Chapter 529: Everyone, Long Time No See!

Wang Teng flew into the sky and scanned the ground.
He immediately detected where Tong Hu and the other heads were.

They were surrounded by numerous 7-star sea beasts and were struggling to cope with the attacks.

His gaze flickered as he dashed in that direction.

“Damn it, why are there so many sea beasts? I’ve never been in such a bad state,” Tong Hu cursed after he collided with a sea beast and was thrown off his feet.
Blood dripped down the edge of his mouth.

During the battle, he had executed a certain physique scripture, so his body was taller and bigger than before.
He looked like a bear.

But in front of these gigantic sea beasts, he was still knocked back.

Su Jing, Cui Heng, and the other heads were busy dealing with their own battles.
They retreated continuously under the crazy attacks of the sea beasts.

“Hold on, Old Tiger.
Don’t die before us,” the head of the smithery faculty, Ou Changsong, teased.

Although he was a blacksmith, his martial arts cultivation wasn’t low.
He was at the 7-star soldier level.

“Pfft, I won’t die so easily.” Tong Hu rolled his eyes angrily.
Then, he turned grim and shouted at the sea beast in front of him, “If I don’t release my full power, you might think I’m a weakling!”

A powerful aura erupted from his body in an instant.
A large and fierce tiger shadow congregated above his head.
It hunched its back as if preparing for an attack.


A terrifying roar resounded on the battlefield.
The air vibrated, carrying the sound with it.

The sea beast in front took a step back unconsciously when it heard the roar.
Fear appeared in its eyes.

“Kill!” Tong Hu’s aura exploded and bore down on the sea beast like a ruthless tiger hunting its prey.

Force cut through the air, tearing the sea beast into pieces.
Fresh blood splattered everywhere.

The tides were turned!

The heads were invigorated.
They executed their most powerful attacks and killed all the sea beasts surrounding them.


Angry bellows came one after another.
The sea beasts in the sea were infuriated when they saw the humans killing so many powerful sea beasts.
Hence, three 8-star sea beasts jumped out from the sea and pounced on Tong Hu and the other heads.

“Damn it, 8-star! Is there anyone free enough to take care of them!” Tong Hu shouted.

These sea beasts were all extremely strong.
Their armor was tough and difficult to cut open.
It was almost impossible to skip a level and kill them.

However, they couldn’t step back.
Before the other formidable martial warriors arrived, their retreat would only cause the low-rank martial warriors behind them to get killed.


Force gushed out from the martial warriors’ bodies.
They welcomed the three 8-star sea beasts head-on.

Force glow lit up the sky, and eruptions were heard continuously.

The humans in the underground shelter only saw balls of lights colliding with each other.
There were no signs of any humans.

However, they could see the light balls representing the human martial warriors getting thrown back most of the time.
Then, they flew towards the sea beasts again.

Everyone felt anxious for them.
They silently prayed that they would be able to resist the sea beasts.


The light balls collided and got thrown back by the enormous sea beasts again.

This time, they fell to the ground directly.


The sea beasts roared in anger.
Some started gathering Force light balls in their mouths while others on their claws.
They threw the balls towards the Force light balls below.

Despair appeared on everyone’s faces in the underground shelter.
Many people couldn’t bear to see the result and covered their eyes.



Han Zhu and the other students from Huanghai Military Academy glared at the balls of lights with their eyes wide open, but they couldn’t do anything.
They could only stare at the Force attacks shooting towards their teachers.

“Oh shit!”

Peng Yuanshan was fighting a 9-star sea beast when the commotion on this side finally attracted his attention.
His pupils constricted, and he pushed away the sea beast with a punch.
Then, he rushed towards Tong Hu and the other teachers.

But it was too late.
The sea beasts’ attacks were about to land on them.

Amidst the glaring Force glows, Tong Hu, Su Jing, Ou Changsong, and the other instructors felt helplessness and despair.
They sighed.
“It looks like this is our end.”

“Those stupid brats, I hope that… they can grow up faster.”

They looked at the ground with hope in their eyes.


An explosion resounded…

It didn’t come from the sea beasts’ Force attacks colliding onto them.
Instead, it came from a ten meters long flaming blade glow sweeping towards them from afar.

The scorching energy waves burst in the sky!

The fire burned the entire sky!

The Force attacks by the sea beasts crumbled.
They were destroyed entirely by the flaming blade glow!

Everyone was stunned!

Where did the blade glow come from?

Did a general-stage martial warrior save them in time?

Han Zhu and the others didn’t have the time to think carefully.
They snapped to their senses and hurriedly caught the people who fell from the sky.

“Teachers, are you alright?” Wan Baiqiu rushed over and asked worriedly.

The school heads were a little pale, but they were stunned too.
They waved their hands and looked in the direction of the source of the flaming blade glow.

A ray of light was flying towards them at a fast speed.
Gradually, a figure appeared in the sky above their heads.

“Wang Teng!”

Everyone was dumbstruck.
Then, joy appeared on their faces.

They rubbed their eyes in disbelief before finally confirming that the figure in the sky was indeed Wang Teng.

“Hahaha, I knew that you wouldn’t die!” Han Zhu didn’t think too much.
He was overjoyed as he looked at Wang Teng.

“Seniors, heads, long time no see!” Wang Teng floated in the air with Mo Que in his hand.
He smiled at the people below.

“It’s good that you came back.” Tong Hu laughed loudly.

Peng Yuanshan heaved a sigh of relief silently when he saw the heads getting saved.
When he recognized Wang Teng, he was shocked and dumbfounded.

“This young brat came back from the Darkland alive!”

The next instant, a relieved smile appeared at the corners of his lips.
He thought highly of Wang Teng among all his students, so it was good news that he managed to come back alive.

Then, he stopped paying attention to that side and turned to tackle the 9-star sea beast in front of him.

He knew that Wang Teng had killed a general-stage dark apparition during the Star Maple City battle, so those three 8-star sea beasts shouldn’t possess any threat to him.


The three 8-star sea beasts roared when they saw their prey getting saved.
They pounced on Wang Teng with their gigantic bodies.

“Be careful!” Tong Hu and the others couldn’t help but remind him.

Wang Teng squinted, a sharp glint shooting out from his eyes.
He showed no signs of evading the attack.
Rather, piercing Force glows burst from Mo Que.

Seven-Star Emerging Scripture!


He didn’t even use sword conscious and solely employed the power of his sky-rank battle technique to kill the three 8-star sea beasts on the spot.

Fresh blood spurted out from the huge bodies.
Then, they crashed into the ground.

Tong Hu and the others stared at each other.
There was dead silence.

The powerful 8-star sea beasts that had tormented them viciously just now got killed by this fellow in a single strike!

As the head of faculties, they were weaker than their student.
Even more, the difference was like a chasm.

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