Chapter 530: We Will Destroy This City!

Tong Hu and the other heads found it unbelievable.
They started questioning themselves and almost felt depressed.
On the other hand, Han Zhu and the other students had their mouths agape.
They looked as though they had seen a ghost.

“This…” Han Zhu stammered.
He couldn’t finish his sentence.

“Stop stuttering.
We’ve all seen it.
Based on the power of that blade move, I guess he has grown much stronger.
However, I didn’t expect him to have reached this state.
He managed to kill the 8-star sea beasts so easily,” Wan Baiqiu said with a bitter smile.
The astonishment in her eyes hadn’t dissipated.

Han Zhu took a deep breath to regain his composure.
He asked curiously, “But, he’s too powerful.
Has he reached the general stage already?”

He was shocked by his own guess.

The general stage!

He didn’t dare to think about it.

There weren’t many general-stage martial warriors in the country.
They could be counted easily.
Wang Teng was very young, so it was impossible for him to be a general-stage martial warrior.

“I don’t think so,” Wan Baiqiu shook her head and said.
She got a fright too.

Tong Hu and the heads looked at one another when they heard this.
Han Zhu and Wan Baiqiu had not seen how frightening the general-stage martial warriors were, but they had.
Based on Wang Teng’s attacks, even if he wasn’t at the general stage, he wasn’t that far off.

He was able to kill the three 8-star sea beasts so easily, so his true ability was greater than what he had displayed.

This man’s talent was terrifying!

Far away, Song Shuhang, Baili Qingfeng, and the other students noticed the situation here as well.
Seeing Wang Teng, they were dumbstruck.
Their faces were filled with disbelief.

“Oh my god, is that really Brother Teng?” Lu Shu exclaimed in surprise.

“I think so!” Hou Pingliang was closest to Wang Teng, but he still hesitated.

Who would believe that this powerful presence was a student from their batch?

People who didn’t know them might think that they were using Wang Teng’s name to boost their ego.

“Brother Teng is so powerful.
He’s far ahead of us now.” Motivation burned in Baili Qingfeng’s eyes.
He clenched his fists and said passionately, “We need to work harder to catch up with him.
If not, we will be left too far behind.”

His friends exchanged glances and nodded firmly.

The four of them wouldn’t give up so easily!

Not far away, Chen Yang, who was in the same class as them, looked at Wang Teng in the air and shuddered in fright.

Terrifying! When did this fellow become so terrifying!

To think that he wanted to have a duel with Wang Teng in the past.
Thinking about it, he was dancing near the gates of hell when he did that!

Fortunately, Wang Teng didn’t bother about him.

The Wang family gathered together in the underground shelter.

There were more than ten screens hung on the wall, displaying the battle on the ground.

The sharp-eyed Wang Hao saw an image on one of the screens and shouted, “Cousin Wang Teng, it’s Cousin Wang Teng.
Grandpa, Uncle, I saw Cousin Wang Teng!”

“What!” Everyone trembled in shock and looked at Wang Hao.

Grandpa Wang, Wang Shengguo, and Li Xiumei asked at the same time, “Where is he?”

“There, look, is that Cousin Wang Teng in the sky?” Wang Hao pointed at the screen.

They all looked at the screen and saw a familiar figure floating in the air with a large-sized weapon in his hand.
He was fighting with the sea beasts, magnificent and invincible.

“Good, good, good!” Grandpa Wang emphasized thrice.
Blood had returned to his face, bringing some color to it.

“It’s our son, it’s our son.” Li Xiumei was so excited that her eyes turned red.
She grabbed Wang Shengguo’s hand.
Red marks were appearing on his skin because of her tight grasp.

Yet Wang Shengguo didn’t feel a thing.
He stared intently at the figure on the screen and nodded his head firmly.

“It’s great that he’s back,” Grandpa Wang muttered to himself as he laughed happily.

“Father, don’t get too excited.” Wang Shenghong held onto Grandpa Wang worriedly.
He patted his back so that he could breathe properly.

“Stop it, I’m fine.” Grandpa Wang pushed Wang Shenghong away.

Wang Teng’s return allowed the Wang family to immerse in happiness.
The tense atmosphere was gone.

But they knew that the situation was still dangerous.
Donghai was in danger of destruction, so this wasn’t the time for a reunion.

Also, Wang Teng was battling outside.
He was on the frontlines, so they were still worried about him.

After some time, the Wang family realized to their astonishment that the sea beasts seemed to have turned weak in front of Wang Teng.
Their huge bodies were cut open by Wang Teng’s large-sized weapon like slicing vegetables.
They were killed on the spot.

This situation seemed different from what they thought…

“Amazing!” Wang Hao, Fang Qianwen, and many younger generations from the Wang family stared at Wang Teng with respect.
Their eyes were sparkling and their mouths were wide open.

This was the first time seeing Wang Teng in action.
Was this the true power of their Cousin Wang Teng?

So powerful!

He was much stronger than the other martial warriors.

Li Xiumei’s sister’s daughter, Tian Xinyu, was a shy and weak lady, but she was clenching her fists tightly at the moment.
She stared at Wang Teng’s figure on the screen in excitement.

That was her cousin!

Wang Teng’s cousin, Wang Yalong, was also in awe.
He finally realized how high Wang Teng had climbed.

He was older than Wang Teng, but in front of him, he was like a child.
This was the difference.

“Wang Teng is really powerful.
No wonder the military made an exception and gave him the title of a Major General!” Wang Teng’s cousin, Wang Yanan, exclaimed.

The moment he mentioned it, the Wang family remembered the piece of news that came from the Huanghai Military Academy.
They were told that the military had given Wang Teng a Major General rank.

In the past, they didn’t know if Wang Teng was still alive, so they didn’t feel anything.
Now that he was back, it meant that their Wang family had a Major General!

This was a huge honor!

Their ancestors would be elated because of their grandson!

“It’s too early to be happy.
I hope that our Donghai can overcome this ordeal,” Grandpa Wang said.

Everyone stopped breathing for a moment.
The atmosphere became solemn once again.

Outside, after saving Tong Hu and the heads, Wang Teng joined the battle.
Everywhere he went, a large number of sea beasts would fall.

Wang Teng was like an emotionless massacre machine, killing all these sea beasts that wanted to destroy Donghai.

He slaughtered his way throughout the battlefield and picked up attribute bubbles along the way.

The entire Donghai had become a slaughterhouse.
Numerous attribute bubbles floated in all corners of the city.
Some belonged to human martial warriors, but most of them came from the sea beasts.

Wang Teng swept the entire city with his spiritual power and collected all the scattered attribute bubbles.

Water Force*30

Blank Attribute*40

Water Force*15

Fire Force*68


Blank Attribute*50

Blank Attribute*80

Most of the attribute bubbles dropped by the sea beasts were water Force and blank attributes.
As the water Force merged into his body, Wang Teng’s water Force shot up exponentially.


At one moment, Wang Teng shuddered.
Water Force overflowed his ninth Force nucleus and filled up his entire backbone in an instant.


Wang Teng felt his body changing.
It was undergoing a transformation that allowed his ability to soar straight up.

“This aura?” At the shore, the general-stage human martial warriors who were fighting with the lord-level sea beasts sensed something.
They were dumbfounded as they looked behind them.

“Someone is advancing to the general stage!”

Governor Jiang’s eyes were shimmering.
He was elated.
“I wonder who is it? If he advances now, the scales will tip to our side.
This will give us a higher chance of success.”

“Lady Luck is looking out for our Donghai!” General Chen from the military said.

At the same time, in the sea, the roars of the sea beasts resounded throughout the earth without stopping.
A frightening impact pushed the sea waves towards the shore more furiously.

“The lord-level sea beasts can’t sit still anymore!” The general-stage martial warriors turned grim, their expressions changing slightly.

“It looks like it’s our turn to act,” Dan Taixuan said.
There was a sharp glint in her eyes.

“Humans, get out of this city and retreat three hundred kilometers back from the shore.
If not, we will destroy this city!”

At this moment, a deafening shout came from the sea.
Waves crashed onto the shore and the ground vibrated.

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