wasn’t shivering because he was afraid.
Rather, it was a deep sense of helplessness.

Huge pressure was pressing down on his head.
His body tensed up, and he couldn’t break free from this pressure no matter how hard he tried.

He gritted his teeth furiously.
He wanted to compare himself to Wang Teng, but he didn’t have the heart to do it anymore.

Frustration, helplessness, bitterness, anger… many emotions flashed past his face.

At this moment, Ren Qingcang’s mind was in chaos.
He was even more emotional than his Grandpa Ren.

Grandpa Ren, who was beside him, suddenly turned red in the face and vomited a mouthful of blood.
His weak and old body fell on his wheelchair lifelessly.

“Grandpa has fainted!”

“Quick! Call the ambulance!”

The family members around him were shocked.
They were in a mess.

Sometimes, the most devastating thing you could do to your enemy wasn’t to kill them.
It was to destroy their mindset little by little and make them live in agony..

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